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Posted: April 25, 2016 in Random
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Tumble and dash

Cascading with a splash

Pebbles and rocks

Crash and rumble

Ebb and flow

Sea word flow

Salmon and trout

Play about

Sheltered by trees

On way to the sea

Gurgle and murmur

Crashing like thunder

Escaping land

With freedoms sigh

Seaward glances wave goodbye


The vessel
Contained securely
Tied down tight
Thrust back with force
Hurtling across the waves
Clock ticking by
Speed reaches maximum
Nose lifts
Deafening silence
As the bird flips over
Nose over tail
Impacting with steely waves
Scattering sections asunder
Sent on my journey
Oblivion reached
The bird ripped and torn
Nothing was left
What was once their
Now vanished from view
The horror on faces
The sinking of hearts
What was so nearly achieved
Blown apart
If you live for the thrill  


Fluidity and strength
Encompassing all
Smothering but life giving
Destructive but graceful
Natural aswell as mystic
True accomplished fable
Inner spirit and manamalistic
Pressance over invisibility
Truth raising through lies
Cyrstalised indeminatable infractures
Pedistal built and placed
Who rises highest
Steps clearly with blessing
Free will accomplishes
Above all others


Struggles bare down
Anger rises from the fire
Strain and comprehension develope
Torn from the arms of compassion
Freedoms gate creeks shut
Light dims slowly too new rythm
Conglomerates regulatory miss trust
Dailly deliveries of distain
Striving and toil to pay for sins
Monitary compensatory lapses
Delivery momentary reliefs
Loves comforts grasp and hold tight
Pulling free from the dark
Momentary glimpses of joy and passion
Emblazen self worth indelibly etched on sole
Driving forward dreams and goals for future
Day light wains returning self
To compasionate relaxing embrace of worth
Wallowing in delight at her soft silken flesh
Warmth and comforting nature
Drawing near the slumber of kings
Enwrapped in the loving entangled embraces
Reliences disapear and truth returns
As new days dawn despite situation
Freeing soles and choices
Returning control back too self


Posted: June 3, 2014 in Random
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Meandering tumbling rolling
Free and alive
Passing through differing landscapes
Carrying life and changing perspectives
Journeys path continualy changing
Power and grace all encapsulated in one
Sustainer of life that knows no bounds
Subtlely destructive pushing asunder
Angel and demonic all in simplistic indavidualism

No seperatism or mutations alter
despersal from highest of points to lowest of levels
Meeting and submerging all and sundrie
No know friend or pedetory agents
Simbiotic and parasitic relationships
The norm in this case
Acheiving greatness etched in its formulations
Guided by fates far beyond comprehension
Harnessed by humanity never tamed
The meek and mighty the benevolance of fluidity

Fire , Ice , Water

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Random
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Three Princes’s of differant Birth

Brought together by one magical bond

Dragon riders of truth and beleif

To honour the code and values beneath

Holding true to those that fly

Protecting populations and realms alike

Never have met but allied by there birth

Peace and tranquility

With power and grace

Hail to the Dragons

Rulers of time and space

Protector of virtue

Provayor of wealth

Vanquisher off demons

Despite themselves