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thank you Shaun much apreciated


A body filled with heart and desire
A mind racing full of design
A Journey full of awe and wonder
A life yet to be explored

Traveling through lives Dna
We meet and find on our way
The science and joy
That emotion brings

We take some with us
Each step we take
Putting some behind us
In the lost and found tray

The growth and nutrition
Of life’s true path
Not knowing the reason
Or destination end

Tending our feelings
Dipping into the tray
replacement of feelings
And repair of the heart

Wonders of truth
contemplation of action
What have we
Wasted or thrown away

As we get older
And settle down
Collecting and sorting
Our lost and found tray

Do we ever wonder
Where we would be
If things had been different
In the lost and found tray


            ( an insite into how I cope )
                  ( My Own therapy)
                      ( And Assists)

After a trip to my Doctor for full service check. It was nice to get a medical prespective on my Fybro and how I deal with it.

I have suffered with total numbness in my left side,acompanied with severe pins and needles for 11+ years if not longer. Joint pain and stiffness with burning sensation only really noticed recently.
   The last 3 years have been the best since diagnosis. With a change in dietry habits and exercise along with Meds and proper rest. Throw in deep massage and hydro therapy I have ,
A) Lost 10+ stone
B) Improved Mobility
C) Lessened the effect on bodies systems
D) Improved mental and physical health



A concious effort to ensure proper eating and nutrient intake. Changing to best intake scedule/timings,and plenty fresh fruit,veg and meats/fish.
  The effects on the body are amazing over time,better energy,nutrient,cell and chemical production. Improved mobility,brain function,strength,flexability and pain management.
Which for any severe medical or health management is in my findings important.
Vegetables and Fruit:

Spinich,broccolli,Kale,Avacado,blueberies,brussel sprouts,onion,garlic,lemon grass,star fruit,pineapple,mango,peas,beans,
The key is the recommended 5 a day and learn how to juice or make your own smoithies. As it is the best way to get a lot of nutrients into your body fast.
  Fresh or frozen is best as the most nutrients are all trapped in the chosen fruit or veg.
These are the best ways to prepare your fruits or veg apart from naturaly raw.

Meats and Fish:

Grass fed meats are best as they gave only natural nutrients and a far better taste. Yes they are slightly more expencive sometimes but well worth it too reap the benifits.
  Lean meat like pork,lamb,veil,venison,rabbit,chicken,turkey,pheasant,beef,boar and emu
  Freshly caught fish full of Omaga three and natural nutrients. Oily fish are great as well as for exampleTuna,trout,salmon and snapper.

Always have a breakfast this is of ultimate importance as it fuels the body for the entire day. Then your neals tgroughout the day top up your calories keeping the bodies systems from producing spikes of nutrients and keeping the bodies homiostasis.
  Also this will assist any medication and help prevent degridation of stomach lining due to corrossion from meds ect.
Inbetween breakfast,lunch and dinner add a snack half way between each this stops exess hunger and binging. Throught the day by keeping the fuel levels topped up. And eat no later than 7pm to allow proper digestion and stop excess fat stores being built up.




Cutting out excess’s of salt,sugars and high levels of fats is also very important. As well as weight management this will improve your lifestyle,mood,ability,social,private ang general health for life.


Swimming is one of the best for anyone very low impact but by using every muscle you tone and build the whole body. All this while burning fat and assisting digestion,brain function,flexability,strength and mobility.
Cycling is another low impact but brilliant form of exercise that assists and doesnt cause excess pain or discomfort.
Then there is good old walking at a raised pace to keep the heart rate up. This is one of the easiest forms of exercise and its free.

Always Consult Your Doctor Before Begining Any Exercise Programme or activity.

Using these small changes I have mannaged to control to some point any effects on my health,body and lifestyle that Fybromyralga has caused or may still be too come.
  Doctor was chuffed that my meds are constant and not exessive. Did give me a small ticking off for not using them daily but conceeded that it seems to be working for me.

Take Control Do What You Can And Improve Your Life and Wellbeing Forever.


Well today is back to school day and harmony has been restored. And this Fozzy Bear (and not the famous Muppet) is back in cruise control.
   Children safely and timely dispached to school , dogs walked and day 5 of “insanity” training programme done. I have two Fitness programmes to write and send that takes care of the $£€….. .
  This is a productive day so far we will see how all goes later.
  Also jst had the great news that one of our best friends is having a baby. And was also informed we wpuld be classed as Grand Bears as they look upon us as Mummy and daddy bear.
  It never ceases to amaze me how jst being me has such an epic effect on those around me !!!!, Some because I bring food and can assist with injury/health enquiries(if you are reading this with a smile yup that is you) and others because I just sit and listen.

So this Papa Bear is just gonna roll with it life is good and relaxed.Even though it can be really busy there is no rush.
I invite everyone to pull up a chair grab a coffee/tea and relax.Lets shoot the breeze and get to know each other in the coffee shop of life.
To all my bear cubs old and new Papa bear is always here to lend an ear,chat advise or have a laugh. Message away,skype,phone or text and I will be happy to reply and help whenever I can.
So this Bear is away to bring in the $£€,but always available so dont hesitate. Stay safe,have fun and do what makes you happy.


Born an indavidual
Free from influence
Surrounded by new
Unaware of our place

We are fed
Changed and clothed
Taught at every step
Programmed by what we see

We soak up infirmation
Taking in like a sponge
Spinning in a sea
Filled with ideas
all if them free

Pushed in all directions
By those around us
Sent down paths
By our efforts
Assisted by influence

We take a stand
Forge our own path
Ridaculed and harranged
By those that dont see

Forward in life
We strive and push
Setting our stall
For the future so free

Taking the chances
Laid before us
By all around us
Friend or Foe

Living our lives
As an idavidual
Guided by our dreams
Free from the chains
That society make

Be the leader not a sheep
Just another member
Of society devoid of



As a machine we are amazing , we are programmed by anything around us. From the press to our siblings poking fun at us throughout life.
Society and the conception of what is right and what normal is,has a major roll in our lifestyle’s choices and formations.
And in the most part is the cause of many dietry,social,medical and personal choice errors.

Everything from medical testing too new Gm foods have things thrust apon us. Being endorsed by superstars of all sorts from every area.Then product advertising and placement take us a step further down the choice making process.
Then we have the pressure from family,friends and colleagues. And low and behold because we have been guided in the most part by something else we choose option a).


To change your lifestyle have your own choices,the indavidual has to take full control. This is alien to most of the population and scary to others.
Whether changing diet,medication,fitness or the clothes you wear. The indavidual knows thier body and its systems,there likes and needs.Better than any outside influence or goverment body.
So make the change follow the advice see the change reap the reward. One change for the better for one indavidual snowballs into several changes for seceral groups of indaviduals.
This is how changes are made and how they become Normal and understood.

So to change we need to change our aspects of normal.Yes it is hard and could be uncomfortable and anger others.But if we want to be healthier and have better lifestyle we have to buck the trends of the masses.
Be a leader not a sheep to take your life to another level and be indavidual.
The best Motivation in the world are the improvements mentally,physically,socialy and completely too your whole lifestyle and surrounding enviroments.
Everything will emprove work,health,fitness,education,social life,family and self preservation.

The Diet for health

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Random


There are a lot of people out there that have long term health and wellbeing issues. Know these range from being over weight too things like Cps and heart conditions.
   There are a lot of diets medical advice and prescripted methods to easing and combating these.
  I personally suffer from Fybromyralga and have suffered severe weight gain due to meds and medical conditions.
  But I have altered my lifestyle over 2-4 years and lost over 15 stone and become fitter and less relient on meds. This is not easy but definetly worth it.

I do not preach but the info in the rest of this blog will supply you with tools to make the correct choices.


You must keep hydrated properly and avoid processed foods as much as possible.
  Proccessed foods are full of high quantities of salt,sugars and other additives.
           ( The food plate top of blog and pyramid above show best balance for diet.The break down of water needs above pyramid shows how much the body requires.)
  The fresher the meats,fish and chicken the better. They maybe slightly more expencive but in the longterm far better for your bodies needs. Grass fed meets and naturally fed fish and chicken are the same as mass fed normally means pellets and chemical enhancements as well as being injected with water pre packaging to make them look appetising.
A) Good Butcher
B) Fishmonger
C) Organic Source (greengrocer) for veg (if not frozen as nutrients are preserved)



Home cooked and prepared is the best way to track Sodium,Fats,Proteins,Carbs ect or it can take a long time to trawl through all the label info to find the details.
  A proper balanced diet will severly assist swollen joints,muscle damage,brain function,aches and pains,migraine and tension headaches.
  With addiquate water intake and dropping carbonated and mass produced fruit drinks which have been Scientifically proved to contain exceedingly high suger and harmfull additives per serving.



Make food as colourful as possible and presented well as if it looks good you will enjoy it.


Fozzy; Fitness Revolution


It amazes me endlessly that with full cupboards,fridge and freezer. There is always great debate on what to have for lunch !!!!.
    And im my household what time is actually lunch time ?. How had can it be for those on a normal regeme/diet.

Personally I am on a 5 meal day (grazing) diet to keep the body fueled properly throughout the day.
  Loading up with my full 2600-3000 calaries at breakfast. Then keeping my body topped up by eating something every 3 hours or so. Here is how I do things,(Breackfast,snack,lunch,snack,Dinner and plenty water (most plain) but fruit/green teas and some coffee) eating a 40% protein 30% fats 30% carbs and plenty fruit and veg with added Protein shakes to top up.


Poridge Oats , Wholegrain Ceareals, Whole grain bread, Grilled Bacon,Poached/Boiled Eggs, Natural Yoghurt,Fresh Fruit,Dried Fruit,Nuts/Seeds,Low Fat Spreads,
Examples of good foods for constructing a healthy balanced and filling breakfast.


Baked Potatoe,Pasta Salad,Soup,Wholegrain/wheat sandwich,Wrap,Soup,Fresh/Dried Fruit,Nuts/Seeds,water,Tea/Coffee
These are the sort of foods to help construction of a tasy nutitious and healthy meal


Lean Meats Pork,Lamb,chicken,Beef and fresh fish,rice(brown),Pasta whole/mixed grain, Sweet Potatoe, Boiled,roasted or steamed Vegetables,salsas,vinigar dressings,salads,Fresh vegetables,Pulses/Seeds,Nuts,Fresh/Dried Fruit.
There is plenty choice for a healthy diet and better energy levels and greater pleasure cooking it yourself instead of mass produced processed Mush.


Fresh/Dried Fruit,Nuts,Seeds,Pulses
Protein Shakes/Bars, Fruit Juices (Whole fruit) natural yoghurts,Porridge

These snacks are small bites too keep you going till next meal so dont have to be large.Just packed with nutritious goodness , doing this will help control insulin Production and release.
  Aswell as producing the proper energy convertions, and maintaining the bodies homeostasis and natural chemical distrabutions and productions.

There is only one question to be asked



We watch and learn
Look but dont see
The people the things
Around us so near

From food on our plate
To words that are said
The windows are open
But no light enters in

Bumbling along on our
Blinkered path
Down in the dumps
Glum and forlorn

Missing the joy
And wonder around
The colours so bright
The smiles in the sun

Dont wander alone
Open your eyes
Let the light in
See,enjoy let the world in

Brighten your minutes,hours
and days.
Chase all the glum and blues
Smelling the roses and having
Makes you somebody not a
No One.


The power of one
Inherant of being
Pulling together
In the unit of one

Spreading the love
Hardship and longing
Complete in the peace
And knowledge of life

Step by step
Internally growing
From infant young
Too older and wiser

Whether a child
Relationship or other
Strength is gained
And love is honoured

Respecting the many
Ignoring the few
Life is complete
When striving with you