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Spinning tops and building blocks

Calydascopes of colour fall

Cars and vans in traffic jams

Dolls on the floor prams galore

Finger painting and messy clay fun

Shooting bubbles from a gun

Scooters zip and wheels spin

Time and again we skip and run

Balls of energy bouncing round

Do thier feet touch the ground

Silence falls investigate

Fast asleep where they played

Life is fun and full of joy

Child’s play to those who know


I arise

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Random
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I awaken
Slowly open my eyes
Wipe the sleep free
Stretch and yawn
Pull myself up
Free from the warming slumber
Place my feet on the cold hard floor
Stumble to the window
Draw back the curtains
Standing in awe
I soak in the wonderous site
As stretched out before me
Is nature in her full glory
Sun kissed and fresh
Energised and new
invigorated I stride alive
Tasks seem lighter and easier
Thankful for new beginnings

My Family

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Random
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                         12 years old

                          11 years old

                           5 years old

                          3 years old

                    Romeo (irish Setter)
       Cooper (English Springer Spaniel)
             11 years old and 1 year old

These are my wonderful children very indavidual but all amazing. I love them too the moon and back. Thank you for being amazing and keeping ne on my toes with youthfulness.

Today is an amazing day where we all get to spend quality time together as its FATHERS DAY. Hope all Dads can take pleasure in there hard work as I do.

For those thats Father has passed to a higher place. Never forget the wonderful memories and lessons learned from the one constant in your life that was unfaultering and fair.