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Wake from slumber fresh and New

Smile and move do the things you do

FUELED correctly ready to go

One step at a time we walk out the door

With a cheery good morning and welcoming smile

Set yourself a challenge to say good morning to 25 strangers

See them smile back no dull faces or danger

Widen your path grow networks wide

This simple challenge daily will blow your mind

New Connections made ,friends and happier days

Not just for you but many that day

How do you feel ?!!!!

That’s right far better than before

More determined to get out and grow some more

Take this ethos where ever you go

Light up your future with a simple Hello

Minds Set

Posted: June 25, 2017 in Random

Wealding The Sharpest Sword 

Clarity of thought and positivity 

Defiying all The sooth sayers and doubters

Achieving the targets set by self 

Leading the way and lighting the path for all

Concentration and motivation visually apparent too all around

Being Self and Carrying on

Leading from the front and striding forward

No contempt or doubt seeps in 

The power you have resisted and defends

Those around you pulled nearer by your deminor and pose 

Lighting Up the World Around them

Feeding unnoticed from your overflowing cup

Your Mind’s Set is the most Attractive and powerful tool for all things