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Only a concept
Born by desire
Shooting through life
Flying higher and higher
Acheiving goals laying waste to challenges
The burning desire
To grow so bold
From the fire we cascade
Burning embers full of life
Energised and ready to go
Watch out world here we go

I rise
New and refreshed
Dailly construction undergone
Fresh in formats installed
Routes and changes
Marked and imprinted
My journey continues forth with

The darkness
Attempts to pull
Compressing virtues
Diminishing worth
Covering all in black mirk
Visions impairments it’s satisfaction
All routes it barrakades
Evil posted on every corner
It’s demonic soul bears faster
The power of souls charged

Pace by pace
I stride with confidance
Enpowered and rich
No matter my look
The scars I carry
Both physical and mental
These do not define me
They make me the richest man alive
Free fom societies constraints
Emblazing my own path
Victory is always going to be mine
No matter how hard

His form is many
It’s all in the eyes
Shadow like shape shifting
Indaviduals scattered asunder
Each and every personage
Carries his being
Power of the indaviduals soul
Contains this power
The weekest however
Are consumed by him
Transgression after transgressions
They are blackened
Becoming the foil of evils worth

Over the hills
Climbing mountains
I acheive by every step
The worth and pride rise higher
Forsake all those that doubt
Lay waste to those that don’t support
Only carry the positive nurturing aid
Friends and family true
Assist with the power of one
It’s not the time
But the journey that defines
Not the task
But the persistence to acheive
Evil does not have that energy
Blinding it and diminishing choice
Light surges through our viens
Allowing acheivements too glow
Empowering us through life

The fan

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Random
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The hands edge round
Clock ticking down
Kick off time
Looming now
Songs a singing
Fans a buzz
Players striding towards the park
Warming up messing around
Playing too and pleasing the crowd

The whistle blows
Ref waves go
Players run too and frow
Ball in close or passed out wide
Challanges thrown fair and hard
Keepers sharp strikers quick
Defenders mark and midfield skill
Long field passes or silky skills
Halftime comes still nil-nil

Fans for pies and bovril break
Mull it over chat and debate
Singing resumes chants and shouts
Welcoming players on way back out
Wistle blows were off again
Sprints and challanges
Beating hearts
Fans hold thier breath
String off passes
Shot on goal attempt
Ripple of netting
Electric cheer
Fans delighted a goal is acheived

Home fans louder
Cheering them on
1-0 with time to come
Passes and runs
Defences squirm
Gasp and woes
Chants and screams
Louder and louder
As the striker winds up
Past 3 defender
Goal keeper next up

Cool calm colected
He slips the ball past
Ripples the net
Fans scream and chant
2-0 know pulses race fast
Rising of tensions
Opposition attacks
Save after save
Challenges many
Tierdness creeps in
Lapses in pass
Time seems to slow down
As the games comes to an end
Seemingly slower
Than it did at the start
Whirring of scarf high above fans heads
Mexican wave and chants of the brave
Whistle it goes
Relief ,elation and joy
Fans celebrate
The score on the door

This is the frenzy
A fan does hunt for
Every score or chance there off
From kick off till end
Emotions on end
On the roller coaster
Of challenge your heroes defend
I live for game day
All through the week
The highlight off enjoyment
With the friends when we meet


Dear Friends and Followers

I have been asked to put together a poetry book. But am struggling with what poetry too put in it !!!, whether to use my present works or do all new material.
So ideas and some advise from you my wonderful followers would be awesome.

This is something I never thought would happen for my work so quite nervous but stoked at the same time.
Thank you in advance your input will be greatly appreciated.

Your friend



The wonders of Blogging are amazing so many new friends and like-minded people. Some of us only speak through our blogs other I have had the great fortune to talk too by Skype or phone. There are a few whom I have spent physical time with which was and is awesome. Considering the stretch of the planet we all cover.
My poetry and writing have improved and I really enjoy the whole process. From a trigger to conception of the peace and publishing . Those that know me well will tell you I am a confidant person that is personable and helpful.
So here it is It was suggested that I put my poems in publication which stunned the socks off me. Then today I was asked if I would ever put my story on to paper and publish it so that others may benefit from my abilities and see how things can be turned round.
For this hard-working Scotsman father,husband,trainer,carer,friend,writer,reader,socialite,inspirer and liver of life. It is the most daunting thing ever, how do you choose what pieces too use ?, how do you start putting this information down, would people read it?,what do people want?, who would be offended?,can I do this?, how do I find publishers? And How do I start ? !!!.
I sought advice from a few friends and they all said go for it !!! And I am still struggling to pick,put down and collate.
This publication  will get their and it will be as good as it can be.
Don’t let anything put you off step up be counted and give it 100%.

I will need assistance and prompting from time to time and ideas on the poetry too use would be awesome !!


Life is hectic and complicated for many,the constraints put on individuals by social expectancies and stereo types. How do we break the chain: it’s comes down too mind set and networks. From interpersonal,social,individual and societies teaching and our own perceptualisation. We are brought up and our social slots and standing. How do we change: this is down to mind set and personalisation of situations,choices,interactions and delivery . What is normal/accepted: here is where a lot of people go astray, Why: because of fear !!!, because of our  social upbringing and class pigeon holing and blind faith in the perceptual growth and where we fit.

Changing how we see ourselves and where we belong is a challange we face daily. From the preasures from peer groups,media,area,family,interactions,education and society. We  bumble along and accept a lot of things despite ourself. Even though we complain and moan about it at the time. Do we change it: the norm for most is no as we are brought up not to rock the boat and this is where we are socially. Should we challange/change it: with many years of experience and trial and error I would defo say hell yeah.
  How can you grow and spread your wings?, where do you see yourself in 5 years?, Do you want too be healthy?, Do you want longer life?, Do you want to be the best you can be?, Do you accept yourself and how you are?, Is where you are and your social circle good for you ? And Are you a sheep that follows blindly or are you a leader and insperation.
  The above are all questions I have asked myself daily. The choices their after help change and shape the outcomes of that minute,hour and day. Should you care how this affects those around you ?. There should always be concideration of others around you but allowing thier stereo types and perceptions to rule your decisions is wrong. We are all individuals that have to take control and free ourself.  This is above all one of the hardest things too do and for many is never actually achieved. Mainly because of fear of failure or non acceptance by the external factors that keep us where we are by default.
  From our social choices to the food we eat humanity is far too easily lead by the conceptions of worth and the norm. The people who strive for thier own perfection and life goals are seen as rebellious and sometimes selfish by the majority. But these people also become important people in society and their social group. Why because they achieve and push boundaries and others follow thier example because of the visual and physical benefits of thier choices. They become by default the leader of thier pack as it were. Driving others to strive and push thier boundaries without realising it at all.
   For those of us that are parents or have younger siblings we see this every day by what the kids or younger siblings do. Our actions have direct impact on thier choices,likes,dislikes,phobias,fears,social circle,choices and personal goals.
  This is why regardless of personal situation we should all challange our standing,step outside the box,educate and inform ourselves, make educated choices,strive and challange,raise the bar and be the best we physically and mentally can be.
  Surround ourselves with like minded people.Lose the negative and spiteful influences that drag us down, move forward learning from mistakes or blips in our journey and continually giving 150% to our goal acheivement.
   Not allowing the word failure to encapsulate us but drive us to change direction and push forward. It’s ok to change direction or go back a few steps to take on a divertion or 40 to get to the goal in any task we set ourself 8n life. Accomplishments are never straight forward so take the de tour enjoy the scenery on our journey. Let’s arrive at our destination with all the facts,clear picture and everything else intact.

Taiming the lion

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Random
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(Arthers Seat Edinburgh once a live volcano and looks like a lion lying down.)

Striding up trodden paths
Rugged stones
Sandy chaff
Gazing out on the world below
Muscles aching
Blow by blow
Plowing onward up the scar
Sure footed sherpa man
Laughing and joking
With passers by
Sitting down to say high
Onto the sadle of its bk
Head before us majestic art
Natural formations
Of Volcanic rock
The city of Edinburgh sprawls out below











Bridge of life

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There are many
tributaries and rivers
To cross throughout life
And oceans of choices to navigate
Sailing your ship
Keeping the course of fates choice

Hide and cower
Under masonry built
Cold and alone
smothered in gloom and despair
Shamed by others
pugilistic accessory to life

Pay the tolls
Travel free and wide
Cavorting with ease and joy
individualism and selections
Incumbant of personalities vibrance
Smile with joyous abandon
Jump and frolic without control
Live life to the fullest ranges
Meeting challenges head on
Defeating and conquering fears
Being who you want to be

Cross those bridges
Dont engulf with flames
Push doors open
Dispel and refrane from negativity
Hold high postures control
Gain knowledge and worth
Build the foundations strong
Continue without guilt
Life’s gilted embers set and burning brighter in every step

 Past world cup winners


world cup 2


1930 Guillermo Stabile (Argentina), 8

1934 Oldrich Nejedly (Czechoslovakia), 5

1938 Leonidas da Silva (Brazil), 7

1950 Ademir (Brazil), 8

1954 Sandor Kocsis (Hungary), 11

1958 Just Fontaine (France), 13

1962 Albert (Hungary), Ivanov (Soviet Union), Garrincha, Vava (both Brazil), Jerkovic (Yugoslavia), Sanchez (Chile) 4

1966 Eusebio (Portugal), 9

1970 Gerd Muller (Germany), 10

1974 Grzegorz Lato (Poland), 7

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina), 6

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy), 6

1986 Gary Lineker (England), 6

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy), 6

1994 Salenko (Russia), Stoichkov (Bulgaria), 6

1998 Davor Suker (Croatia), 6

2002 Ronaldo (Brazil), 8

2006 Miroslav Klose, (Germany), 5

2010 Thomas Muller (Germany), 5


1930 Jose Nasazzi (Uruguay)

1934 Giuseppe Meazza (Italy)

1938 Leonidas (Brazil)

1950 Zizinho (Brazil)

1954 Ferenc Puskas (Hungary)

1958 Didi (Sweden)

1962 Garrincha (Brazil)

1966 Bobby Charlton (England)

1970 Pele (Brazil)

1974 John Cruyff (Netherlands)

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina)

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy)

1986 Diego Maradona (Argentina)

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)

1994 Romario (Brazil)

1998 Ronaldo (Brazil)

2002 Oliver Kahn (Germany)

2006 Zinedine Zidane (France)

2010 Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

As Brazil 2014 gets ready to kick off and the best players and teams in the world via for the Title of  World Champions who will be victorious,what players will light up the oposition and who can score the most. And for a lot of my neibourghs How will England fair this time. 

Only time and luck will tell good luck to all taking part in  Brazil 2014