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Life cources……freedoms
Pathways…… acheivement
Skeletal. ………imperfections
Internalised. ….and perfection
The glory of humanity
The picture of health
The complex diversity of us
The similarities we all share
And the freedom of imagination
To mindfully live as one

We The People

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Random
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We deserve to be heard
As indaviduals we rise
Seperating from the mass
Acheiving the best results
Becoming a unit
Working in unison
Delivering the outcomes laid afore us
But Seperating our indavidualism
Listen to us I aplore you
The conglomerates and bosses
As we the people
Make your jobs easier
Providing incomes and outcomes
Less fragile than hollow plans
The people matter
Whether paid,voluntary or as custom
No differential applies
The one is a part
The whole is an art
The Acheiving is democratic not dictated
We the people are all incompasing
And rule despite your rules


Posted: July 13, 2014 in Random
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                    Optical clearness
               Sesons of emotiveness
              Memories flood the soul


Posted: June 25, 2014 in Random
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Wracked with pain
Submerged in depravatory angst
Darkness consumes soul
Hate breads depressions spawn
Sparkling smile and glinting eye
Reflect feelings of conformity
Perky,calm and peacefully alive
No scar like ripples or blotched specks
For your visual acceptance
Selective and presisions of calm
Lies and un truths seem as the accepted
Un challanged and mis read
By the judgemental masses abound
Safety of sanity, refusal of acceptance,projection of normality


wings spread wide
Wind in your hair
Ant like people
Way down there
Jostling and pushing
silent shouting

None notice
The freedom you have
Careless pasture
Up in the sky
Electric blue
Sun on your face
Free from the frantic pace

Swooping and soaring
In freedoms bliss
No intentions
Minotonis regeme
Fresh and clear
Brain in nuetral
Etching dreams
Beside the clouds

Break the chain
Let freedom chance
Pick up your life
With both hands
Wash it clean
and air it dry
As on the breeze
you effortlessly fly

Back to reality
Earth to touch
Angelic peace
No need for rush
Return back too
The human race
Attacking life in your new space


Can not stop
Heart race top
Pounding beats
Hit the streets

Power hard
Each exercise
Jumping jacks
Abs 6 pac
Push them up
Squat too floor
Give it all
Or go home

Started slow
Days a go
Now pushing hard
No time for fads

Ab obliques
Power jumps
45 minutes
No time too grump
Push it hard
Fighting through

Two more months
And fight it out
See a change and count it out
Nutrition stars and water charge
Keep it up you super star

60 days of living hell
Give it a spin
You might as well
Never give up
The minute your in
Cause your insane
But fit and trim