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Hazey  glazed optics

Electrified tingling nerves

Mental mist Clouding judgement

Depressive pain pushing down

Step by step muscles scream

Sinues shredded beyond repair

Medical endused palitive being 

Shopping done kids at play

Weapons drawn on a sunny day

Onwards and upwards the battle cry

Smile on my face song in my heart

This pain is defeated till morning light

Determined and willful onward strides

Warrior not victim the lion inside

Break down the walls flood the area with light

Don’t be disparaged get up and fight

Aon uair ‘s chaidh e seachad air, an laoch treun. ‘Meàrrsadh air nèamh ceann a chumail àrd. Le ceann a ‘smèideadh ghabh e àite. Ri taobh na geataichean Gilted ann an òr. A ‘cur fàilte air na h-uile a tha a’ dol a-steach ann. Tha gach laoch treun air an turas aca fhèin. Passing bho corporra còmhnardaibh. Airson cavort agus a ‘fuireach saor aon uair eile an-asgaidh bho thier sheòrsan. Le trueness gaoil bhon fheadhainn a dh’fhàg. -Rithist an dìonadair thier bhuadhan an aghaidh na h-uile.

The translation

battle like Gilted weapons, battle horses Sadled ready.Chainmail and leatherette decorations, the rippling torso for all to see. Battle Hammer Drapes belt Clamore peel on my back. Mounted firmly ruled in hand, soldiers snorting costs ahead. Trot canter by enemy sight. Visors fell We now costing them, flying sparks steel torch. Enemies fall below our costs, water arrow fast and sure. Pins to our enemies iomairg rattles.

The one
The leader
Pervayor of destiny
Champion of heart
Dreamer of dreams
Educated by knowledge
Constructed of humanity
Made of skin and bone
Indifferent to turmoil
Deaf to abusiveness
Set on my path
This journey of life

No matter
How battered
Torn apart
Ravaged by the wolves
With my scars
Battle wounds
Proudly shown to all
My prizes of life
The fuel to my determination
The propulsion too my journey
My indavidualism is the shield
Stronger than any know metal
No weapon can dent
Helmet of indifference
Defends my ears
Putrid hatred spews
Washes over my armour
My soul is untouched

Onward to my destiny
With my weapons
Driven with heart,soul and personality
Loving of self
Awareness of surroundings
Mapping all in front of me
The highest acheivements are mine
Despite all the trials laid in my path
I am a warrior
Leader of men
By actions verbal and physical
Teacher of calm
Educator by example
This is the code of the free
Despite your trials
Live your own life
Your way is the best
Only you know yourself
And what is required too be
Walk the path with prides flag
Held aloft at its highest
Waver not infront of any man


Pride of a Nation
Born free and astute
Spoiled by legalities
Politics and indemnities
Brought together
On this fate filled day
September the 11th
Etched deep on the brain
Terror at its highest
Needless attack
Destruction of the towers
Shook to the floor
Death of so many
Needless Destruction and loss
Let’s rise like a phoenix
Praise strength and fortitude
Never forgotten always in thought
They live with us forever
As do the scenes of that day
Go peaceful rest in glow of your light
Our loved ones and friends
For time ever more
We visit ground zero
With pain in our heart
Leave with a smile and hope ever more
Lessons  were learned
Determination was stoked
New strength to the world
Under tyrants tirades


       The meekness of mankind
        Is torn asunder
      Once peaceful scene’s scarred for
     Orders given by the safe followed by
      the brave trained souls
     Let’s bow our heads and remember
      All the brave hero’s
     That both gave and give thier lives
      with  unfaltering  pride
     We salute you Our Armed forces and        praise you
      Let your honor and dedication never be forgotten


I have suffered from nerve and muscular pain from am early age. Dibilitating at times stopping me from joining in with PE at school and other fun stuff.
  I was told by medical professionals to just do light exercise ie swimming,cycling and walking. And to take my meds along with a healthy diet.
  Until I met a physio therapist called John,who showed me the importance of flexibility, range of motion and strength in muscle tone. And the truth behind the benefits for my condition 8f exercise and development.
So carefully and gently I introduced running,climbing and bodyweight exercise. Playing football with my mates and learning gymnastics and dance. Before I knew it I was able to run long or short distance,flexibility was a lot better and my range of motion was excellent compared to previous.
  Now I was lucky I found the right advice at an early age. And was able to nurture my progression and pain at the same time.
  Through exercise and diet my bodies production of its natural chemicals which assist immune system,energy production,nerve and brain development and other chemical reactions that occur within our bodies systems. Was greatly improved and because of this pain management,calorie/fat conversion and many more processes were significantly better .
  The external support of physio , coaching,medical and many more. Assisted the education development, withdrawl of meds and introduction of appropriate others,increase in dietary knowledge and all aspects of life.
    Allowing me to take up sports and other activities as a teenager too joining the armed forces and becoming a qualified nurse.
  I am now 40 years old and was diagnosed with Fybromyralga at the age of 28. Finally I had understanding of my nerve and pain condition. Unfortunately the medical professional I dealt with at the time set me on the roller coaster of tests and more tests. Higher amounts of meds and more pain and discomfort,lathergy,  dipression,anger,dispare,lower drive and many more. And was informed after 5 years nothing would me done until I ended up in hospital or a wheel chair. I had went from 12 stone too over 20, suffered from continual pain/discomfort,had an asthmatic condition and was not in a good frame of m8nd or mental place.
At that point I decided to get bk on my bike literally and start swimming. Sorted my diet out,stopped smoking,comfort eating and started living. Self motivation returned and looking at my kids as they grew up my drive and determination increased.  The more weight I lost the healthier I felt the more varied exercise I took part in .
  The variety of tasks I could perform increased and within 24 months I had plumited down to under 18 stone. Lost 6 inches around my waist and  qualified as a personal trainer (fitness). And even though I am still in 24/7 pain and constant discomfort I have used my experience and knowledge to transform the mental and physical knowledge and  appierance of many clients,friends and family.
   No matter your disability or condition performing as much exercise as possible with the right informed assistance and correct diet. Supported by the right nutritional and medical advice and plans. There is no reason why better health is not achievable for all.
  It will take time, stacks of patience,support, tough love and determination.So the individual can achieve short or long term goals but I can truelly say in the long term it is deffinatly worth it.


I am a warrior my mask is embellished by scars and marks . No finery or jewels for people to admire. But my l8fe scars are jewel enough for me. Happy within my own skin and with my personality and abilities. Free from the negativity of societies flaws. There are many out there that are the same. Unfortunately they do not see themselves as warriors or champions. All because of the societies fear and lack of compassion towards many.
   I have had 59 maxi facial operations,2 bouts of viral meningitis,2 bouts of bacterial meningitis, broken my jaw in 27 places and shattered my knee caps. Lived through years of name calling,physical and mental abuse, been told I don’t deserve or can’t do. From many differing areas strangers,friends and parents. Still to this day I am looked at as lower class and worthless by many. Why do I write this I can see and here people ask ? , because I am strong and individual I do not nor ever have saught Pitty or sympathies from anywhere.
   Fighting is part of me from day too day life too education and civilization. Whether it’s idiotic name calling or physical bullying I take it in my stride. Forty years of experience and tweeking of my mechanisms and attitude. By god its not easy how do you break free of decades off disimilation and ignorance. In bread into the either of societies Dna.


Acceptance of self is the most important thing I have found.Being able to learn about your own condition, disability or difference.And using the + and – to your advantage in equal measure. Always take the time to turn negative to a positive the best you can.Propelling your confidance forward and upwards pushing yourself above the murky and dismal cloud that others try too shroud you in.
   Refusal to conform to the whims of the masses and taking control. Finding people that boost you and support for no gain other than for austerity and progressiveness. Growing thick mailable armour and lightning wit and intelligence also help.
   Once self worth and a clear pathway can be seen by self you will launch and grow despite yourself and others. I am proof and try to show others leading by example. I am no sheep quiet of acceptance I am a leader and guider to show how it can be done and which directions can be taken.
   I have been diagnosed with Ptsd thanks to the traumas of my past life and fybromyralga due to nerve damage and trauma through my body.
Now that sounds bad huh !!!, just wait I have played international sports,served my country for 10+ years,qualified as a nurse,started youth clubs and teams, qualified as a personal trainer. Traveled three quarters of the world and have 4 wonderful kids and moved to a wonderful part of Britain and everyone is loving it.
  This is not a story of woe but I hope that it helps spur people to achieve and progress. The idiots still exist but they are below us we are individual warriors all. We deserve our scars and marks to show we have endured and survived. Our differences spread colour and brightness guiding others and motivating them and ourselves take pride always


Adorned at birth
With this mask of difference
No super hero or special powers
Fighting spirit and determine soul
The only gifts truly owned
Strong off heart clear off mind
Strength to bare and intellect clear
To take on tormentors judgemental fear
Without the capes and trappings bright
We fit right in and calmly fight
Against any odds we will rise to the top
To acceptance and future
We plow our way , sanity shows our brightest day


Flanders Field
Once green and peaceful lay
Until those fateful days
Where rivers of crimson red
Flowed in endless streams
Scattered torsos of fallen men
Lay twisted and torn
Lifeless and still they breath no more
Lives given in the name of freedoms repatriation
Fighting as brothers side by side
Under hails off bullet and she’ll

Hero’s everyone following orders
With convictions verve of selfless soles
We the generatory survivors remember
With pride in our hearts and a tear in our eye
The sacrifice eternally given so we could live free
By so many soles through our histories reign
From the First War too present day

These Battalions of soles with pride
Have given free of self-thought
To free and battle oppressiveness
Regardless of reason or orientation
Thank you one and all
With all our hearts we praise and revere you
Never too be forgotten
Alive in our hearts and minds for ever more

Talking too self

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Farewell dear friend
Life blood now drained
Enevitable end has come
Demorilised and beaten hard
Your breath heavy and drawn
Freedom has escaped
Carrying true self onward
Better days ahead
Sunshine and peace envelope
The darkness you once drowned in
Vanished from sight never returning
Strength has grown over time
Scattering devolved soul skyward
At last the life meant for living arrives
Torments shackles smashed
Thrown free and clear from life
Sunshine graces every step forward
From now on scoff those that dare
My inpenitratable armour is true
I am and always will be
From this day on the best I can be
Salvations power drives my fate