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Head held high
Eyes looking forward
Striding through life
Clearing all hurdles
Breaking down walls
Battling foes
Bannishing darkness where ever it grows
The guiding light and warrior brave
The meek and mild servant
Who journey along
This is not bravery
Only the fight
That burns deep inside me
Producing the power of right
Through Turmoils and pains
Growing ever stronger
Live in the shadows no way any longer
These choices are hard
But critical to all for we are survivors
That battle away
For fairer and brighter days for all

I once was fashioned a mask
To hide my twisted contusions
Time sailed by with armour strong
Heart of lion and back off steel
Nature of meekness with ability of the warrior brave
The mask has disapeared
Dropped from its rightful place
The magicians once more
Thier spells must weave
To right the wrong
Strengthen the armour as before
I never falter grow stronger by the day
Evils dare but never defeated
The embattled are the brave the quiet and the strong
We cry the silent tears and solve others woes despite our own
No quarter given or taken by most
Our stories develope but remain unknown


Posted: December 17, 2015 in Random
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Dancing on the wall
Springing before us
Reaching facets physicality can’t
Figure of former self
Emotionless and dull
Projected by light
From unknown space
Thrust long or shrunken
Cast asunder without knowledge
Shadows dance despite our state
The defy us all

Nature’s growth within
Humanities drive too acheive
Injuries inflicted by self or others
Mental or physical torments
Entraping our souls
Deep within us
Shunned by society
Because of difference and fear
Scars Visable and hidden
Reactive reactions and force
Uncontrolled depictions of ability
Armour and windows of deception
Masks firmly worn
Deflecting outwardly the pain
The depths twisted and contorted
Dailly by actions of others
Dragging us further down
Ensnared by shambolic  attempts
Medicated acceptances
Delivered by negligent medics
Masking not healing causes
Warping minds and nulling fight
Who are we
Where have we gone
We the warrior must stand and fight
Rally for self and full worthfulness

You told them lies
I cried myself too sleep
I smiled every morning
Hiding fear so deep
I raised the bar every day
Ran the gauntlet
Fought all in my way
Took the hits from those unseen
Placed them in boxes
Never too be seen
Took strides to rise
High out of this putrid mirk
Sense of humour cheeky smirk
With fists of steel
Quick wits and fast thought
Days grew quicker
And tormentors turned
You still doubted my strengths
Putting me down
Lying to those aged above
Spreading your lies
And fairytale spin
This inperfect person
Born under your skin
Driven too acheive despite of it all
Praying that parents would stop the free fall
Years flew past and incidents cause
Blame was clearly laid at the wrong door
Your perfection mard
By your own stuborn ways
And the glaring imperfections
In the things you did say
Glass shattered around you
From that day too this
Constant reminders of dual standard bliss
Stronger than you in every way
Wiser and smarter I grew day by day
As a parent strong and respected be
Be proud of the fact I am me and not thee
Loving all children the same as the first
In thier own perfections
No matter thier cases
Unfaltering assistance
Without condition is Dailly at play


The ghosts of time striding past
As darkness Shrouds the spires in sight
Shadows dance before our eyes
The soldiers,pipers and passers by
Laments hang heavy around our heads
From the pipes so bold
That once we’re held
Beneath our feet subterainian lives
In dwellings cold dark and damp as hell
The poorest people’s full of woe
Grave robbers ,thieves and putrid smells
Sanctioned by classes banished by law
These haunting classes around us throng
The longest mile ever trod
From castle brave too regal abode


Living through the haze
Consepts of life’s path sillohett
Joy and pain merged
Uncontrolled emotions erupt
Loved ones clamber round
Consoling or bewildered
Emotive atomic collisions manafest
Heart and soul rush round
Exploding cascades of deepest felt
Life and death tightly drawn
Intermingled are the light and darkness
The fagility of life glaringly apparent
The joy of survivals being overpowers
Which is at peace
Who knows for sure or understands
Life’s cataclysmic delicate frailties


In dispares lap we nestle alone and confronted by fears

Mists of regret and confussion engulf or sanctity within

Wracked with pain,longing and turmoil we search for freedoms gate

Seeking help from all sources we scream as loud as we can

The dipressions fog mutes any sound ommitted from our soul

Seperation from humanity takes a stranglehold of lifes energy

Drained and nulified we limply slump deeper into solitudes dipressiveness

The costumes and masks we wear dipict serenity and happiness

Confusing and deceptive windows that society sees through

Thoughts of the end and journey too peace fill our heads

Knives in hands and nooses around necks we fill contemplations cup

Taking pills from the cupboard we count and watch

Dark mired soulless vessel dipicting the light sincere loathing of self

Nobody comes the assistance required invisible and gone

What can we do but sit here and scream louder and louder

Then silence falls deafening and final
is this how it ends alone and dark


Dark and dismal
Watery deapths vast
Alone I wallow and swim
Making free use of the abundance
Freely and without shackles
I travel nations transending the globe
No longer entrapped in my fluid home
Second guessed by hollywood
Searched for by scientists
Photographed by those I choose
Do I exist or dont I
Humanity wonders and debates
Myself and mother nature know truths
I am Nessie the enigma
I am Story,legend,truth and fable