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Where you gang
Jimmy lad
dungarees and lunch in hand
Heavy boots adorn your feet
And knapsack placed upon your bk

I’m of to the farm it’s tattie time
The armies of howkers
Lassies and lads
Into the fields
Row on row
Pulling them in
Days too go

Seasons of fun
Are to be had
From tatties to berries
Fun times are had
Hard work for meager pay
Friendships made
Memories made
Fed and tended
By mother land

Farmers joy at harvest end
Onto the next job
On buses we field
Run free by employers too
Hasten us in
Good money too be earned
For greatness off yield
Summers fly by
No boredom to feel


Struggles bare down
Anger rises from the fire
Strain and comprehension develope
Torn from the arms of compassion
Freedoms gate creeks shut
Light dims slowly too new rythm
Conglomerates regulatory miss trust
Dailly deliveries of distain
Striving and toil to pay for sins
Monitary compensatory lapses
Delivery momentary reliefs
Loves comforts grasp and hold tight
Pulling free from the dark
Momentary glimpses of joy and passion
Emblazen self worth indelibly etched on sole
Driving forward dreams and goals for future
Day light wains returning self
To compasionate relaxing embrace of worth
Wallowing in delight at her soft silken flesh
Warmth and comforting nature
Drawing near the slumber of kings
Enwrapped in the loving entangled embraces
Reliences disapear and truth returns
As new days dawn despite situation
Freeing soles and choices
Returning control back too self


We awaken from our slumber
Rise and ready for the day ahead
  Fuel the body with nutrient energy
   Tackle the tasks put in our way
Build our circles without thought
    Gathering aquaintances and friends alike
     Break for lunch and social interaction
       Back to the toil and monetary earning
   Freedom speeds closer as time ticks on
Breaking from cover  heading for home

Boil the kettle after closing the door
   Keeping our trials firmly behind us
     Kick off our shoes and sit and relaxing
      Contemplations of events ahead
         Take stock and refuel the stores that are depleated
Chat to our friends or complete simple tasks
  Watch some Tv or out to the gym
    Soak in a bath as day nears its end
      Tucked up tight,safe and warm
   Heading for dreams ville till early morn

Like a movie reels that continue loop
  Days become rituals and times not our own
From this day forward we dance to a tune
Played by others or chosen by you
Indapendance of thought and indavidual ideas
Make time for ourselves and people so dear

Fruits of labour

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                 Dailly toils and strifes

                      Paying our way

                      Riding the 9-5

              Two weeks sea and surf

               Relaxed and peaceful

                    Kids to school

            Education for the masses

       Scraped knees and bumble bees

          Indiscresions of skeptasism

     Nurture and grow with gentleness

                 Unconditional love

         Years and years of trudgery

           Artist fair or golfers air

            Living days in the sun

      Joy and pleasure of jobs done

             Sun sea and sangria

      The fruits of our labours run


As a machine we are amazing , we are programmed by anything around us. From the press to our siblings poking fun at us throughout life.
Society and the conception of what is right and what normal is,has a major roll in our lifestyle’s choices and formations.
And in the most part is the cause of many dietry,social,medical and personal choice errors.

Everything from medical testing too new Gm foods have things thrust apon us. Being endorsed by superstars of all sorts from every area.Then product advertising and placement take us a step further down the choice making process.
Then we have the pressure from family,friends and colleagues. And low and behold because we have been guided in the most part by something else we choose option a).


To change your lifestyle have your own choices,the indavidual has to take full control. This is alien to most of the population and scary to others.
Whether changing diet,medication,fitness or the clothes you wear. The indavidual knows thier body and its systems,there likes and needs.Better than any outside influence or goverment body.
So make the change follow the advice see the change reap the reward. One change for the better for one indavidual snowballs into several changes for seceral groups of indaviduals.
This is how changes are made and how they become Normal and understood.

So to change we need to change our aspects of normal.Yes it is hard and could be uncomfortable and anger others.But if we want to be healthier and have better lifestyle we have to buck the trends of the masses.
Be a leader not a sheep to take your life to another level and be indavidual.
The best Motivation in the world are the improvements mentally,physically,socialy and completely too your whole lifestyle and surrounding enviroments.
Everything will emprove work,health,fitness,education,social life,family and self preservation.

     ( The tools I have used to cope)

Being a target for any sort of bullying or torment isnt easy. No matter if it is physical , mental or phsycological, face to face , verbal or using social media.
  I plumits you into a deep dark abyss that doesnt seem to have a way out. And those around you never seem to know or realise what is going on. Being beleived and helped always feels unatainable and distant.
    Some of us suffer from severe dipression,self confidance issues , social inadiquacy , mental and physical disorders to name but a few. Because of these imbasilic , preditors of low and minor inteligance , without emotional attachment or knowledge/understanding.

    I know that it is never easy to be who you are after bullies have stripped you down. And they keep the preasure up day in day out , minute after minute , hour after hour. How do we push back !! ?, How do we walk with our heads held high !!!? And How do we fulfill what we should be !!!?

  I can only answer this from my own experiences and knowledge. But I hope that somewhere in this there is something that can help or trigger something.
     As some may have read in “Bullies Why Me” I started to roughly talk about what I used.
    Humour :  As I got older and wiser this became my sharpest weapon. Vast array of depth from real dark to very light humour. And it strips bullies of there peircing weapons.
    Poker Faced : This is an armoured mask of emotion that also shoits them down. They expect tears,dipped heads , sad eyes ect.
  My poker face was a laughing , smiling and animated mask which totally took the majority by suprise.
  Mental Strength: Firstly to realise it isnt your fault !!!!! , Then to understand your body, speach and reasons for your differance.( to the best of your ability) this granted normally comes later in life.
  Physical strength : Broad shoulder to take the strain,Strong back to support the weight,Strong legs to push you along.
  Backed up by fast hands and feet to defend yourself against those thats words arent strong enough.
( last resort in most cases )

Always find a good friend or organisation to talk to and vent all the frustrations with or too. A mental,physical and visual hobbie to ease the effects of these situations. And never ever be scared to write or talk about what is happening. This is the box that carries your first aid kit . And keeps everything in perspective,ut us never to early or too late to do any of these.