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Dazzle the lyricist 

Pugulist of linguistic provocation

Sheets strewn across the floor

Pages bleeding written utterances

Diction detectives clueless agility

Dictionaries burn with scripted speed

Ink like molten lava etched every letter deep

Correspondences spew freely with ease

Contemplation of moods bewildered and blended

Simili and proes subliminally appear

Cascading from mind to page seamless

Attention to details oblivious 

Time flies past without care

The writer immersed in the flow

Letters stories and poetry make

The weapon and cure for all eventualities

Too quench the thirst
The abreviations of life
Fueling the fires within
Powering the pen
The most dangerous yet beautiful
Wealded by the experienced
Spewing words and phrases
In sentence filled paragraphs
Page after page
Dispelling terror and manafesting evil
Love spins freely
Emotive bliss and companionship
Sip well from the cup
Absorb the information and live free

Comfortably sitting
Vista’s of glowing fields
Stretching out before
Pages blank lay prone
On the desk in front of me
A cup of calming glow beside me
The lyrical sword of magic
Poised to do battle
Mind clear and imagination charged
Armed and ready
Pen to paper
The journey begins
Pictures spew lyrically with ease
Charactor forms and rythmicly flows
Prose and informative language
Building the form word by word
The literature takes shape
With awe and abundance compiles
Sit back relax and enjoy the exploration


Day dawns fresh and clear
Clouds dance in air light and free
New ideas germinate
Drawing strength from nutrients
Hidden deep beneath the earth
Taking shape and reaching up
Driven by hunger
Full of desire
Flung into action by you and I
First steps of many
One after the other
Striking down paths invisibly set
These are the wishes and hopes of fate
Waiting patiently at the gates
Grasp them strong and hold them tight
Lets combine lives and take golden flight


From the routes of Celts
I hail with pride
They define my heart
And national side

Through my love of writings
Freedoms gain
Friends I have gleamed
From nations fair

From Hollands true
And Wonderous joys
Too medical wisdom’s
From Porto Rico


Celtic souls
And boyhood chums
Too bishops from Main
Designers and chums

Retired veterans enjoying life
Escapism of published writers mirth
Too victims and supporters
Fans and travellers fair

What and eclectic
Gathering far from gaze
WordPress is a Wonderous place
From close connections to world’s far away



Many of my friends may not realise I write Poetry !!!! , I have for many years on WordPress . It is now time I feel to show you all my work. As often as possible you will see works appear on your time line. Feel free to read share and comment. If with the power of word I can inspire,assist,aide,sooth or enlighten one persons day then the goal is achieved.
For those already aware of my writings I thank you for starting me off and supporting my journey of spreading my words across the globe and friendships new and fresh that have been and yet too be built.

Queen of words

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Random
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On wings of contimplation
High on her throne
Verbalisation and literary flow
Cascade freely
Tumbling and cavorting
Spewing free onto her pages
Freedoms intimacy with lives
Touching souls and beings
In differing unintentional manners
Releasing feelings and dreams
Into societies ether
From this goddess of insperation’s realm


The tumbling ramblings
Ideas cascading turbulence
The calmness of the subconcious
Boxes in the spiraling intensities
Transcending to fruition
Via oratory or physical reactions
Penned sonnets and meaningful utterances
Actions of vigour and truths freedom
Attained by mentalities vibrance
Masked by calm exterior looks
Master pieces of brilliance
Personal or public
It matters not
Let’s all bask in its brightness
Take heed and self control
Of the events for our sanity
The muses are many
Un named and invisible to others
We the creative masters of domains