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Take it in your stride

Place your foot upon its rays
The shafts of light
The solar gaze
Step by step
Stride by stride
With a song in your heart
And smile on your face
The day has dawned
Fresh and new
Another chapter has begun
Life is for living
Fill it with fun
The stresses and turmoil
Will never drag you down
Just take it in your stride
In the brightness of the sun


Plugged up
Volume up to Max
Playlist On shuffle, repeat
Windows open
Lets rock this place

As the beat hits
Ground pulsing
lyrics fill the air
Rythm hits your soul
Vocalisations fill your head
Windows shake

Feet tap despite yourself
Lost in euphoria
Living a dream
Singing along
No cares to behold
Belting it out in unison

Loosing control
Not a care too behold
Nothing seems major
In your little world
Peace and creation
Endorphins abound
Bust the moves
On this Kitchen
Dance floor

Release the tension
Beats un tamed
Inabitions lost in space
Slave no more to the
Human race
At the point