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Wake from slumber fresh and New

Smile and move do the things you do

FUELED correctly ready to go

One step at a time we walk out the door

With a cheery good morning and welcoming smile

Set yourself a challenge to say good morning to 25 strangers

See them smile back no dull faces or danger

Widen your path grow networks wide

This simple challenge daily will blow your mind

New Connections made ,friends and happier days

Not just for you but many that day

How do you feel ?!!!!

That’s right far better than before

More determined to get out and grow some more

Take this ethos where ever you go

Light up your future with a simple Hello

The inheritance of hatred
Divulged by societies teachings
Launched at the miss fortune
Of the week and defenceless
Disguised as religious and semonistic knowledge
Discrimination cloaked in darkness
Fuels the spirit beneath my soal
Rocketing my determination
Galvanising my resilience
Allowing me to acheive greatness
Despite all laid waist before me
And all attempts to quench my ire
My life is for living
The path I choose needs no acceptance
Or the permission of others
Fuel my fires, drive me forth
Stand in awe as my wings
Gilted in gold spread and lift me high above you
This is acheivement this is true self

Mother nature dealt the cards
A mask of iron solidly cast
Too show a front
To be socially adept
And not scare the children
Who are Unaware
Time rolled on without a task
Name calling and ridicule
Were my Dailly soup
Untill one day the mirror laughed
It didn’t crack or run a mile
Mother nature struck her blow
Tossing the mask too and frow
Dropping down too the floor
Too look at my suprise
No batted eyes from passers by
Not a wiper or a moan
My own name I hear more and more
So natural change
Personality by the pale
New horizons let’s set sail

The contempt you wield
For my existence
My loyalty too my life
The ability too strip me of dignity
My empowered soul screams
The assistance never arrives
Silent screaming of sinues
The howls from a troubled mind
You smirk at my attempts
To conform to the expected
Normalities guise is tattered
Damb you disfunction
Your mental physicality
Putrifies souls dragging them down
But I will not lie down
I will never cease to strive
I am a lion
The true warrior
Countermanding your orders
Is my right
This will defile your attempts
Throw asunder your reign
And allow me and my fellow sufferers
To live life too the full
And rise high out of your enforced mire pit
To emblazened highs never thought possible
We will win I will lead the contingents
I have and will forever
Dispell and devour your bile
So others do not have too
You may take our bodies and minds
But our freedoms are our own
To shine and make aware our brilliance

I left because of pain
The violence in my brain
Tortured by your intolerance
Damaged by your physicality
A love once born free
Hammered and beaten
Too inches from death
Lost know forever
Trust obliterated from my sole
This beauty did not seek
A beast too brutalise
Her sole or virtue
It wasn’t yours you had no right
Being you does not give you parity
I am a being full of worth
Not a punch bag or torture vessel
I sit with the demons you gave me
I shrug and hide
From any contact with others
Because of you and your brutality
Demonic lusting for powers thrill
You will meet with Karma
And on that day you will fall
As I rise and unfurl my wings once more
Time will heal with care
And once more I will be
Confidant and trusting again
While you battered bruised and alone
Will wilt and die in the hole you have dug


Why can’t they see
The feelings within me
Dragging me down
Forcing my frown
The depressive shackles
Binding me to my cell
The shroud that masks
With the painted face
Pride of smile
Strength of grace
Draped strong over this
Deshevald dull existence
Fate of sociality


The soul within
Pears out
Emotiveless and opaic
Windows of flesh
Screams unheard
Toils Un noticed
What or who
Am I normal
Or the freak
They taunt daily
As endeavours
I undertake too graduate
Amongst societies banner


Life is hectic and complicated for many,the constraints put on individuals by social expectancies and stereo types. How do we break the chain: it’s comes down too mind set and networks. From interpersonal,social,individual and societies teaching and our own perceptualisation. We are brought up and our social slots and standing. How do we change: this is down to mind set and personalisation of situations,choices,interactions and delivery . What is normal/accepted: here is where a lot of people go astray, Why: because of fear !!!, because of our  social upbringing and class pigeon holing and blind faith in the perceptual growth and where we fit.

Changing how we see ourselves and where we belong is a challange we face daily. From the preasures from peer groups,media,area,family,interactions,education and society. We  bumble along and accept a lot of things despite ourself. Even though we complain and moan about it at the time. Do we change it: the norm for most is no as we are brought up not to rock the boat and this is where we are socially. Should we challange/change it: with many years of experience and trial and error I would defo say hell yeah.
  How can you grow and spread your wings?, where do you see yourself in 5 years?, Do you want too be healthy?, Do you want longer life?, Do you want to be the best you can be?, Do you accept yourself and how you are?, Is where you are and your social circle good for you ? And Are you a sheep that follows blindly or are you a leader and insperation.
  The above are all questions I have asked myself daily. The choices their after help change and shape the outcomes of that minute,hour and day. Should you care how this affects those around you ?. There should always be concideration of others around you but allowing thier stereo types and perceptions to rule your decisions is wrong. We are all individuals that have to take control and free ourself.  This is above all one of the hardest things too do and for many is never actually achieved. Mainly because of fear of failure or non acceptance by the external factors that keep us where we are by default.
  From our social choices to the food we eat humanity is far too easily lead by the conceptions of worth and the norm. The people who strive for thier own perfection and life goals are seen as rebellious and sometimes selfish by the majority. But these people also become important people in society and their social group. Why because they achieve and push boundaries and others follow thier example because of the visual and physical benefits of thier choices. They become by default the leader of thier pack as it were. Driving others to strive and push thier boundaries without realising it at all.
   For those of us that are parents or have younger siblings we see this every day by what the kids or younger siblings do. Our actions have direct impact on thier choices,likes,dislikes,phobias,fears,social circle,choices and personal goals.
  This is why regardless of personal situation we should all challange our standing,step outside the box,educate and inform ourselves, make educated choices,strive and challange,raise the bar and be the best we physically and mentally can be.
  Surround ourselves with like minded people.Lose the negative and spiteful influences that drag us down, move forward learning from mistakes or blips in our journey and continually giving 150% to our goal acheivement.
   Not allowing the word failure to encapsulate us but drive us to change direction and push forward. It’s ok to change direction or go back a few steps to take on a divertion or 40 to get to the goal in any task we set ourself 8n life. Accomplishments are never straight forward so take the de tour enjoy the scenery on our journey. Let’s arrive at our destination with all the facts,clear picture and everything else intact.


There are many obsticles put in the way of a healthier “You”. The hectic pace of life,family,work,illness,disability and many more. Health is ranked as one of the top priorities in many polls and debates on what people want and priorities of the majority.
  Who stops us from doing anything ? , I believe it’s down to self motivation and drive. This can be destroyed or diminished if we listen to others in society and take heed of press and the norm within social networks.
    Why do we allow this to happen to ourselves ? , too me it’s like self harm in that the bullying nature of demoralisation and pigeon holing sections of society and condemning  thier abilities. Then the press’s unrealistic image based formation of normalities preasures being told that these levels of society are this and that.
    ” WHAT are You going to do too change your lives ?” .
  With the correct information and a small amount of research great changes can be made. These are not global or government changing. But if enough of us were too start the revolution of change would gather momentum.
First steps: This is the hardest but most important, it won’t happen over night or over a few months. And yes you will fall of the path but take note and get back on track. It is not a race or compitition with others.
   Changing your mind set and misconceptions around food,meal times,portion size , what nutrients we need, healthy against unhealthy and what we see and how others perceive us. As I said above this is the hardest and it is a case of many small steps slowly building momentum and confidance with every small victory.
   While not making a big deal of any mistake or error in our path. Rewarding yourself for keeping on track and keeping track of the factors leading up to any blip so those cases can be flipped round or avoided.
  Surround yourself with like minded individuals, motivators,I can do’s,supportive networks. Ridding as best we can the sooth sayers,bullies,demotivational people,press,misinformed,lazy and haters.
  This giving Us the best mental building blocks to improve and continue the journey.

Second step: Small informed changes in diet and associations towards food and eating. Cutting down on the incorrect processes,food types,nutritional information,timings and social acceptability .
  By changing portion size, utilising informed choices, fueling the body correctly,correct fluid intake,time, and conception.
  Things like low salt, low sugar , low fat , utilising leaner meats,fish,chicken, pulses,seeds and fruit and veg. Changing preferances in pasta,breads and rice, wholemeal,wholegrain,egg proteins and freshly cooked instead of processed. These are just a few examples of the type of changes.

Third step: Increase in physical exercise, walk further than normal at normal pace. Once that becomes easier increase distance or pace and progress the same every time. For those that are able introduce short periods of jogging into this and increase as you did with the walking. In no time at all you will be able to rum the distance and longer.
  Swimming uses every muscle group in the body so burns more calories and tones more muscles. It is easier on us physically as no matter disability or weight the water supports our weight and allows for greater range of motion.
  Things like knee raises using the resistance of the water,wall hold leg kicks,dead leg arm pull lengths ect will improve general mobility ,flexibility, pain relief and recovery.
Cycling is another great low impact exercise that burns plenty of calories, to develop or progress add hills, increase speed or duration.

No matter your age,ability or ailment there is always something you can do.
What will all this do for me I hear asked!!
Here are a few for you, improved heart rate,respetory imput,lower stroke risk,better calorie conversion,lower Bmi,improved dietary process,less infections,happier,motivated,higher self esteem, lower stress and greater self awareness. Which will help and improve employment,personal,social and relationships of any kind but most of all a far better self and informed society.

“Embrace change and follow your heart do  not accept the perceptions of normality make your own mark on the world”

Calming of soul

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Gazing at its innocence
Delicate formed perfection
Calming the affected soul
Linked by inner strength
Fortitude reigns supreme
Peaceful mind decends
Cleansing the core
Eyes closed releasing tensions
Conceptual praise and protection
Two beings paired under nature
Spread those powerful wings
Fly high in your dreams
Acceptance of self achieved