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Posted: November 16, 2015 in Random
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             Rythmic tapping
        Mottled on the window
Torrents of life spewed from cloud


Posted: November 16, 2015 in Random
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       Dimpled golf ball like
   Your mountains and lakes
The moon illuminates darkness

We sit.
Waiting for something
What we do not know
Lounging staring
Interspacialy drunk
Mesmerised and lathargic
The concept of motion
Devoid and unwanted

Robitic tracks
Leading to and frow
The fridge and cooker
Control our soul
No visitors come
Family abscond
Day light impaired by darker ways
Still we sit and wait

Pounds leap on
Spread around us
Monitary stores depleted
Our soul wains
Self destruct on cource
Sinking deeper
Comfort unknown
Mental prowess destructed

Gibbering and rambling
Uncoherant and quiet
Eyes like saucers
Blood shot and gray
Society passes us by
Unaware or caring
Existence obliterated from space
Rubbish piles grow
Self esteem burnt too the ground
Pain no longer felt
Confidance trapped behind glass
Only watching us die

Why do we wain
What allows us to profain
What consiquences will preveil
Where was the gilt edge prize
Selected to change our lives
Why no support
From these that we loved
Cherrished no more
By those that we served
Dispare and gutter lust
Our confidaunts
Homeless ,shambolic,shunned
What is the reason
For destruction of us

Hold my hand
Here is the key
Take it and hold it dear
You are my world
Beside you I know no fear
This key is special
It only opens one door
You are it’s keeper
The holder of life
Don’t play with my emotions
Mistreat or meline
Love , cherish and care for
My love and my mind
We are completeness
True one in every way
Linked together
In body,mind and heart
Stay with me forever
Never stray or depart
That key too  my heart
I bestow on you
My true friend and lover
The always be true
You are my Happy Everafter
Spending every day just us two

Comfortably sitting
Vista’s of glowing fields
Stretching out before
Pages blank lay prone
On the desk in front of me
A cup of calming glow beside me
The lyrical sword of magic
Poised to do battle
Mind clear and imagination charged
Armed and ready
Pen to paper
The journey begins
Pictures spew lyrically with ease
Charactor forms and rythmicly flows
Prose and informative language
Building the form word by word
The literature takes shape
With awe and abundance compiles
Sit back relax and enjoy the exploration

Bridge of life

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Random
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There are many
tributaries and rivers
To cross throughout life
And oceans of choices to navigate
Sailing your ship
Keeping the course of fates choice

Hide and cower
Under masonry built
Cold and alone
smothered in gloom and despair
Shamed by others
pugilistic accessory to life

Pay the tolls
Travel free and wide
Cavorting with ease and joy
individualism and selections
Incumbant of personalities vibrance
Smile with joyous abandon
Jump and frolic without control
Live life to the fullest ranges
Meeting challenges head on
Defeating and conquering fears
Being who you want to be

Cross those bridges
Dont engulf with flames
Push doors open
Dispel and refrane from negativity
Hold high postures control
Gain knowledge and worth
Build the foundations strong
Continue without guilt
Life’s gilted embers set and burning brighter in every step


Posted: June 17, 2014 in Random
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                          Palms flutter
              Summer warms the soul
                     Love fills the heart