Life,Freedom and Actions

Posted: November 2, 2017 in Random

Firstly Hello; Its been a long time since I Last Penned anything. I am back and as frequently as I can.

We the human race become trapped without even noticing at all. The what we need to eat,wear,drink and what we should do,be,reach for,attend and expect.

 Is this our Lives lot ?, Is this what we do our 40hrs per week for 40 yrs to retire on 40% of what we earned. Living to work not Working at having a life !!!, How do we break this hamster wheel of Life. 

Can we!!, Should we and what would people think if we did ?. Whe have been PROGRAMMED by society and GENERATIONS of advice from peers and family alike. So going against the expected imprinting of social acceptance is deemed impossible by many, But is it?. 

What would happen if you got up and washed in a different order ?, Changed to a different choice for breakfast?, Wore a whole new outfit instead of your usual?or decided to educate and free yourself?. Well mist would say Nothing at all would have or has happened. Unfortunatly for them they woukd be wrong !!!, Right from the first ? you have changed your mindset and the rest of your day. You have un wittingly changed your life. Imagine if this happened in every aspect of your life every!!!.

Living the way you want too what a marvellous concept and such an attainable aspect.


  1. Thought provoking and yes, I did have the courage, when I relocated to Spain. Do you?

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