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The growth

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Random
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Winds blow
Tossing granules asunder
Shifting dunes grain by grain
Like ideas they develop
From one tiny grain or seed
Mighty achievements sprout and grow
Progression piles them high
As targets are reached
The sands of time compel
Into the ether
They flow freely
Inspiring and spiking
Those that wonder
The mighty baroness
Expands growth before your eyes
Achieved and grown with minimal fuss 

I am sixfoot four
Strong and bold
Heart of a lion eyes of the hawk
Meek as a mouse farce as a tiger
Doctor,nurse and master provider
I have lived through pain
Visable and hidden
Been bullied,beaten and down trodden
Fought toe too toe taken out the trash
Stood in rank and saluted fast
Worked my fingers to the bone
Day after day
Kept a roof over my head
Meals every day
Walked every step in tattered shoes
Turned my back on troubled souls
Bullies and idiot bold
Plowed a furrow of my own
With true friends and heart bold
Pride filled steps
Songs in my heart
The approachable man
Gentle and kind to all around
Struggles and stresses haunt me so
From stife’s of the past
Stresses untold

I am a writer
Poet of sorts
From motion to word
I lay them down
From prose on my page
To poses of strength
I coach and spell oh so lyrical
A pen in my pocket
Stopwatch in hand
Clients and stories
Popularly rise
With offspring of beauty
Intelligence and fun
The world is thier oyster
Learning is fun
Tough and fair
I lead by example
They will take a direction
True to their heart
There future is theirs
Too command and desire
My strife I will evade
The pressures deflect
To my upmost and parental best
They are my mirror
The key to the world
Inside they drive me
Keep me alive

My partner in life
Is true as can be
Her demons dance perfectly
In time with mines here
Since first day to this
Through thick and thin
No matter what troubles
There might have been
I write to inspire
To clear up my head
From Haiku too epic’s
They flow from my pen
No matter the reason
The feelings evoked
Writtings a pleasure
Of words never spoken
Friendships are built
And never broken
Through media streams
Human nature and pen
Amazing relationship are a great thing
I thank it all
Everyone true
Old friend and new at home or abroad
Even the tormentors and bullies around

This is why I pen
Writing in words
No Oritory stumbles
Or tears on the ground


Who am I
Where do I go
How do I get there
What will I do
Emerging like a butterfly
Transported towards the light
Aware of all around
Crammed with knowledge
Prepared for life
No longer a child
Juvenile in thought and mind
This grown up form
Of humanities future
Explodes free from the shakles
No longer confined
Grasping opportunity with both hands
We acheive and grow


Pride of a Nation
Born free and astute
Spoiled by legalities
Politics and indemnities
Brought together
On this fate filled day
September the 11th
Etched deep on the brain
Terror at its highest
Needless attack
Destruction of the towers
Shook to the floor
Death of so many
Needless Destruction and loss
Let’s rise like a phoenix
Praise strength and fortitude
Never forgotten always in thought
They live with us forever
As do the scenes of that day
Go peaceful rest in glow of your light
Our loved ones and friends
For time ever more
We visit ground zero
With pain in our heart
Leave with a smile and hope ever more
Lessons  were learned
Determination was stoked
New strength to the world
Under tyrants tirades


Mist Shrouds the strong
The sinuses strain
Preasures plunge us deeper
Hovering tenuously over a prosopis
Tall and strong in one hand
Feeble and weak on the other
Heart of oxen’s many
Eyes of a keen eagles glare
Backs stronger than any steel
Faith unwavering
Love to envelope the universe
scathed and scalded
We wander oblivious
The trueness of self drives us
Inspiring others too follow
We the individuals grow strong and true
Leaders one and all


Many of my friends may not realise I write Poetry !!!! , I have for many years on WordPress . It is now time I feel to show you all my work. As often as possible you will see works appear on your time line. Feel free to read share and comment. If with the power of word I can inspire,assist,aide,sooth or enlighten one persons day then the goal is achieved.
For those already aware of my writings I thank you for starting me off and supporting my journey of spreading my words across the globe and friendships new and fresh that have been and yet too be built.


Protect those
Save from fears
The meek and weak
Lift them up
Rise above their darkest hour
Emblazen them with honour
Feed and protect
Shower them with golden nuggets
Knowledge and experiences
Enrich their lives
Inspire and drive
Become a guide not hindrance
Help exploit the weakness around
Enable growth and progressions flair
For one day it will be paid forward
Without thankless endeavour
Those loved and protected
Within their actions
Carry our inheritance forward
For no financial gain
Too generations not yet born
And for many too come
We the Parents of futures fruit

Seeds sown

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Random
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Growing strong from the seeds of life
Stretching towards enlightenment
Tendrils and branches reaching out
Nourishing and consuming
From all that surrounds
Tree like we envelope our habitat
Growing stronger and taller
Fueled by knowledge and nourishment
Synthesis of individuality and self
Awareness and growth consumes
Tasks and toils under taken and seeds sown
New life spawns from our own seeds
Polinated by nature’s selection
The tree of life grows through us
Continual and chronologically sound

Living as self

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Random
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The changes and scars
Imprinted upon my form
Twisted and gnarled
Contextual flow
Freedom of expression
Caged by the fearful
The butt of thier neviousness
Flying free
Living with our differences
Toss asunder there retorts
Gaze at the light
Pitty thier foolishness
We are who we want too be
The world is our oyster
Fly and grow within the unbound
Be the best your abilities grow
Indifference is special
As are you


The devil mentioned hidden
Angelic facia fools easily
Determination abound
Freedoms grasp complete
Youthful exuberances
Floods from heart and soul
Who can be contained within
Fresh faced and maturing fast
Growth a pace uncontrolled
Keeping the faith with self
Age the number Un yielding
But the heart and mind
If kept motivated empower
And survive without interuptions
Keep true to self worth
Life is for living your way