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A mere pawn in life
Shifted by fates hand
Good and evils sway on virtue
Sliding across the checkered path
Life dances on regardless
As the transponder signals guide
Chosen path and pitfalls
Caressed by thier hand
Light and dark in equal measure
Our fate decided by choices
Pre determined at birth
Stitched into our DNA

I rise
New and refreshed
Dailly construction undergone
Fresh in formats installed
Routes and changes
Marked and imprinted
My journey continues forth with

The darkness
Attempts to pull
Compressing virtues
Diminishing worth
Covering all in black mirk
Visions impairments it’s satisfaction
All routes it barrakades
Evil posted on every corner
It’s demonic soul bears faster
The power of souls charged

Pace by pace
I stride with confidance
Enpowered and rich
No matter my look
The scars I carry
Both physical and mental
These do not define me
They make me the richest man alive
Free fom societies constraints
Emblazing my own path
Victory is always going to be mine
No matter how hard

His form is many
It’s all in the eyes
Shadow like shape shifting
Indaviduals scattered asunder
Each and every personage
Carries his being
Power of the indaviduals soul
Contains this power
The weekest however
Are consumed by him
Transgression after transgressions
They are blackened
Becoming the foil of evils worth

Over the hills
Climbing mountains
I acheive by every step
The worth and pride rise higher
Forsake all those that doubt
Lay waste to those that don’t support
Only carry the positive nurturing aid
Friends and family true
Assist with the power of one
It’s not the time
But the journey that defines
Not the task
But the persistence to acheive
Evil does not have that energy
Blinding it and diminishing choice
Light surges through our viens
Allowing acheivements too glow
Empowering us through life

The hidden strike

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Random
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Slithering and cold
Laying there warming yourself
From the heat of your victim
Lapping up the emotional heat
From your quick strike attack
With your prey languishing
In prelonged agony
From your venomous bile
Scarred for life
Left for dead
You slither away
Lifeless the lay prone
Un noticed by the passers by
Parralised and drained
As you lurk in the shadows
Preparing for your next victory
And Un knowing victims pass

Emotions Grinch

Posted: December 25, 2015 in Random
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Raking through belongings
Tossing coverings asunder
Tiptoeing through rooms
Under cover of slumbers mask
Deseptive and selfish
Your impish behavior blemishes
Spoiling the outcomes
Of happiest days
Crushing feelings and emotions
Smug in your endevours
You gloat in silence
Sat amongst us
You snooping snivelling wretch
The grinch of happiness’s freedom


People drag me down
Words of contempt and disrespect
Sumptious lies and stories told
Degradation of my character
Shunning my hopes and dreams
Setting fires under my feet
Casting shadows steeling my sun
Deprivation spews from there person’s
Full of thier own importance
Roses tinted and fake
Self made pedistalls lift them high
Surrounded my mirrored glare
Who us minions should we care
Why respect the respect less
Who spill out thier dispare


The mists decend around
Caressing her every sinue
Searching for truth
Amidst the mire of life
Racked and tormented is she
Pinned and tortured by her suiter
Against every row of her ability
Total and utter disregard for her virtue
Forcefully defiled and used
No solace or chemical can cleanse
Dailly hourly wash would not serfice
Counceld relief administered
Self blame holds fast
Search for reason continues
Regardless of knowledge
Supportive relevance assumed
But can not replace inner feeling
Shame and depressiveness
Fearfull angst and exclusions
Enforced by these vile beings acts

As time passes by
The search for the original princess
Will find truth
Understanding of sorts
Acceptances of self belief
Slow steady return to “normality”


Did you notice
Do you hear the sound
Have you asked why
Did you try to help

Why didnt you speak
What stopped your action
Did you provide
Couldn’t you stop

Were you cause
Assistant to effect
Persecutor or tormentor
Did you cause the trauma

Abuse,torment,poverty and stress
Are pooled around us
Depravity cunning in discise
Costumed peers
Power hungerly evil
Wolfs in sheeps clothing

Open our eyes…….See
Unplug our ears……..hear
Never stifel curiosity……ask
Be humanitarian…….assist
Lead by example intervene


At the draw of the bow
Qwivering strings
Resinating of the fret board
The light glistening
Off the sharpend edge
Formed on the steel bow spine

Fingers supple and strong
Pinning down the sharp strings
Formulating note after note
Hypnotically entransing
Drawing Humanities soul
Deeper and closer
Towards the edge of the stage

The tempo quickens
The hoof like rythmic twitch
Thundering across the air
Defying all obsticles before it
Pearcing the thickest walls
Smashing glass

This Devils bidder
Of musical excelence
Peddling his wears
For all to see
Brightening the darkness
Constraining the doubters
With awwe and amazement

Never before
Had something known
As so horrid
Basked in such bright glory
Lit up by the magestic
Presence of Musicality

Praise be to the unknown
Give it the right
To perfom in your view
Let it deliver
Its wonders
Straight to your soul
Uncondemed and free