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Trudgery abound
Wheeled between pillar and post
Tubed and prodded
Rolled and turned
Quizzed and questioned
Smiles and frowns clear
Scratching of heads seen
Stiched,stapled and bandaged
Body thrown through traumas unknown
Blood let and drugged to the eyeballs
This is the form of the patients day
Guinea Pig of the state
For science and medical advance
No care to your career or advancement
Time is thier to waste to acheive
Rules flouted and actions delayed
We the cadaver told to be patient
Relax and recover
What about the person or the family
No care given at all



Thoughts run deep
Turmoil and joy entangled
Life speeds by
Consepts and reality jostle
Mind races as thoughts spiral
Depressive lowness quells
The joyfulness of lifes journey
Alone and cold in meek reality
Selections choicefull accelerations

Waiting for the spark
To kindle actions and vitality

Waiting for the comforts glow
To enwrap and engulf the soul

Waiting for the dark to vannish
And free the warmth and light

Waiting for social recognition
Bannishing the woes and evils face

Eternally bannish in solitude
Constantly Waiting for ………………

The wait

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Random
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Still and calm
Watching every rippled motion
cognitive awareness
Simplistic and seemless
Comprehension of time flows
Concentration peeks
Time of action
speechless and controlled
anticipatory jitters
Excitement consumes space
Activity reacts
Wonder,joy and results emerge
The fruits of your labours
Obtained and held close
Faith in time,space and achievements
Worth while as victorious claims


Standing on the shore
Life lapping at our feet
Barely coating our skin
Inner depths entraped emotions
Lustfully pining for advertures
Waiting to sail on waves
Silver encrusted journey
To far off places and back again
Mentalism of abilities
Carraged in glazed expresions
Filtered by transparent widows
Threw flesh toned conversations
Unnoticed or reflected
By the neglagance of others
Meteoric stares
Delving through our emotive dreams
As a diver through surface waters
Where will we end up
How do we get there
For who’s attentions is our journey