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Posted: January 27, 2016 in Random
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Daily tasks undertaken
Carried out with precision
Too the best of your ability
Face adversity with grace and civility
Turn the other cheek
When possible and plausible
Be courteous and polite
Carry yourself well
Invest in and use
The graces of your Ps and Qs
Smile and welcome all
Never shirk or pull away
The shoulder to cry on
The warrior brave
Carrying on regardless
Full steam ahead
To the destination
Determine by yourself
Always be who you are
Inspire by examples shown
Light up the path before you


She slips silently forward
The peoples dreams clasped tight
Held in her femininity
Guile and beauty cascade freely
This diminutive figure
Filled with strengths abound
Normally born to masculine for
Confused and bewildered states
Cavort in joviality unaware
Powers held deep within
She is a warrior brave
Emblazened by scars deep
Filled with meanings personal
Consumed by feelings
Driving forward purpose and targets
Calmly she continues on
Winning battle after battle
Collecting friends and influencing outcomes
Without force or attempts
Her silent demeanor
Installs fortitude in other meek souls
This tiger of power and beauty
Survivors dream state
Mindful and ritchious
No longer victimised by the masses
She is alive and free

Strike force

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Random
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Locked and loaded
Fully prepared
Call sign charlie pray beware
Reconasance done formulated plan
Kick down the door toss in a flash bang
Tormentors and demons bewildered at once
Leading with personality,smile and informed to inhance
Fire a few rounds of dont give them a chance
Societies terrorist down too there knees
No praying on the weak,disadvantaged or meek
Clearing the rooms one at a time as we go
With steel like clinicalisation scything through depressive dark shapes
Pilling up to target X
Placing shaped charge upon the door
Fire in the hole is the battle cry
As it flies of its hinges
Filling all inside with shock and suprise
More molten steel sprayed about this large room
Protaginists fall without any wounds
Capture the leader bound and pulled free
Time to interrogate,re educate and release
Successful missions are abound and full truth
One terrorist cell left defencless as hell
Take pride in this story
For many do dwell
This defeat of the bullies,tormentors of worth