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Head held high
Eyes looking forward
Striding through life
Clearing all hurdles
Breaking down walls
Battling foes
Bannishing darkness where ever it grows
The guiding light and warrior brave
The meek and mild servant
Who journey along
This is not bravery
Only the fight
That burns deep inside me
Producing the power of right
Through Turmoils and pains
Growing ever stronger
Live in the shadows no way any longer
These choices are hard
But critical to all for we are survivors
That battle away
For fairer and brighter days for all

Cold envelopes me
The dark Shrouds my form
Emotions disapear
Eyes transperant and vague
Skin clamy and cool to touch
Without relief panic takes control
Curled in my fetal position
Comforts dispelled
Friends and family evade my space
Loneliness grasps my shoulders
As if to mock me
Deeper and deeper it pulls my soul
Longer and Longer it persist
Finally it has me
Where ever here is


Posted: December 17, 2015 in Random
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Dancing on the wall
Springing before us
Reaching facets physicality can’t
Figure of former self
Emotionless and dull
Projected by light
From unknown space
Thrust long or shrunken
Cast asunder without knowledge
Shadows dance despite our state
The defy us all

Peer through the haze
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
Pull back the curtains
With sparkle in your eyes

See not dark dim days
But opportunities coming your way
Stir your cup evigourate life
Fuel yourself for the day ahead

Set foot out the door
Welcome the light
Make purposeful strides on your way
Purchase your papers
With a joyful hello

Spring in the steps
A song in your head
Life ouzes freely from deep inside
Sunlight breaks
Darkness scuttles away

Here comes our brighter day
Tasks fall completed
Appointments and meetings
Fly effortlessly by
Twinkle in your eyes
With strength of pose

Soon to be homeward bound
Work is done no loose ends
Spritefully jaunting down the road
Chatting and sharing as we pass the time
Too our safety and comfort of home we bound
Racing the darkness as night cases on

In cosy comfort we lavish self
Warm welcoming cuppa
Oven warming our culinary  fare
Heating at steady lights set too dim
The crackle of logs and embers ablaze

Peace hath decended
Relaxation acheived
A good book and music
Cleansing the soul
Racing towards slumber
Duvet snuggles of love
Fights with our pillows
Never to be won

Darkness I hate you
You haunt me
Stealing my light
And every shade of my day
Dragging me down
Making me frown
Swirled through my dream state
Sleeping with eyes wide
Trembling with fear
Look like a zombie
Sallow and gray
Depressions indemnabilities
Spaced and distressed
Gone is my ego,confidance and more
Shunned by my family
Pushed into the unknown
Left to flail around
On the baronest of ground
Here is my fight
And dreams of the light
Hope limp and listing
Still hanging around
Praise to the gods
For releaf from my pains
But most of all understanding
By the societies hoards


Pulling down on teasled hair
Dragging her kicking and screaming
Taking her without consent
Shredding her clothes
She sinks her talons into flesh
Bites and tares at Un covered skin
Wrapping her legs around her target
Applying pound for pound pressure
He exhales without control
Dropping them both to the floor
In a pool of swet they writhe and roll
Bruises bright and large
Neither Un scared
Hearts pounding adrenalin coursing free
The dark shadows of passion
Tread a fine line
Physical and mental
Sailing treturiosly close to murky edges
In the pursuet off ultimate pleasures stimulation.


The soul within
Pears out
Emotiveless and opaic
Windows of flesh
Screams unheard
Toils Un noticed
What or who
Am I normal
Or the freak
They taunt daily
As endeavours
I undertake too graduate
Amongst societies banner


                 Darkend vortex
            Complexities vague
          Shrouds places around us


                     Twisted souls
            Contextual suprematist
               Lights playful nature


             Glimpses of humor
                Simplisities joy
           Enacted in lights gaze


Watching the hands of time
Slowly edge round
Chronographs clogs clicking slow
Tick tock whir
The rhythm that fuels us
Clouds move sun rises and falls
Light brightens darkness clouds
Enveloping all in its path
Slumber enducing,empathy grows
Watching the hands slowly spin round
Living our lives a minute at a time
The clock watchers and insomniacs all
Why are we driven by time
On its own


Living through the haze
Consepts of life’s path sillohett
Joy and pain merged
Uncontrolled emotions erupt
Loved ones clamber round
Consoling or bewildered
Emotive atomic collisions manafest
Heart and soul rush round
Exploding cascades of deepest felt
Life and death tightly drawn
Intermingled are the light and darkness
The fagility of life glaringly apparent
The joy of survivals being overpowers
Which is at peace
Who knows for sure or understands
Life’s cataclysmic delicate frailties