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As a body we are but one
Born of skin and soft bones
Filled with love
Eyes of wonder
Heart that grows
Stronger and stronger

Body it grows
Day by day
Growing in every way
Limbs extend torso too
Internal organs to name a few

Pumping,surging heart so true
Pulsing blood through veins so blue
Spreading life and neutrient
Oxyginated cells to pick you up

Through arterial tisues
To muscles that pump
This true legend
Will never give up
Under stress or filled with joy

Rely on this
Too keep you right
If falling in love
Or filled with fright
Power beyond
Its diminuative size
It even keeps the colour
In your eyes

Life is set
By greater power
Day by day
Hour by hour
But within us all
Is one true power
The ability to

Love each other

Still He stands

Life at his Command
Peace and Tranquility
Truth and Lie
No Questions asked
Answers Un spoken

Power and Pain
Pulled together
Talon Clenched around
Tower of stone
Wealding fire as
Guided By laser

While picking his teeth
With knights left fingers
Protecting those
Asleep beneath
Unaware of troubles face
Prayers been answered
By the winged angel

The farmer of souls
Drainer of veins
keeper of secrets
Maker of Peace
An Protector of ancients