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Flanders Field
Once green and peaceful lay
Until those fateful days
Where rivers of crimson red
Flowed in endless streams
Scattered torsos of fallen men
Lay twisted and torn
Lifeless and still they breath no more
Lives given in the name of freedoms repatriation
Fighting as brothers side by side
Under hails off bullet and she’ll

Hero’s everyone following orders
With convictions verve of selfless soles
We the generatory survivors remember
With pride in our hearts and a tear in our eye
The sacrifice eternally given so we could live free
By so many soles through our histories reign
From the First War too present day

These Battalions of soles with pride
Have given free of self-thought
To free and battle oppressiveness
Regardless of reason or orientation
Thank you one and all
With all our hearts we praise and revere you
Never too be forgotten
Alive in our hearts and minds for ever more

Nights freedom

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Random
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      Black satin sheets
      Pulled softly over soft cotton pillows
      Silence deafens
      Peace depends humanity
      Nature verberates with freedom
      Nocturnal and free
      They scamper and scurry
      Tasks undertaken with verve
       Grasp those precious hours
      Till sunlight breaks the dark
       Illuminating the world bright once more
       Putting perpetualality in motion once more

Winds Of Change

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Random
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Wandering alone and free
Tossed too and froe
By societies stormy relations
Self and true being are torn
Like separated siblings
From differing parentages
Thrown into care of others emotive Ness
Will the two be re acquainted in time
And once again live together
Completing the whole
Or will the vesle live on shadowed always
The nerve center activated
Continually searching
Named as anarchist, weird, troubled
Labeld with mental conditions
Where in truth is only endeavouring too complete
That of pre determined notion
That self is allowed individual choice
In societies difference and pleasures
What is the truth how do you believe
What are we , who are you
What is the truth

No picture Just Words

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We often match or comply
Actions, words and reactions
To what ever the situations surround us
Defying our intentional inspiration
Defiling our true ability
Marring our wondrous imagination
Following the expected like sheep
Daunted and shackled never straying
The individualistic tendencies strain
Praying for release into freedoms path
Allowance for expresitory interpritations
Our own beauty, power, strengths and ability
Will undoubtedly flourish
Despite the chains of social propriety
Mirror our selfishness inbuilt and true
Pathways pre determined before birth
Awakend and mapped with growth
Who are they to alter our destiny
With their false pictures, ideals, notions and failed attempts of change
We are who we are meant too be
One and all alive


Dailly Pathways/journey

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Strive Dailly powered by belif
Searching endlessly for destinations
Achieving miniscule victories
Totting up towards the eternal prize
Intellect and personalities virtue
Astounding and enrapturing hearts
Drawing close those who admire
As well as those who want to know
Enforcement of your achieving
Physicality to your personable function
Visual to thwart the profane and defilers of past
Victory and pleasure taken while
Tipping joy in your favour
Realisation of true self awareness
Strength and confidence building
Believe, acheive, grow and flourish
This is your true path for future
Warrior of light
Travel straight and the
For you are who you are meant too be
Cast in your own image forever


Alas he is no longer
No care too linger
Defiled no more
Free from oppressive shackles
Risen higher by rite
Way above your putrid uterance
Far from the obsessive pudulistic acts
Soaring with confidence
Illuminating all around with brilliance
Stronger of mind and conviction
Reborn from depressiveness
Realism and compasions flame
Kindled and managed with ease
Self confidence and civility
Now reign supreme
Immunised to torment and bully like viral intent
Flying high on chosen path
Released and free forever more

The Unseen hidden in me

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Random
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I hide it well
Beneath the scars
And smile I wear
The tensions and strains
Of pain at bare
Wracked Dailly contorted faze
Raining on all the sunny days
Despite the help and fairest ways
Other don’t notice or understand
Even those closest scoff and laugh
Pulling me down past safe graces felt
Pointing out inconsiderate plays
Leveling sanctions against my way
With pride I fight the hourly strifes
Protecting my kids and loving wife
They never see the evils done
Or true impact upon my mind
For decades of living
Fighting through sins
I am proud of the places and achievements done
I ask for no sympathies or special  praise
Solace of friendships true and family care
Will lift me to places far above the putrid places
So in your fears and terror places Find that stasus and bright joyous places

Feel the Music of Soul

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Random
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Verbarations float in the air
Melodies dance inside your brain
Hypnotic trance like state begins
Foot tapping Selectiveness
Takes over despite attempts
Trance induced movements
Propel the torso forward
Following the melodic pathwayĺ
Traversing time and space
Reducing time too crawl like state
Enlightening mood and encapsulation of joy
Leads us to quicken pace
Jigging and girating in time
Beats locked in counting loud
Floor covered in graceful prose
Step too step Co ordinated
Hand too eye perfection
Moods and abilities in handed
Good and evil joined hand in hand
Follow the beat chance the rhythm
Dance free for all too see
Be at one in melodic peace
Let the beats take control
Trueness of music off the soul


Plated armour
Strong and true
Founded with heart
Stealed and honed
Inpregnable and mobile
Mask of strength and delight
Weilding weapons of choice
Straight and on virtues side
Slaying the evil and defilers of right
Filling the innerds of thy suit
With heart and strength second too none
The warriors armour is individual and true
Only one owner your faith in you
Evil will deflect and scatter at will
Wear it with pride
Be safe from ill will
Life time warrior fighter off true
Lighting the path lying before
Pits and perils avoided at last


The mists decend around
Caressing her every sinue
Searching for truth
Amidst the mire of life
Racked and tormented is she
Pinned and tortured by her suiter
Against every row of her ability
Total and utter disregard for her virtue
Forcefully defiled and used
No solace or chemical can cleanse
Dailly hourly wash would not serfice
Counceld relief administered
Self blame holds fast
Search for reason continues
Regardless of knowledge
Supportive relevance assumed
But can not replace inner feeling
Shame and depressiveness
Fearfull angst and exclusions
Enforced by these vile beings acts

As time passes by
The search for the original princess
Will find truth
Understanding of sorts
Acceptances of self belief
Slow steady return to “normality”