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The 40

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Random
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Another year drift by
Memories made
Joy had
Pain and heartache
Thrown aside
Still going strong
Youthfull and free
Guiding all infront of me
Striding forward
Sure and true
Set aside for only the brave
Taking friends
With me on my way
Party hard every day
Life is for living
Grasp with both hands
Living full and thankfull
For place and people yet to see
And you all my friends
Everywhere I give thanks
And send a prayer

Written with love and thanks to all family and friends on those the begining of my 41st year 😉


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Beleiving in self
Powerful emitting ability
Projecting goals ahead
Already won and received
Within mental state
No one better,stronger or deserving
Doubters power the engine
Feeding the hunger to acheive
I am the best at who I am
There is nothing I can do
No mountain to high
No vally too deep
There is no struggle great enough
To slow or stop
Keep out my way
I am acheiving all the way
Be with me or keep clear
I will not carry ill will
Only sunshine and happiness
Omitted from my heals
Adversity is only a word
Ability and determination
Are the master keys
Too every door infront of me
I will not wait or dally
But take the time I require
And receive my prize with joy

The Solo

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With violin in hand
Bow ready and oiled

With steady motion
Caressing every string
Andelic emotions stream

Fully and whole
Emersed in the moment
At one with the melody

No one
Knows or hears
This is her song alone

Slow tempo
Building to crishendo
Emotive and beauty

Every sinue of life
Beating heart matches

The loneliness
Is a virtue
Peace and solitude

Musician and muse
Spread wings
Flying high filled with vigour

Her solo
Vitueoso performance
Silent applause ring out
Her body celebrates

With every fibre
Tingling and alive
Freedom within the time off peace
New dawn of self


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Tattered and torn
Body wrecked and ravaged
Heart plucked from chest
Strewen on the dusty floor
Beating slowly barely alive

She had gave
Completely to him
She was a vessel full
With love,joy and togetherness
His alone forever
Un faultering and true
His conqubine and partner

Did this depravity
Become the normality
Farming her out to all and sundry
Earning a living
From this sick and twisted
Regiment of sin filled torments
Thrusting this innocent soul
Into a repetative hell
With no escape

Lies there lifeless
Racked with pain
Deep disolusion takes hold
Her golden days disapeared completly
Fearful of gaze and touch
Trust gone and obliterated
From memory
How will she live whole

She etches
In blood her final dreams
Freedom from pain
Carefree days once more
Salvation saught
True meaning of life
Deep in cazms of darkness
Where can she go
Will she ever trust again

Tears wash the page
Turning her words into mush
Un readable or recognisable
Litteral resembelance of self
She closes her eyes
Hoping never to wake
Once more
In this hell pit
Escaping is just
One sleep away……
Possibly final
As she drops off
The bottle hits the floor
Was it empty……..
Was her escape set…..


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Shroud of black
Sullen faced
Stoupped and hunched
Dragging feet through drudgery
Slow laboured steps
Sinking lower and lower
Pulled by exterior forces unknown
Lightless horizons rush forward

Depresive agnst pile higher
Pressurising shoulders
Drooping deeper down ward
Buckling knees
Aches of limbs straining
Mind fogs and brain fades
Alone in crowded world
Screaming in silence
Words un listened spew free
Wishes torn assunder
Infinitive journey
Representative of fates blindness

Searching for freedoms
Light and brightness
Grasping for every possibility
Being stuck down further
Every attempt sapping
Strengths depleating
Confidance oblitorated and scattered
Vessles shell like state
Frigidity visible to all
Living in fear of destructiveness
Praying for pain
To assist the feeling of alive
Without hope stranded and singular
Desperation mounts for saviours beeath
Again and again prayers sent
Returned un answered


The Sun

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Pinned against golden sky
Awakening life
Warm renewing rays
Brightening the day
Chasing darkness’s away
Spreading joy
As you climb too setting point
Worshipped by all
Chased by kindred spirits
Healer of pain and fear
The burning ember off godliness
The brightest star
To lead the way and awaken
Sun our heavenly admirer


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                          Faces many
                Cotroller of tide and time
            Lovers serenade in your glow


Posted: July 29, 2014 in Random
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                      Cotton dancers
                    Proud and poised
        Take flight on air too new ground

Apple blossom

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Tendrals and branches
Filled with cotton candy
Pinks and whites
Shimmering beauty
Filtering light
Sparkle and glimmer
Brightning the way
Birth of new life
Natures true way

Fresh abundace
Bestowed on your limbs
Gems fruitfull
Perfect and ripe
fruits of labour
Tended and true
Scrumptious and sweet
Ready too eat


Posted: July 28, 2014 in Random
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Drifting away
   Emersed fully
In the deepest sanctum
Imaginative explosions carry

Word for word
   Painting scenes
Vividly in technicolour
Reality disapates into a memory

Freedom reigns
   Exploration of new
Enveloping deeper into adventure
Becoming one with the story

   Extreme sensations
Love,life,being and nature
From cover to cover

Minutes,hours and days
   Pass in seconds
Seemless as pages turn
Flip book of eventuality

Real life
   Mundane and trivial
Reluctance to be self
Waining of abilities true

Untill the last breath
  Is born of fate
Nothing in this life
Corasponds to revalations found

  Fills the heart
As the final page
  Reluctantly and defiently
Turns despite your deceptions

Beyond today,tomorrow or future
  The next instalment waits
On the shelf glaring
  With excitements breath