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Posted: May 31, 2014 in Random
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                    nuetrons charged
            Colliding and sparking,fire
               Nature and life explode


Posted: May 30, 2014 in Random
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Watching seeing views
Gateway to the inner sanctum
Crystle ball pervayor of soul
Scanner of scenes camera lense
Window clear and spherical glaze
Optical sensor grasper of word
Betrayor of emotiveness
Guider of light
Open wide with eminance bright
Closed and locked in dead of night
Simplistic coplexity placed in sockets
Follower of motions stare into space
Brighter than diamonds partnered  grace


Standing stag in forgein lands
Scanning horizons in the sand
With IED’s and pertol bombs
They try to steel civilities away
We search and clear snipe and hunt
Through village,lane and wooded hut
Amidst it all we meet and greet
The village leader,child in street

In far of places,safe from harm
Our family masses cosy and warm
Worried sick and struggling through
What does this posting do to you
We praise you loud
Hold you dear
In our hearts your always here
Keeping us safe
Grounded and true
In reality we are with you

We do our duty
Till this tour is done
Dreaming of days in the sun
The support of your love
And nation brave
Is why our pride fails to cave
For queen and country
We do our stint
Pride ,honour and true grit


Standing on the shore
Life lapping at our feet
Barely coating our skin
Inner depths entraped emotions
Lustfully pining for advertures
Waiting to sail on waves
Silver encrusted journey
To far off places and back again
Mentalism of abilities
Carraged in glazed expresions
Filtered by transparent widows
Threw flesh toned conversations
Unnoticed or reflected
By the neglagance of others
Meteoric stares
Delving through our emotive dreams
As a diver through surface waters
Where will we end up
How do we get there
For who’s attentions is our journey


Spreading wings of wonder
Taking flight in bright new world
Grown up but enlightend by adveture
Taken floating aimlessly on winds of change
Directionless is apearance
Driven by dreams
No longer a child in worldly eyes
But adulthood dauntless of maturity
Fairy princess spread your wings
Fly high and safe your future begins


Posted: May 29, 2014 in Random


Teardrop crystals
Tumbling and playing
Falling in cascades of joy
Chasing and jostling down window pains
Carressing faces and nature alike
Cooling and feeding stimulating new
Diving and congragating together
Fun filled wonders of wetness
For splashing and bathing merryment
Joining stillness flows
Torrenting towards the sea
Carving and slicing natural abandon
Become fun filled factory
Naturalistic and energetic
For adveturer and submersed natures free spirits

Life of all,supplier of nutrients,mother natures hammer and carver

The wonder of waters journey


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Sonnet,poetry of scribble
Writting etches letter and word
Prose,limmeric,shape or magnetic
Stories and songs naturalistic utterance
Projections of idealisms printed on paper
Procastinations and feeling sinnonimious with every letters protrail
Capturing segmented feelings
Wanton lusts and fairytales seep across oceans of compressions
Utterance or expressional oritations
Punctuations and segmentations of ability
The saver of lives,instigater of wars and the last will and testiment

The word


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                        we go
               engines burning
          embers glowwing hot
                   into the blue
                   Soaring high
                   we go higher
              through the clouds
            stratispheric glances
    Tapers of whispy white cotton
Trail from tips of steel like wonder
Grabbing,swirling threw electro blue
                The edge of space
                  Thinly seperated
                     throttles back
                       away we go
                           into the


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Sharp thorny stems
Sweet scent of freshness
intertwined pettals hugging
Nurtured from seed
Sprouted and tended
Stetching for golden Rays
Awashed and fed by gems of liquid
Workers of nature busy and propigate
Final insemenatory blossoms gleem with joy
The never ending pepetual motion of the living

Night Call

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                            night call
                  bats swoop and dive
                           sleep falls