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Bright glacial eyes

Broad eluminating smile

A radiance of confidant beauty

Kidnapped by hatred and stupidity

Shrouded in matt black hood

Hidden from view kept from all

Beaten and abuses by social eneptness

Locked away without light

Starved of social sustenance 

The will of life draining from the soul

Thinking and gaunt flesh

Hangs from inside the hood

Skeletal for touches the floor

Bright light floods 

Eyes smart body recoils

Shaking with fear body convulses 

Rescued by the samaratans code

Tended by angels fed by God’s

Brought back to life slowly

Fearful of every noise,movement and silence

Sceptical of societies intent

Physical improvements slowly grasp

Mentality scattered and split

Not in a forgien place

My neibourghood were I grew up

The victim of the bully culture

Sufering like all hostages

No armed response or protective custody

Just my room and the solice within

For my differences I am shunned

When will it change

Acceptance for all

The Change

Will it ever come

We are but a spec
Small undescript grain of sand
Blown by the winds of change
Tumbling along with the masses
Tightly packaged and ensnared
Bursting with life but never freed
This is our lot without choice
Dunes amassed with time
Shifted by social winds
We the grains that build the dunes
As society wains under pressures of state
We are but a grain of sand

Spherical island
Mostly water meeting the sky
Continental islands dotted around
Molten core 0rotected by tetonic plates
Centuries of historical info buried thier
The planet you reside on MOTHER EARTH
Giver of life sustenance and wealth
Non material possessions true natural worth
Deformed and scarred by humanities want
Directions changed and buauty destroyed
Physically wanting to re write the book
Sending the fire,tremors and more
Waking of man too his pearlious ways
Forcing renewal and fiscal change
I am a power to be beholden and served
No truer being then nature itself
So step safe and sure follow the path
To constant migration on satalite earth
You are it’s keepers of antiquities old
It’s Animals,fauna and Oceans great
Stop the distruction and change your ways
There is no other dwelling that carries my name
I am home Earth large and yours

Aon uair ‘s chaidh e seachad air, an laoch treun. ‘Meàrrsadh air nèamh ceann a chumail àrd. Le ceann a ‘smèideadh ghabh e àite. Ri taobh na geataichean Gilted ann an òr. A ‘cur fàilte air na h-uile a tha a’ dol a-steach ann. Tha gach laoch treun air an turas aca fhèin. Passing bho corporra còmhnardaibh. Airson cavort agus a ‘fuireach saor aon uair eile an-asgaidh bho thier sheòrsan. Le trueness gaoil bhon fheadhainn a dh’fhàg. -Rithist an dìonadair thier bhuadhan an aghaidh na h-uile.

The translation

battle like Gilted weapons, battle horses Sadled ready.Chainmail and leatherette decorations, the rippling torso for all to see. Battle Hammer Drapes belt Clamore peel on my back. Mounted firmly ruled in hand, soldiers snorting costs ahead. Trot canter by enemy sight. Visors fell We now costing them, flying sparks steel torch. Enemies fall below our costs, water arrow fast and sure. Pins to our enemies iomairg rattles.

Strength of a thousand armies
Knowledge of a world of books
Shoulders broad enough too carry all
Heart stronger than life itself
Hands strong with gentleness
But he is only one
He can not do everything at once
He will love you till the ends of time
Follow you through the universe
Constantly call you princess
And treat you as a goddess
He is fragile, he is meek, he is attentive
So take care not too break him
He will disapear
Disintegrating before your eyes
And poof he will be gone
And only the shadow left too cling too
In your hopeless abandonment

Like the mighty Oak
With presision is felled
Stroke after stroke
The lumber jack wields
Crashing too the floor
With a creek and a moan
Loud crash and wail
As debris is strewn
Shards are tossed asunder
Other limbs and structures
Are spattered

Hoisted high
By hoist and crane
Manual labour’s  swet and strain
Hacking and sawing
Tendrils and branches hacked
Dragged away by chains off steel
Congragated on trailers long
Driven too mills to be whittled down
Turned into planks and chairs
For civilisation to use and defile more

Seeds were scattered
During the fall
Dna of strength and age
Sown in the wind
Scars of defilement abound
Seen from space aswell as ground
New life sprouts slow but true
In Virginia soil unspoilt
Out of view
Humanity tares it down
Without sadness or a frown
Thier needs are many
Unbound and sireal
How must mother nature feel

Time and nature
Nurture all
New stocks and growth
Will strongly yield
Father time and Mother earth
Will heal the scars
Machines do wield
Humanity and it’s disfigurations
Will be paid for by all countries and nations
By wind,rain and continental shifts
Volcanic flows and temperature rifts
These gifts are aplenty
A warning too all
Reminding humanity one and all

Concrete managerie
Lifeless and gray
Lead filled air
Dragging us too dispare
Where have we hidden the green
Trees,bushes and grass disapear
Dwellings,shops and factory plots
Apear day after day
Motorised bodies
Wheel after wheel
Humanities loosing the power too feel
Legs become useless
Completions sullen and dull
Our own instigation
This power if will
From historical readings
To present day
Worldly distruction
The price all have paid
Intelligence abound
Care fleeting by
No understanding or reasons why
We should nurture and care for
This planet of ours
Or mither nature will have the last word.


      Tendrils scattered
       Searching for life
      Seeds once sown
      Sprouted and grown
      Clambering for light
      Synthesis of life
      Sustained by water
      Free from above
      Weathered and worn
      Battered and torn
      Rooted to the spot
      Silent and alone
      Shelter from storms
      With canopy strong
      Vulnerable and meek
       In autumnal storm
      Deshevald and gnarled
      Because of lives path
      I am strong
      I am meek
      I am enbattled
      Beauty of nature
      Provider of life
      From inward shelter
      Too food and life’s blood
       Protect us from harm
      Replace us once gone
      Nature’s true balance
      Precarious on limbs


Strong of form
Amidst as sea of emotion
There for all to cling too
The rock
An island of calm
Dark formation
Scraggy and narly
With beauty in depth
Reach for your rock
In times of need
Message and converse
At your own speed
Reassuring and meek
The calming influence
  Forever present
  Always there

Who goes their
Is the loud cry
Friend or foe
The question at hand
Click of the switch
Safety is off
One in the chamber
Fingers do twitch
Firmly in sights
Light them up fast
Destinguishing marks
Do we recognise
Shrilled once more
Silence the reply
Metal let’s flow
Tac a Tac Tac atac
Verberate’s all around
Aproaching bodies fall to the floor
Repelling our borders
Keeping us safe
No political envy or parliament praise
Guards on the borders and around our shores
Protecting the rights of all who live here
From enemies forgien or domestics of fear