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It throbs full of life
Moving beneath our feet
Showing it’s beauty in colour and light
New beginings flourish before our eyes
Crisp fresh and alive
Despite our attempts to meline
Corporations manic consumption
Humanities forcefull growth
Life cources along
Policing itself and humanity
Take heed recognise the signs
We the minions have been warned
Mother Nature is on the prowel
We the castodians of the greatest living museum
Are allowing it’s distruction
It’s starvation and dehydration
Nature aged more than we
Is depleting faster than we know
Consiquences of our own greed
Consumers and instigators
Living in fear of conglomerates power
Governed by the blind
Blinkered by power given by us
The Tsunami is coming natural
Un defendable and with more power
Than any constructed weapon
Maybe not in our lifetime
But the warnings are there
Closed forever ,unsustainable depravity
Will you stand ?, will you fight ?
Or will you just hide your head
And remotely watch it die

Mother nature dealt the cards
A mask of iron solidly cast
Too show a front
To be socially adept
And not scare the children
Who are Unaware
Time rolled on without a task
Name calling and ridicule
Were my Dailly soup
Untill one day the mirror laughed
It didn’t crack or run a mile
Mother nature struck her blow
Tossing the mask too and frow
Dropping down too the floor
Too look at my suprise
No batted eyes from passers by
Not a wiper or a moan
My own name I hear more and more
So natural change
Personality by the pale
New horizons let’s set sail

Like the mighty Oak
With presision is felled
Stroke after stroke
The lumber jack wields
Crashing too the floor
With a creek and a moan
Loud crash and wail
As debris is strewn
Shards are tossed asunder
Other limbs and structures
Are spattered

Hoisted high
By hoist and crane
Manual labour’s  swet and strain
Hacking and sawing
Tendrils and branches hacked
Dragged away by chains off steel
Congragated on trailers long
Driven too mills to be whittled down
Turned into planks and chairs
For civilisation to use and defile more

Seeds were scattered
During the fall
Dna of strength and age
Sown in the wind
Scars of defilement abound
Seen from space aswell as ground
New life sprouts slow but true
In Virginia soil unspoilt
Out of view
Humanity tares it down
Without sadness or a frown
Thier needs are many
Unbound and sireal
How must mother nature feel

Time and nature
Nurture all
New stocks and growth
Will strongly yield
Father time and Mother earth
Will heal the scars
Machines do wield
Humanity and it’s disfigurations
Will be paid for by all countries and nations
By wind,rain and continental shifts
Volcanic flows and temperature rifts
These gifts are aplenty
A warning too all
Reminding humanity one and all

Striding along
Head held high
Sun on our faces
Glint in the eyes
Fresh and clear
Clarity of thought
No twisted mind on mental knots
Free as a bird
Roaming the path
Thankful for life
And natures magical spell
Breaking free of societies force
We and the freedoms
We search for the most


Thundering spirals
Interlocked with vengeance
Mother nature’s finger guides
Ripping and wrenching
Everything in its path
Tossing objects asunder
Far and wide
aggression and violence
But solitude and peacefulness
Lie within the walls
Nothing stirs
No remorse or apology
Nieve and lacking awareness
It thunders on
Dropping carnage’s offspring
In its wake


Day dawns fresh and clear
Clouds dance in air light and free
New ideas germinate
Drawing strength from nutrients
Hidden deep beneath the earth
Taking shape and reaching up
Driven by hunger
Full of desire
Flung into action by you and I
First steps of many
One after the other
Striking down paths invisibly set
These are the wishes and hopes of fate
Waiting patiently at the gates
Grasp them strong and hold them tight
Lets combine lives and take golden flight


Beauty beyond compare
Born angelic without dispar
Masked and painted
By social expectations
Twisted and tortured
In perfections name
Shadow of self
Lost in time
For the use of others
Crime after crime
Her beauty telly hidden
Shadow of self
Our model angel
Wasted to death

I arise

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Random
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I awaken
Slowly open my eyes
Wipe the sleep free
Stretch and yawn
Pull myself up
Free from the warming slumber
Place my feet on the cold hard floor
Stumble to the window
Draw back the curtains
Standing in awe
I soak in the wonderous site
As stretched out before me
Is nature in her full glory
Sun kissed and fresh
Energised and new
invigorated I stride alive
Tasks seem lighter and easier
Thankful for new beginnings

Here I stand

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Random
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Twisted and contorted
Rooted to the spot
Limbs gnarled and open
Torso full of contusions
Stretching towards the light
Water cascades across every inch
As naked I stand
Howling winds,snows and rain
Batter and harang
But true and strong i stand
In this place called home
Spreading out in freedoms place


Futures rights of Passage
Conglomerates of indavidualism
Battling the unseen foes
Embarked on egos regulatory skirmish
Taking down tormentors
Bannishing indiscretions
Protecting the trueness of the one
Vanity and consept complete
Sanctity from evils
Weilder of virtues sword
Terrors agressors pacified
Pureness returned too the tortured soul
No biblical meaning of note
The Templers name is shrouded fare
Procastinations no longer mire
Acceptances reliances live long
Minds are cleared
Simplicity and compasion rule evermore
Complete and wholey as one true entity
Safe in the knowledge off awareness’s guide