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Posted: September 26, 2016 in Random
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Walking down cobbled streets

The stone built houses meet and greet

Tudor ,Gorgian and Victorian too

Seamlessly mixed contented as new

Stroll up the hill through the groves

To be met by hills,fells and more

No matter the weather there is always things too do

The life of a town in the country heart

No stress just relaxation from the start

No happier home have I found

The gateway too the lakes is where it’s at

People come and people go but this is home for ever more

Motion abundant wriggles
Thoughts whir Sences tingle
Stretch of limbs intake of air
Contorted torso foot in air
Feeling around for solid ground
Planted fast sure and true
Raising torso into view
The shutters lift as eye widely open
Soaking in light and glories morning
Humanities cap is tipped at daylight
As we arise too start the day
Onward with motion
Inherited and learned
Cleaned and sparkled to face the day
Fueled at breakfast charged too go
Throw the coats on and off we flow
Untill the dark of day does set
So long my friend with feathery heart
Stay safe and still in your glorious slumber
Untill en wrapped once more till morning glow.


The traslation of pain
From my heart through you
The guilt transpires
In shades colydascopic hew
The sun does shine
Warming our day
Greyness lifts brighter days
Joy in our hearts
Peace in our minds
The unity and bond never dies
Family for life’s eternal path
In this plain or the next
We will never part
Run free and bound
No ailment found
At peace with joy
Free on eternal ground


The day has dawned
Your still not here
The smell and aura linger near
Each step I take
Has you by my side
Hand on heart lead in hand
It’s getting easier
To carry on
With memories and heart
Your never gone
My loved one for ever
Time will not take
True family member
With love nothing can break
At peace you are know
In a place calm and free
Your spirit runs free
With all that are here


Carrying the hopes
Upon the winds of freedom
The delicate winged beauty
Navagates the world below
Turmoils and defecation
Scattered assunder
The meek deep in prayer
Power every beat
Dreams written in antisipation
The deliverer delicate and pure
Blessed are the doves
Strength above strength
Carried on the wind

Cold morning air
fills the lungs and caresses your face
Quietness Deafens you
as the solitude of the early morning welcomes
The freedom to roam
enthrals and invigorates your soul
Striding out with purpose
at a gentle pace
Filled with contemplation
reflexion of the days and times past
Stresses fall freely
the heart is enriched
As you welcome the dawn
Nature sings and carry’s
a welcome like no other ever before
Start the clean page given
do not falter or wain
For you are alive
free from all and ready to take on the day
Shout good Morning World
and start a new

It washes over us
Like the tide over sand
Winters onset chill in the air
Crisp fresh mornings frost on the ground
Warmth of breath spirals afore
Decorations set in place
Trees laden with tinsel spring up fast
Xmas is coming santa is on his way
Children excited presents to bare
Carols sang loudly Xmas hits blast loud
Shops full too bursting
People throng and harass
Spirit of uletide a wash on thier face
It washes over the world as a whole
The spirit of Christmas and the Lords holy prayer
No matter your country, religion or creed
We all celebrate something at this time of year.


Posted: October 4, 2015 in Random
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Sitting in contemplations void
Surrounded by peace
In my own mind
Staring out at open space
Putting the world and stresses
at rest
Recharging the soul
Empowering heart
Bringing life back on track
Singing songs deep in my head
Realisations and plans
Put in place
No one can hurt me
Or reach me out here
I am truelly myself
With nothing to fear
I wish I could live here
Day after day
But life is for living
And acheiments out thier
I will visit again soon
My place full of rest
The best place I found
For Acheiving my best


Strong of form
Amidst as sea of emotion
There for all to cling too
The rock
An island of calm
Dark formation
Scraggy and narly
With beauty in depth
Reach for your rock
In times of need
Message and converse
At your own speed
Reassuring and meek
The calming influence
  Forever present
  Always there


Apon the softness
She lay still
Calm and peaceful
As if a dream
Shrouded in silken wings
Enwrapped and soothed
Spirited away from harms
Floating on clouds
They drift free
Enriched by light
As one unified
Peace and clarity blaze
The princess at rest
Her beast of burden protects
Sharing everything
One heart ,one soul entwined forever