Defiled loss of innocence

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Random
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The mists decend around
Caressing her every sinue
Searching for truth
Amidst the mire of life
Racked and tormented is she
Pinned and tortured by her suiter
Against every row of her ability
Total and utter disregard for her virtue
Forcefully defiled and used
No solace or chemical can cleanse
Dailly hourly wash would not serfice
Counceld relief administered
Self blame holds fast
Search for reason continues
Regardless of knowledge
Supportive relevance assumed
But can not replace inner feeling
Shame and depressiveness
Fearfull angst and exclusions
Enforced by these vile beings acts

As time passes by
The search for the original princess
Will find truth
Understanding of sorts
Acceptances of self belief
Slow steady return to “normality”


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