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Free your body fuel it Properly

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Amazing Blogger: Brian!

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From an amazing friend and poet Patty


Every week I want to share an amazing blogger with you all, so you can check out their blogs and maybe make some new friends!

All of these bloggers have amazed me with their art, kind heart, friendship and skills.

You ready? Here we go!


Meet Brian

–> <–

A little about Brian

I decided to finally blog about 7 month ago, A good friend of mines and I had discussed it often.

I have had a very Colourful Life and managed to achieve many things along the way. I am forever helping people out or Talking about my life experiences so that others benefit and see they are not the only ones out there and people do care and will help.

I love what I do and whether its being bullied as a kid, all my Operations, Meningitis etc or Running my own Personal Training (Fitness) Company.The…

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Not To Know (20/30)

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Brilliantly painted in words



I look inside for Truth but my soul is still

It tells me:

Let’s bathe in this beautiful silence

In this quiet place where answers breathe

But what’s your rush to figure it out?

Sometimes, it’s okay not to know


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NaPoWriMo day 29: Poetry I see

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Stirring and wonderful piece



I see


When I close my eyes

I see

Your face

In front of me


When my soul feels empty

I see

It’s your love

That feeds me


When my heart turns cold

I see

That you are the one

Who’s warming me


When I drown in life

I see

It’s your presence

Saving me


When I stop breathing

I see

Our love is made

For eternity

Just Patty


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I’m Tired

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powerful and well written

Fluffy Bear

I’m tired of not
Being loved
I’m tied of
Not being
I’m tired of
People’s crap
I’m tired of
People telling me
I can’t do that
Or I can’t date her
I’m tired of
Having no one
By my side
I’m tired of
People using me
I’m tired of helping people
An I get no help back when I ask
I’m tired being called a douche-bag
I’m tired of hearing that I was a mistake
I’m tired of people saying go kill yourself
I’m so tired of life
Why can’t it just give me a
Break from all this
I’m just tired
Of it all

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I liked this brilliant movie great article

this is an awesome peice of poetry by two amazing people

Adult & Teen Fiction

Part 6 and final of the duet poem I wrote with my friend Just Patty!

No, no, not the final poem we are going to write together! Hell no! 🙂

I meant the final in this particular series!

To read the previous parts, check out:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

I highly recommend you check out her blog, if you haven’t already because Patty is an awesome writer!–>

Enjoy this final part of our insanely long duet!

Patty, keep your pen busy!

Great poet Great poet

New me

Alex –>

Just Patty–>

The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic

Part 6 Final

Alex & Just Patty

I’m a volcano ticking time-bomb,

A tsunami riptide so hang on,

I can solidify your soul with my eyes,

I have blind hope,

I can topple the very skies,

Seeing you through this storms evil…

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Even sometimes those people can be across the world and that’s what I plan on doing with my life. I’m going to go abroad and find them. ❤

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Lily Wight

     Updated 29/04/2014

     Beltane (meaning “bright fire”) or May Day is one of eight festival days marked upon the ancient seasonal calendar known as The Wheel Of The Year.

     Beltane heralds the beginning of Summer as it lies halfway between The Spring Equinox (Ostara) and The Summer Solstice (Litha).  It is a time when daylight hours are long, trees blossom and herding animals are turned out to pasture.

     Beltane was originally observed by the Gaelic people of Ireland, Scotland and The Isle Of Man who performed protective rituals for their crops and livestock whilst The Celtic Tribes of Western Europe and Britain also celebrated mating rituals and male potency.

     Beltane is named for the Celtic Sun God, Bel (Belenos/Belenus) who is associated with West Cornwall, formerly Belerion.  The Romans dubbed him the “British Apollo” and…

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Funny and cute animals

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