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Bridge of life

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Random
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There are many
tributaries and rivers
To cross throughout life
And oceans of choices to navigate
Sailing your ship
Keeping the course of fates choice

Hide and cower
Under masonry built
Cold and alone
smothered in gloom and despair
Shamed by others
pugilistic accessory to life

Pay the tolls
Travel free and wide
Cavorting with ease and joy
individualism and selections
Incumbant of personalities vibrance
Smile with joyous abandon
Jump and frolic without control
Live life to the fullest ranges
Meeting challenges head on
Defeating and conquering fears
Being who you want to be

Cross those bridges
Dont engulf with flames
Push doors open
Dispel and refrane from negativity
Hold high postures control
Gain knowledge and worth
Build the foundations strong
Continue without guilt
Life’s gilted embers set and burning brighter in every step

Are we just Numbers

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Random
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Pressures of societies want
Numerical statistics
Exploding on every page
Compliance expected resolute
Facts churned out
A kin to normalities needs
Shunned for individualism
Plagureised for self
incarcerated and shackled
By illegitimate power struggles
Dare to be indifferent
Non conformists regulatory angst
Laws and decrees spilt
legislators gaps scouted
Bending of facts encumbrances
Trials and tabulations battles daily
deformities of state rule
Blame thrown asunder
Gloop and sludgery mires lives
Depresiveness encapsulates freedoms
Self expression is frowned upon
Regulators hand out systematic numerical
Ques formed in rank and file
Heads dropped in robotic compliances
Dailey toils stuck off against statutory duels
They want we must mind-set
Where is free speech
Grasp at nirvanas freedom’s


Posted: June 30, 2014 in Random
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Heart ripped and tattered
Engulfed by depressive doubts
Knowledge less off reasoning of act
Rivers of tears flow emotions close down
Numbness encapsulates frame
Dead and lifeless core
Blame and doubts fester deep
Self harm with words of aggression
Mirror of life smashed strewen aside
Darkness rushes in envelopes all
Dimming of light windows glaze
As sole switches off
Where once golden glow emitted
How can one
Cause these depths of depravity
As in firm grasp blade is held
Blood dripping from its tip
WHY ……Me……
Is the soulless mournful cry


Posted: June 29, 2014 in Random
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Conscripted by legalisation
Ensnared under police state
Bled dry by legislators discrepancies
Pigeon holed by social expectancy
Ruled by monitory gains and losses
Political pawns without control
Survivors of predatory spaces
Scientific laboratory test subjects
Screaming in silence
Gesturing with motionless prose
Deafness personified non receptive
supposed superiorities regulation
Paid mannequins plying furrows
controlled by rules and law sets

Ship of life

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Random
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Set adrift with full sail
Emotions running wild
Captain and crew
negotiating and navigating
Life’s oceanic mass

Friend and foe
Combined under relations
Loves driving natural flow
Hand in hand with fate’s rudder
Cource set for freedom
Oneness in heart

Stormy seas
Cource changes
Rough stormy seasons ahead
Calm sunny realisations
Breaking the boundaries
Releasing our revelatory free spirit
Spreading love

Our ship
Is sure and true
Solid in foundation
Sound in speed and grace
operated in unity
Piloted by love and soul
Enriched with dreams
Flooded with futures glow
Sail free and safe
The good ship unity

The wait

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Random
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Still and calm
Watching every rippled motion
cognitive awareness
Simplistic and seemless
Comprehension of time flows
Concentration peeks
Time of action
speechless and controlled
anticipatory jitters
Excitement consumes space
Activity reacts
Wonder,joy and results emerge
The fruits of your labours
Obtained and held close
Faith in time,space and achievements
Worth while as victorious claims

The Glow

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Random
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Sun throws reflections
Bouncing and dancing
Across strands of life
Over window cills
Spreading warm glow
Tantalising and inspirational
Welcoming movement and growth
transcending mind and matter
With explosions of inventiveness
This is welcome of motion
The morning chorus sings clear
Day begins and awakens all


Posted: June 27, 2014 in Random
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Indian summer
Ripples gently lap on life
Golden glow rises


Posted: June 27, 2014 in Random
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Blood red sky
Love blossoms warm and fair
solstice sun welcomes

Hey you Guys

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Random
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Today is a good day apart from the Neanderthal brigade. The selective wit and unintelligent boasts of those with fear.
I personally love the film “The Goonies” but am fed up with the comparisons to the character above. By the selected minority that think its funny and clever.
Yes I have facial deformities caused by multiple operations ect,but I am educated,traveled,kind,loving and accepting.
It perturbs and annoys me when narrow-mindedness is the norm and inquisitive nature of humanity is stifled by societies ignorance.
I have blindly live side by side with this since movie release by choice. As those that know me or have read my previous posts will know all to well.
Why does anyone have to be subjected to this in today’s society it’s beyond my comprehension especially from adult aged humans.
As soon as they are selected for retort or similar treatment they become aggressive in nature. Mmmm its strange how human nature works.
I write this not for sympathy but just to highlight yet again the stupidity of others. Who travel a narrow path of ignorant and un educated blindness.
If you for what ever reason are harangued or tormented by humanities eagits(idiots). Try this !!
Extend your middle finger and with pride say , I wear/have my scars/issues I wear with pride and carry the knowledge that I understand others failings and accept them.


oh and have the biggest smile and calm nature through the whole process.