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Too quench the thirst
The abreviations of life
Fueling the fires within
Powering the pen
The most dangerous yet beautiful
Wealded by the experienced
Spewing words and phrases
In sentence filled paragraphs
Page after page
Dispelling terror and manafesting evil
Love spins freely
Emotive bliss and companionship
Sip well from the cup
Absorb the information and live free

Life cources……freedoms
Pathways…… acheivement
Skeletal. ………imperfections
Internalised. ….and perfection
The glory of humanity
The picture of health
The complex diversity of us
The similarities we all share
And the freedom of imagination
To mindfully live as one

My sweetheart  I Love you
Lying here wind tussling my hair
Mud caked deep on my torso
With all my heart I smile
Your sweet perfume
Gentle touch and silken flesh
Calm my panicked sole
I feel no pain
As cold grasp’s firm
And my body dulls
Life freely seeping from me
You are my everything
And my reason too be
Unfortunately my duty
Has cut our adventure short
Carry on living now I am gone
Safe in the knowledge
I will always keep you safe
A watchful eye from above
Farewell and goodbye
Until  we meet again
In pastures new for life evermore

Comfortably sitting
Vista’s of glowing fields
Stretching out before
Pages blank lay prone
On the desk in front of me
A cup of calming glow beside me
The lyrical sword of magic
Poised to do battle
Mind clear and imagination charged
Armed and ready
Pen to paper
The journey begins
Pictures spew lyrically with ease
Charactor forms and rythmicly flows
Prose and informative language
Building the form word by word
The literature takes shape
With awe and abundance compiles
Sit back relax and enjoy the exploration

Phonetic speach

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Random
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The joys of language
Spiced and twisted
Associations for rememberance
Simplifications to assist
Coded and rehersable
Benifactors many by choice
Parents to policemen
Converse with ease
Recognised by millions
The wonders of written word
And its oritory virtues
Completely and wholely
Useable and mentioned free
Giving depth too speaches
And text alike
Embrace the freedoms off expresionatary delight


Posted: September 25, 2014 in Random
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Invisable staring into space
  Undiscript emotions in my head
    Thoughtless nature of those around
Involantary the gloom that fills me
  Consumed by the actions of others
     Crushed the origanality of self
Twisted my mental pictures
   Dispare at the solitude forced on me
      Anger thrives on dipressiveness
Contimplation thoughts of the end
    Evil the formulated plans
       Discust at self loathing and pain
Indaviduals pass by without care
    Screams fall silent on others ears
        Friends seem to vannish into thin air

its cold and dark here in this place alone and scared just me and my pain dragging into dipressions parlour


Posted: May 28, 2014 in Random
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Sonnet,poetry of scribble
Writting etches letter and word
Prose,limmeric,shape or magnetic
Stories and songs naturalistic utterance
Projections of idealisms printed on paper
Procastinations and feeling sinnonimious with every letters protrail
Capturing segmented feelings
Wanton lusts and fairytales seep across oceans of compressions
Utterance or expressional oritations
Punctuations and segmentations of ability
The saver of lives,instigater of wars and the last will and testiment

The word