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Genetically resembling a number
Inferiorities bound
Holding mentality hostage
Confusion reigns supreme
Visually you resemble your years
Inwardly you continually battle
Disfunction of miss represented truth
Contortion of genetisisms
Growth stifled and slow
Education jigsaw like
Inferior imperfections shine
Believe in yourself
Fight at the forefront
Medicated slowness
Contemptual abrassions
Societies lackluster grasp of reality
Break the mold and rise
Mind of the lost
Who is to judge you
Self worths perpetual motion

Bah humbug

Posted: December 25, 2015 in Random
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Ho Ho Ho Ho
BAH humbug
Mumbling words of gripe
Tierd slumber filled footsteps
Hunched back
Saggey eyed they search
For energies hidden
Devoid of emotion
The parents toil
Cookery , tidying and tending
The joy of the day
Consumed by the children
Another year passed
And no relaxation in sight
Merry Xmas too one and all

Emotions Grinch

Posted: December 25, 2015 in Random
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Raking through belongings
Tossing coverings asunder
Tiptoeing through rooms
Under cover of slumbers mask
Deseptive and selfish
Your impish behavior blemishes
Spoiling the outcomes
Of happiest days
Crushing feelings and emotions
Smug in your endevours
You gloat in silence
Sat amongst us
You snooping snivelling wretch
The grinch of happiness’s freedom

Dance with self

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Random
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Cavort with the soul
Dance with your ego
Live as yourself
Contempt of lives
Means too an end
Forging alliances with self
Shelved emotions
Parted with at the door
Until your departure
Then conformation of likeness
Too societies acceptance
Praise the brave
Who singularly are themselves
Despite the preasures
From exterior forces surrounding them

Sodden head to toe
Watching the moisture creep up the walls
Funiture floating towards the door
Tears pour down
Ripples of sadness whirl round
Memories and life
All washed away
Never to be regained or seen again
Mother nature warns us all
Reminds us of her power
And disregard for all
Rescued by boats evacuated out
By Emargancy services brave and true
My town is an island
The district awashed by deluges unknown
Months worth of precipitation in hours not days
The streams and the rivers
Burst viens and artery arays
Tides went against us oh god my days
Waiting for recession of waters and such
To rebuild our lives,villages and such
Roads have been washed out
Bridges are lost,victims of landslides,rivers in flood
Our region will rise like the phoenix from flame
Bring us your tourism to enlighten the flame
Business as usual despite of the mess
Strength of our nature a nations best


Posted: December 17, 2015 in Random
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Dancing on the wall
Springing before us
Reaching facets physicality can’t
Figure of former self
Emotionless and dull
Projected by light
From unknown space
Thrust long or shrunken
Cast asunder without knowledge
Shadows dance despite our state
The defy us all

The dark

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Random
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The black cloak
Intrepid fortitude
Oblivion in extreme
No shadow cast
Light does not permiate
Lifeless still and quiet
Motion is no necessity
The depressive silence
Deafens all around
The dark complete
At one with all

Yes I am alive
The mirky grey consumes
The crimson ache illuminates
Solitude in the throngs around
Indemnity against humanity
Fog mists the brain
Eyes sullen with crimson flashes
Deprived of sleep
Restless against the norm
Walking on glass no confirmation
Stomach twisted and tight
Hunched and screaming
Silent utterances aloud to the masses

These are my demons carried Dailly
Without notification
Others bewildered and annoyed
Forming stories and opinions
Never knowing the truth
Ideals conception less
Against my being
Understanding lacking from most
Those in the know assist
Allowing for visual conditions
But the mind is alone in the battle
Cloaked by medical evils
Numbed by the concoctions of drugs
Demons party in my frame
United against my existence
These are mine they ate me
But this warrior survives and exists
To the fullest of ability
Dumbfounding the so called experts

We the afflicted rise
Emblazen trails for others
Drawn weapons strength of mind
The battles won Dailly
During this autrition of war

It washes over us
Like the tide over sand
Winters onset chill in the air
Crisp fresh mornings frost on the ground
Warmth of breath spirals afore
Decorations set in place
Trees laden with tinsel spring up fast
Xmas is coming santa is on his way
Children excited presents to bare
Carols sang loudly Xmas hits blast loud
Shops full too bursting
People throng and harass
Spirit of uletide a wash on thier face
It washes over the world as a whole
The spirit of Christmas and the Lords holy prayer
No matter your country, religion or creed
We all celebrate something at this time of year.

Waters rise
As the heavens decend
Stormy gusts blowing trees down
Rivers spate bursting banks
Flooding roads,streets and parks
Blue lights flash responders attend
Lives on the line until calm assends
Mother nature reminds us all
How small and meak humanity is
Stay in doors safe and warm
Be sencible not to venture far
Green,amber and red alerts
Threat too life for all too heed
This is a storm to remind us all