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Striding out 

Slowly edging forwards

Goals achieved 

Strength holding up 

Steady paced progress goes

Clarity wains power dips 

Crash we hit the floor

All a blur shivering wreck 

No explanation for the effect

Lying prone on the ground 

No assistance anywhere to be found

Faculties checked injuries tended

Pick ourselves up act like we’re mended

Return to normality creeps slowly progresses

Cloudy mind aching body 

That first sign of weakness glaringly obvious


Taken Hold

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Random
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Head and limbs drooped
Body gnarled and twisted
Organs compressed and wracked
Dull and sullen conformity
Shrouded in mist and darkness
The days light and joy
Terrified and aloof
Mirky soallessness in full control
Chemical formulations inept
Pain and dipressiveness rule
Alone in this crouded place
Miss understood bewilderment surrounds
Expectations of normalities service
Scattered and expelled from view

It has taken hold
   fullness of control
The demons laugh and dance
    kindness searches
Battle for freedom in full flow
     distruction of self
Striking for peace and releif
    the bodies forces strive
Supported and boosted by
  medical advancements attempts
Still no cure for perception or feeling
   Low and disruptive angsts