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Emerald green life filled form
On our limbs we hang around
Parrasol like in canopy’s massed
Pointing down to the grass
Filtration units nature born
In woods and forrests we act as one
A shaded spot,cool for you to rest
A climbing frame or place too nest
We support your lives day to day
We are the structures you build and play
We enliven the world in form and colour
From springs fresh life to autumnal flourish
We leaves and trees grace your space
This planet of ours saving grace
So while your out strolling around
Spare a thought for the lives all around
Treat us well keep us true
Without a thought we care for you.
Never Leaf us from your mind.



The vessel
Contained securely
Tied down tight
Thrust back with force
Hurtling across the waves
Clock ticking by
Speed reaches maximum
Nose lifts
Deafening silence
As the bird flips over
Nose over tail
Impacting with steely waves
Scattering sections asunder
Sent on my journey
Oblivion reached
The bird ripped and torn
Nothing was left
What was once their
Now vanished from view
The horror on faces
The sinking of hearts
What was so nearly achieved
Blown apart
If you live for the thrill  


      Tendrils scattered
       Searching for life
      Seeds once sown
      Sprouted and grown
      Clambering for light
      Synthesis of life
      Sustained by water
      Free from above
      Weathered and worn
      Battered and torn
      Rooted to the spot
      Silent and alone
      Shelter from storms
      With canopy strong
      Vulnerable and meek
       In autumnal storm
      Deshevald and gnarled
      Because of lives path
      I am strong
      I am meek
      I am enbattled
      Beauty of nature
      Provider of life
      From inward shelter
      Too food and life’s blood
       Protect us from harm
      Replace us once gone
      Nature’s true balance
      Precarious on limbs


Thank you very much for inviting me to this great blog tour: Patty and Jeremy, Both Patty and Jeremy are wonderful writers and I am grateful that they found my blog, otherwise I would be missing out on all there great posts!.

You can find his writing process post :

Patty’s posts:

Jeremys posts:



The questions are:

What are you currently working on?

I am currently writing new Fitness and Nutrition peaces to assist Athletes and general public alike in there persuit of heathier life style,fitness and high performance.

At the same time progressing my Poetry as i go day by day and Writing about how Bullying and my many operations affected and benifited me and my life,so that others can see they are not alone and there is hope.

Combining all these facets into my blog page and giving a different angle on things for others to bounce off and enjoy

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

My writing style and language differs from peice too peice as do all writers and it is our conseption and perceptions that make us all different. I write my life experiences not from a” Woe Is Me” angle but more a this is what happened and I coped by doing this,My poetry is from the Heart and soul normally about or based on things i have seen or that have occurred that day.

And as a Personal Trainer that suffers from Fybro Myralga and with my Medical back ground my fitness and lifestyle blogs are packed with information that can be simply digested and utilised.

No matter your interests or levels there is something for everyone on my page

Why do you write what you do?

I write to help put across Understanding and Informative Advice aswell as enjoyable Poetry for all, A very good friend got me interested in blogging as they saw that my talks on bullying and fitness ect would benifit and assist others. And i would enjoy the process of the blogging  in itself.

My life is my backbone no matter whether good or bad I am who I am now because of its outcomes and for that i thank everyone involved in what ever capacity,

How does my writing process work?

I find writing easy and the process for my peices differs greatly: Poetry, I seem to find this easy word to picture or pic for words the verses and language  fortunatly seem to fall in place easily. And learning new styles is fun and relitavely easy to pic up although i am highly critical of my own work and dont post unless fully satisfied with it.

My life stories are etched indelably in my brain and writing them down is a pleasure as i have no misconceptions about the events and great process for dealing with them head on or after the fact. And being a truthful person it helps put things down that others may find emotionally difficult or hard.

As for my Lifestyle and fitness peices they are born from hours of reading complex articles byExperts trying to baffle people with science ect,where as well written and simplafied discriptives and proper truth based information works far better and after supplying advice to sports teams,patients and clients for many years I know it woirks well.

I have chosen some bloggers I would like to share the stage with on this Blog Tour. As poetry is very much a performance method of writing I have chosen .

 Past world cup winners


world cup 2


1930 Guillermo Stabile (Argentina), 8

1934 Oldrich Nejedly (Czechoslovakia), 5

1938 Leonidas da Silva (Brazil), 7

1950 Ademir (Brazil), 8

1954 Sandor Kocsis (Hungary), 11

1958 Just Fontaine (France), 13

1962 Albert (Hungary), Ivanov (Soviet Union), Garrincha, Vava (both Brazil), Jerkovic (Yugoslavia), Sanchez (Chile) 4

1966 Eusebio (Portugal), 9

1970 Gerd Muller (Germany), 10

1974 Grzegorz Lato (Poland), 7

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina), 6

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy), 6

1986 Gary Lineker (England), 6

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy), 6

1994 Salenko (Russia), Stoichkov (Bulgaria), 6

1998 Davor Suker (Croatia), 6

2002 Ronaldo (Brazil), 8

2006 Miroslav Klose, (Germany), 5

2010 Thomas Muller (Germany), 5


1930 Jose Nasazzi (Uruguay)

1934 Giuseppe Meazza (Italy)

1938 Leonidas (Brazil)

1950 Zizinho (Brazil)

1954 Ferenc Puskas (Hungary)

1958 Didi (Sweden)

1962 Garrincha (Brazil)

1966 Bobby Charlton (England)

1970 Pele (Brazil)

1974 John Cruyff (Netherlands)

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina)

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy)

1986 Diego Maradona (Argentina)

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)

1994 Romario (Brazil)

1998 Ronaldo (Brazil)

2002 Oliver Kahn (Germany)

2006 Zinedine Zidane (France)

2010 Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

As Brazil 2014 gets ready to kick off and the best players and teams in the world via for the Title of  World Champions who will be victorious,what players will light up the oposition and who can score the most. And for a lot of my neibourghs How will England fair this time. 

Only time and luck will tell good luck to all taking part in  Brazil 2014


The wind blows gently
Rustling the leaves
Trees swaying lightly
Too and frow
The autum gold
Flits and sails downward
finally nestling
On the amber gold bed below

That crisp crunch and rustle
As every step lands softly
On the carpet beneath
Flicking toes send cascades
Of rightious colour
High into the air
And it dances on the breeze
Before resting again

The autumnal perfume
Fills your nostrals
And inflates your lungs
With pure and wonderious
Natural endophines
Quickening the heart
And relaxing the soul
Fading turmoils fall behind
As clarity takes control of your thought

Peace of bird song
Takes you deep and fully
Away from yourself
purification and relaxation
Soul,body and mind
Once more in tune
No more hustle and bustle
Etched on the Cerebral cortex
Burnt into your soul

At one with Nature
The true and free
Floating and washing
Over every inch
External and internal
The freedom at last to be
Who you were meant to be
Carry this with you on your journey
And return often to replenish
And ground the substance
  Off your soul

Funny and cute animals

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Waking up
Stretch and yawn
Hit the button
To put shower on

Jumps straight in
Wash me down
drying of with
warm Towel

Pull on cloths
brush my hair
kettle on
Toaster there

Fed and fueled
for the day
dogs on leads
and on our way

Trees of green
Feilds so lush
With cows and sheep
Peace an tranqual
Breezes still

Wander and roam
Pooches in tow
Over yonder hill
And down the fell

Back again to mechanic
Street welcoming people
That we meet
Open our door
Sturdy and strong

Water for dogs
Tea for me
What wonders
Await me
Today lets see.


We watch and learn
Look but dont see
The people the things
Around us so near

From food on our plate
To words that are said
The windows are open
But no light enters in

Bumbling along on our
Blinkered path
Down in the dumps
Glum and forlorn

Missing the joy
And wonder around
The colours so bright
The smiles in the sun

Dont wander alone
Open your eyes
Let the light in
See,enjoy let the world in

Brighten your minutes,hours
and days.
Chase all the glum and blues
Smelling the roses and having
Makes you somebody not a
No One.

     ( The tools I have used to cope)

Being a target for any sort of bullying or torment isnt easy. No matter if it is physical , mental or phsycological, face to face , verbal or using social media.
  I plumits you into a deep dark abyss that doesnt seem to have a way out. And those around you never seem to know or realise what is going on. Being beleived and helped always feels unatainable and distant.
    Some of us suffer from severe dipression,self confidance issues , social inadiquacy , mental and physical disorders to name but a few. Because of these imbasilic , preditors of low and minor inteligance , without emotional attachment or knowledge/understanding.

    I know that it is never easy to be who you are after bullies have stripped you down. And they keep the preasure up day in day out , minute after minute , hour after hour. How do we push back !! ?, How do we walk with our heads held high !!!? And How do we fulfill what we should be !!!?

  I can only answer this from my own experiences and knowledge. But I hope that somewhere in this there is something that can help or trigger something.
     As some may have read in “Bullies Why Me” I started to roughly talk about what I used.
    Humour :  As I got older and wiser this became my sharpest weapon. Vast array of depth from real dark to very light humour. And it strips bullies of there peircing weapons.
    Poker Faced : This is an armoured mask of emotion that also shoits them down. They expect tears,dipped heads , sad eyes ect.
  My poker face was a laughing , smiling and animated mask which totally took the majority by suprise.
  Mental Strength: Firstly to realise it isnt your fault !!!!! , Then to understand your body, speach and reasons for your differance.( to the best of your ability) this granted normally comes later in life.
  Physical strength : Broad shoulder to take the strain,Strong back to support the weight,Strong legs to push you along.
  Backed up by fast hands and feet to defend yourself against those thats words arent strong enough.
( last resort in most cases )

Always find a good friend or organisation to talk to and vent all the frustrations with or too. A mental,physical and visual hobbie to ease the effects of these situations. And never ever be scared to write or talk about what is happening. This is the box that carries your first aid kit . And keeps everything in perspective,ut us never to early or too late to do any of these.