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I yes me
That mark upon you sole
Freshly pressed
With one swift stamp
Dehydrated and flattened
Carried on your path
Beware the puddles that you splash
Rehydration and enlivening soul

As I grow
I will throw you off
Your balance and throw you asunder
Sprouting wings head held high
Carrying on my way
Acheiving all set afore me
Bettering your idiolistic mire
Reaching places yet to be seen
Watching you scurry below
Your ant like form
A change off pose
Inherritated from your bile

The masters of makeup
Desguise and fun
Scars,warts and lesions
Strategically placed
Wonky eyes ton up torso’s
Gammie legs and prothstetics
Home made attire too expencive clobber
Haunting figures too super heroes
One night only brings the spirit free
From adult all ages to kids so wee
Old hallows eve for mischief and fun
Beware of the Specters ,Ghouls and mad nuns
Trick or treat or guising special
Stay safe have fun it’s nearly November

Drapes of life

Posted: August 17, 2015 in Random
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As if hung by a master draper
Colours glorious
But darkness’s vial
They swing by fates hand
Drawn or opened at will
Uncontrolled by consciousness
No blind or shade
Awareness blankets so
Depressive or joyous outcomes
A lottery drawn by unknown forces

Moods hang over us


Life is hectic and complicated for many,the constraints put on individuals by social expectancies and stereo types. How do we break the chain: it’s comes down too mind set and networks. From interpersonal,social,individual and societies teaching and our own perceptualisation. We are brought up and our social slots and standing. How do we change: this is down to mind set and personalisation of situations,choices,interactions and delivery . What is normal/accepted: here is where a lot of people go astray, Why: because of fear !!!, because of our  social upbringing and class pigeon holing and blind faith in the perceptual growth and where we fit.

Changing how we see ourselves and where we belong is a challange we face daily. From the preasures from peer groups,media,area,family,interactions,education and society. We  bumble along and accept a lot of things despite ourself. Even though we complain and moan about it at the time. Do we change it: the norm for most is no as we are brought up not to rock the boat and this is where we are socially. Should we challange/change it: with many years of experience and trial and error I would defo say hell yeah.
  How can you grow and spread your wings?, where do you see yourself in 5 years?, Do you want too be healthy?, Do you want longer life?, Do you want to be the best you can be?, Do you accept yourself and how you are?, Is where you are and your social circle good for you ? And Are you a sheep that follows blindly or are you a leader and insperation.
  The above are all questions I have asked myself daily. The choices their after help change and shape the outcomes of that minute,hour and day. Should you care how this affects those around you ?. There should always be concideration of others around you but allowing thier stereo types and perceptions to rule your decisions is wrong. We are all individuals that have to take control and free ourself.  This is above all one of the hardest things too do and for many is never actually achieved. Mainly because of fear of failure or non acceptance by the external factors that keep us where we are by default.
  From our social choices to the food we eat humanity is far too easily lead by the conceptions of worth and the norm. The people who strive for thier own perfection and life goals are seen as rebellious and sometimes selfish by the majority. But these people also become important people in society and their social group. Why because they achieve and push boundaries and others follow thier example because of the visual and physical benefits of thier choices. They become by default the leader of thier pack as it were. Driving others to strive and push thier boundaries without realising it at all.
   For those of us that are parents or have younger siblings we see this every day by what the kids or younger siblings do. Our actions have direct impact on thier choices,likes,dislikes,phobias,fears,social circle,choices and personal goals.
  This is why regardless of personal situation we should all challange our standing,step outside the box,educate and inform ourselves, make educated choices,strive and challange,raise the bar and be the best we physically and mentally can be.
  Surround ourselves with like minded people.Lose the negative and spiteful influences that drag us down, move forward learning from mistakes or blips in our journey and continually giving 150% to our goal acheivement.
   Not allowing the word failure to encapsulate us but drive us to change direction and push forward. It’s ok to change direction or go back a few steps to take on a divertion or 40 to get to the goal in any task we set ourself 8n life. Accomplishments are never straight forward so take the de tour enjoy the scenery on our journey. Let’s arrive at our destination with all the facts,clear picture and everything else intact.


I am a warrior my mask is embellished by scars and marks . No finery or jewels for people to admire. But my l8fe scars are jewel enough for me. Happy within my own skin and with my personality and abilities. Free from the negativity of societies flaws. There are many out there that are the same. Unfortunately they do not see themselves as warriors or champions. All because of the societies fear and lack of compassion towards many.
   I have had 59 maxi facial operations,2 bouts of viral meningitis,2 bouts of bacterial meningitis, broken my jaw in 27 places and shattered my knee caps. Lived through years of name calling,physical and mental abuse, been told I don’t deserve or can’t do. From many differing areas strangers,friends and parents. Still to this day I am looked at as lower class and worthless by many. Why do I write this I can see and here people ask ? , because I am strong and individual I do not nor ever have saught Pitty or sympathies from anywhere.
   Fighting is part of me from day too day life too education and civilization. Whether it’s idiotic name calling or physical bullying I take it in my stride. Forty years of experience and tweeking of my mechanisms and attitude. By god its not easy how do you break free of decades off disimilation and ignorance. In bread into the either of societies Dna.


Acceptance of self is the most important thing I have found.Being able to learn about your own condition, disability or difference.And using the + and – to your advantage in equal measure. Always take the time to turn negative to a positive the best you can.Propelling your confidance forward and upwards pushing yourself above the murky and dismal cloud that others try too shroud you in.
   Refusal to conform to the whims of the masses and taking control. Finding people that boost you and support for no gain other than for austerity and progressiveness. Growing thick mailable armour and lightning wit and intelligence also help.
   Once self worth and a clear pathway can be seen by self you will launch and grow despite yourself and others. I am proof and try to show others leading by example. I am no sheep quiet of acceptance I am a leader and guider to show how it can be done and which directions can be taken.
   I have been diagnosed with Ptsd thanks to the traumas of my past life and fybromyralga due to nerve damage and trauma through my body.
Now that sounds bad huh !!!, just wait I have played international sports,served my country for 10+ years,qualified as a nurse,started youth clubs and teams, qualified as a personal trainer. Traveled three quarters of the world and have 4 wonderful kids and moved to a wonderful part of Britain and everyone is loving it.
  This is not a story of woe but I hope that it helps spur people to achieve and progress. The idiots still exist but they are below us we are individual warriors all. We deserve our scars and marks to show we have endured and survived. Our differences spread colour and brightness guiding others and motivating them and ourselves take pride always

Autumnal crunch

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Random
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Farewell autumnal splender
Crispy crunch of nature’s carpet
Bare limbs where life once blossomed
Shiver in the wintery light
Awaiting jack frosts touch
With baited breaths antisapation
The dying breath of nature’s glory
Slumbers enducement creeps closer
Re incarnation of self waits
Deep within the core of being
We salute nature’s glow
And await re birth of beauty
And accept the onset of winter
It’s crisp crunch and glittery spray
Awashing earth’s engineered scapes


Struggles bare down
Anger rises from the fire
Strain and comprehension develope
Torn from the arms of compassion
Freedoms gate creeks shut
Light dims slowly too new rythm
Conglomerates regulatory miss trust
Dailly deliveries of distain
Striving and toil to pay for sins
Monitary compensatory lapses
Delivery momentary reliefs
Loves comforts grasp and hold tight
Pulling free from the dark
Momentary glimpses of joy and passion
Emblazen self worth indelibly etched on sole
Driving forward dreams and goals for future
Day light wains returning self
To compasionate relaxing embrace of worth
Wallowing in delight at her soft silken flesh
Warmth and comforting nature
Drawing near the slumber of kings
Enwrapped in the loving entangled embraces
Reliences disapear and truth returns
As new days dawn despite situation
Freeing soles and choices
Returning control back too self

The mighty Fall

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Random
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Once revered
Stood tall amongst all
Commanded respect
Technicolour and civility ouzed
Joy,laughter and happiness reigned
Capital and provincial center peice
Brightest jewel in the crown
Tourist and traveller alike flock
Businesses fall over themselves
Throwing money developing
Elevating standing without fault

Social and economic dispare
Crashes hard
Dragging a veil over everything
Dark dingy and putrid
Scattering and tossing gems
The four winds win hands down
Buildings and people die
Swamped by dipravitys direction
Sorry full and dipressive
Petrified , joyless carcasses
Left behind without options
How quickly time forgets all
Tumbleweeds endless campaigne
To populate every space
Wind freely swishes carrying hells rain
Forgotten , miserable shadow off self


Posted: July 14, 2014 in Random
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Tears stream
Rivers form on cold flesh
Gray sullen complection
Body numb with confusion
Stumbling across the floor
Carrying the lifeless corps
Limp and icy cold
Staring eyes dark and soulless
Where has the spark gone
The center of the know universe
Collapsed and crushed

Sleep in peace
This beauty I knew well
Go frolic with ancestors past
The future is pain free
Age will not mar your flesh
The pain of loss will not mire your soul
Indiscresions can not blot pages
Freedom from strifes is yours
Our love will lift you high
Float free and secure in our hearts
Angel of my life forever more

With pain and sorrow
I say farwell
No golden glow omitted
Heart heavy
Mind twisted with heavyness
I wish I could
Physically accompany you
But time and fate
Are against our future
Photo albums of memories
Carried close and internal
Keeping you alive and near

“I will love you forever
Keep you close
Rest in peace with love
Time will heal
Watch over us
Keeping us safe from harm
Our angel in life and death”



Posted: June 3, 2014 in Random
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Meandering tumbling rolling
Free and alive
Passing through differing landscapes
Carrying life and changing perspectives
Journeys path continualy changing
Power and grace all encapsulated in one
Sustainer of life that knows no bounds
Subtlely destructive pushing asunder
Angel and demonic all in simplistic indavidualism

No seperatism or mutations alter
despersal from highest of points to lowest of levels
Meeting and submerging all and sundrie
No know friend or pedetory agents
Simbiotic and parasitic relationships
The norm in this case
Acheiving greatness etched in its formulations
Guided by fates far beyond comprehension
Harnessed by humanity never tamed
The meek and mighty the benevolance of fluidity