Darkness Falls

Posted: March 12, 2018 in Random

Shadows Decend

Falling Below Visual Levels

Ripping The Heart From Within.

An Attack From Within The Nucleus

A Friend the Family Known

A Deciple of Generations of Truth.

Scripting the Insurgency in Code

Devoid of Understanding reality

Consumption of Metaphysical ideals.

Who ? Never to be

Understood for the Deeds Done

Devoid of Blame within Self.

The Darkness Consumes them

It Obliterates Life’s Form

Bewilderment and Anarchy Rein.



Life,Freedom and Actions

Posted: November 2, 2017 in Random

Firstly Hello; Its been a long time since I Last Penned anything. I am back and as frequently as I can.

We the human race become trapped without even noticing at all. The what we need to eat,wear,drink and what we should do,be,reach for,attend and expect.

 Is this our Lives lot ?, Is this what we do our 40hrs per week for 40 yrs to retire on 40% of what we earned. Living to work not Working at having a life !!!, How do we break this hamster wheel of Life. 

Can we!!, Should we and what would people think if we did ?. Whe have been PROGRAMMED by society and GENERATIONS of advice from peers and family alike. So going against the expected imprinting of social acceptance is deemed impossible by many, But is it?. 

What would happen if you got up and washed in a different order ?, Changed to a different choice for breakfast?, Wore a whole new outfit instead of your usual?or decided to educate and free yourself?. Well mist would say Nothing at all would have or has happened. Unfortunatly for them they woukd be wrong !!!, Right from the first ? you have changed your mindset and the rest of your day. You have un wittingly changed your life. Imagine if this happened in every aspect of your life every!!!.

Living the way you want too what a marvellous concept and such an attainable aspect.


Wake from slumber fresh and New

Smile and move do the things you do

FUELED correctly ready to go

One step at a time we walk out the door

With a cheery good morning and welcoming smile

Set yourself a challenge to say good morning to 25 strangers

See them smile back no dull faces or danger

Widen your path grow networks wide

This simple challenge daily will blow your mind

New Connections made ,friends and happier days

Not just for you but many that day

How do you feel ?!!!!

That’s right far better than before

More determined to get out and grow some more

Take this ethos where ever you go

Light up your future with a simple Hello

Minds Set

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Wealding The Sharpest Sword 

Clarity of thought and positivity 

Defiying all The sooth sayers and doubters

Achieving the targets set by self 

Leading the way and lighting the path for all

Concentration and motivation visually apparent too all around

Being Self and Carrying on

Leading from the front and striding forward

No contempt or doubt seeps in 

The power you have resisted and defends

Those around you pulled nearer by your deminor and pose 

Lighting Up the World Around them

Feeding unnoticed from your overflowing cup

Your Mind’s Set is the most Attractive and powerful tool for all things

Striding out 

Slowly edging forwards

Goals achieved 

Strength holding up 

Steady paced progress goes

Clarity wains power dips 

Crash we hit the floor

All a blur shivering wreck 

No explanation for the effect

Lying prone on the ground 

No assistance anywhere to be found

Faculties checked injuries tended

Pick ourselves up act like we’re mended

Return to normality creeps slowly progresses

Cloudy mind aching body 

That first sign of weakness glaringly obvious


This is the question for today ,…..  

I am asked this daily too many times too count….. The answer is normal answer is …. I just don’t let it spoil my day.

I have a pain threshold that is way above normal parameters,” I have in the past walked 2+ miles with the full effects of Memgicocal meningitis” then a further 20 yards to the medical center explained what was wrong and what allergies I had before hitting the floor. On contact with the carpet my muscles relaxed and my whole body shakes. So I can cope with high levels of pain…. And if I say it’s sore or hurts it actually is very serious stages. After 40 years I have learned too manage and understand this very well.

My sence of humour is warped,fast and contagious, and my thought process is pro active not depressive. There is always a happy glow and smile on my face (even if the worst has happened or the day is really bad). Then I was blessed with strong broad shoulders that carry any hardship with ease. Personal drive too succeed and achieve,early bird catches the worm mentality. Strong heart that powers my frame ,educated , alert and active mind. Positive and realistic outlook on life and well lit path before me. 

It’s not an easy thing to pull off at all , fortunately I was born of hard stuff from strong natured DNA stock. But I have also had to graft and work hard on the combinations of this package. “Coping with bullies,insults,discrimination,pre conceptions,un educated,disrespect and generally scared people.” Still too this day people still try and dispose thier opinion on my look and intelligence.

I just walk away most of the time,but have put people in thier place verbally and realistically leaving them diminished and ashamed. Now being 6ft4 really helps and in the word of Billy Connely (I look more like a mugger than a mug E ). All achieved by time,work,polishing and most of all pride. 

Society is generally nosey and inquisitive,but also ashamedly un educated and ignorant. Inclusion is not part of life thanks too generation’s of installed prejudice and hate . Whether it’s colour,race,religion,disability,orientation or look these have been established over decade and melenia. It is the job of present generation’s to kick start the re education of the future too accept and understand.

Now I know that the above doesn’t resemble everyone but it is a large majority of society. I know a large section of people that are not tarnished by this. And accept ,ask and learn, we all come from the same cloth.  I don’t care for the above  indiscretion at all personality,brains and humour matter far more.

Your own inner strength is your beauty and determination drives you and inspires others to follow. 


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Golden rays break 

Silence shattered 

Seasons change freely

Arts Freedoms

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Scribbles on a page

Incoherent and visionless spear

Doodle tactic scraps gather

Inlaid and purified darkens edge

Clarity transfuses before optically set

Pixilateded and fragmentational satire

Brush over pen inclusion of opinion

Mater pieces exploded with colourific splendour 

Contemporary,natural or new age

You choose your strokes breath life

Swirl or flick in anyone direction defines your set

Less is more beauty is unclassified

The inevitability of societies behaviours

Captured on canvass burnt embers set forever

Charcoal dusts , occurs hew the true run of water colour

As with lyricists writings art is freedoms chariot

Dazzle the lyricist 

Pugulist of linguistic provocation

Sheets strewn across the floor

Pages bleeding written utterances

Diction detectives clueless agility

Dictionaries burn with scripted speed

Ink like molten lava etched every letter deep

Correspondences spew freely with ease

Contemplation of moods bewildered and blended

Simili and proes subliminally appear

Cascading from mind to page seamless

Attention to details oblivious 

Time flies past without care

The writer immersed in the flow

Letters stories and poetry make

The weapon and cure for all eventualities

Days feel like minutes,hours like seconds

Misty minded darkness covers all

The smile and fassade weaken 

Tiredness consumes energy faster daily

Those close seem too patronize instead of comfort

Daily tools lag and drag me down

Breathing is a chore simplicity eludes me

Inner strengths hide chortling gayley 

It’s raining outside nature crys too

Hiding the tracks of my own tears

Trying to comfort me in it’s own sadness

Why doesn’t anyone know what too do

Where has the real me gone

Alone in my busy household I sit

Screaming in silence struggling to hold back fear and pain

The light is further away down this never ending tunnel

Train has stalled to far from either end

No energy to stride it out

Once coveted solitude is now my prison

Dark ,dimming existence of the disheveled 

Battle of minds existence.. ……. thoughts