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The masks

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Random
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From birth adorned 

These plates of concelement

Against societies abnormality 

And reluctance too beleive
The wearer is oblivious 

To the utterance too deceive

These lies and torments

Flood over them

Not once too be truth in vein
Warrior brave and strategic

Embattled for the cause

Armed with virtue and truth

Emblazend on their brow
Their ability and story

Only to the true be known

The loved and cherished confidant

Never socially confused

The closest thing to family

But not of flesh or blook
But together for life

In friendship complete and fair

Till this day forth 

Too dying day 

The conection will never be broken
There are a few who know

The truths behind the masks

But they never judge or hold account

As you lie deep in their heart

So onward ho and upward fly

Achieve your greatest dreams

The battles and trials
Endelibly imprinted on our soul
We may have strayed
Contorted our truths
Strayed from the path we set out on
Become someone unrecognisable
But humanity does whatever
Neccesary to keep parity
The clarity too see straight
We endure and survive
Built in fight or flight reflex
To keep us complete and level
From the first day till the end
We fight live and compete
With everyone and anything
Providing security for or clan
Families,friends and those closest too
We the embattled
Provide awesome outcomes
Despite of it all we are true
Deliverers within our time scale
No free meals or discounts
For delays or late arrivals
This package is whole and fare
Just carry on living day by day

The one
The leader
Pervayor of destiny
Champion of heart
Dreamer of dreams
Educated by knowledge
Constructed of humanity
Made of skin and bone
Indifferent to turmoil
Deaf to abusiveness
Set on my path
This journey of life

No matter
How battered
Torn apart
Ravaged by the wolves
With my scars
Battle wounds
Proudly shown to all
My prizes of life
The fuel to my determination
The propulsion too my journey
My indavidualism is the shield
Stronger than any know metal
No weapon can dent
Helmet of indifference
Defends my ears
Putrid hatred spews
Washes over my armour
My soul is untouched

Onward to my destiny
With my weapons
Driven with heart,soul and personality
Loving of self
Awareness of surroundings
Mapping all in front of me
The highest acheivements are mine
Despite all the trials laid in my path
I am a warrior
Leader of men
By actions verbal and physical
Teacher of calm
Educator by example
This is the code of the free
Despite your trials
Live your own life
Your way is the best
Only you know yourself
And what is required too be
Walk the path with prides flag
Held aloft at its highest
Waver not infront of any man

I am sixfoot four
Strong and bold
Heart of a lion eyes of the hawk
Meek as a mouse farce as a tiger
Doctor,nurse and master provider
I have lived through pain
Visable and hidden
Been bullied,beaten and down trodden
Fought toe too toe taken out the trash
Stood in rank and saluted fast
Worked my fingers to the bone
Day after day
Kept a roof over my head
Meals every day
Walked every step in tattered shoes
Turned my back on troubled souls
Bullies and idiot bold
Plowed a furrow of my own
With true friends and heart bold
Pride filled steps
Songs in my heart
The approachable man
Gentle and kind to all around
Struggles and stresses haunt me so
From stife’s of the past
Stresses untold

I am a writer
Poet of sorts
From motion to word
I lay them down
From prose on my page
To poses of strength
I coach and spell oh so lyrical
A pen in my pocket
Stopwatch in hand
Clients and stories
Popularly rise
With offspring of beauty
Intelligence and fun
The world is thier oyster
Learning is fun
Tough and fair
I lead by example
They will take a direction
True to their heart
There future is theirs
Too command and desire
My strife I will evade
The pressures deflect
To my upmost and parental best
They are my mirror
The key to the world
Inside they drive me
Keep me alive

My partner in life
Is true as can be
Her demons dance perfectly
In time with mines here
Since first day to this
Through thick and thin
No matter what troubles
There might have been
I write to inspire
To clear up my head
From Haiku too epic’s
They flow from my pen
No matter the reason
The feelings evoked
Writtings a pleasure
Of words never spoken
Friendships are built
And never broken
Through media streams
Human nature and pen
Amazing relationship are a great thing
I thank it all
Everyone true
Old friend and new at home or abroad
Even the tormentors and bullies around

This is why I pen
Writing in words
No Oritory stumbles
Or tears on the ground


The soul within
Pears out
Emotiveless and opaic
Windows of flesh
Screams unheard
Toils Un noticed
What or who
Am I normal
Or the freak
They taunt daily
As endeavours
I undertake too graduate
Amongst societies banner


The fealings drawn from deep within pulling the the emotions too and froe. Drawing from experiences gathered over many years.He endeavours to rise and continue with his daily life,despite his emotive less form. Many days off longing and empty visions have filled his head since her passing. His heart heavy and sluggish still beats within despite himself.
Twenty four years together as husband and wife many travels and great memories but the physical loss is weighing heavily on his soul. Defined as a couple since high school he is struggling through the mire off his grief.
His princess taken at such a young age in a cruel and unexpected fashion. No investigations or questions answered seems the world has just forgotten her entire existence all together. How can such a bright guiding light be dimmed and extinguished so easily without an explination or reason. This battle rages through his mind without a light too guide. Just like a traveler lost on a dark dingy path in unknown territories far from safety with only thier wits and determination too guide them.
Who in his world can now light his path, not even his faith in god himself seems to assist his journey. Dimmer and more lost emotionaly than ever before words just bounce off him none sinking in , no actual consolment or closure insight for this desperate chapter.
In his darkness he prepares his breakfast and readies himself. Consuming his carboard like provisions and wearing his dowdy attire he heads out the door. Head dipped no eye contact made with any soul and the cracks in the pavement they seem caslm like each stride for survival seeming longer than ever before.
The consept off life itself is struggling to surface any joy or fluidity within his mental state. People stop to pass the time of day and see how he is but he is deaf and blind too it all. Standing on the edge off the cliffs of dispare he teeters one stumble and his life metamorphically speaking stops all existence his last breath will be drawn.

The darkness has taken him or is it just normallities excuse to avoid dealing with this situation. Who knows , Who will help and when will clarity appear.


She slips silently forward
The peoples dreams clasped tight
Held in her femininity
Guile and beauty cascade freely
This diminutive figure
Filled with strengths abound
Normally born to masculine for
Confused and bewildered states
Cavort in joviality unaware
Powers held deep within
She is a warrior brave
Emblazened by scars deep
Filled with meanings personal
Consumed by feelings
Driving forward purpose and targets
Calmly she continues on
Winning battle after battle
Collecting friends and influencing outcomes
Without force or attempts
Her silent demeanor
Installs fortitude in other meek souls
This tiger of power and beauty
Survivors dream state
Mindful and ritchious
No longer victimised by the masses
She is alive and free


The mindless uncontrolled
Contortions to the systematic
Sub consciousness despite self
Racked and twisted contusions
Reverberating through internality
Scrambling processes and mobility
Dulled by chemical maskings
Produced by conglomerits world wide
Treatments and potions tested
Benevolence to inner chemical chains
Procrastination of healing endeavours
Vague promises of normal it is return
Silent Dailly terrorist attacks on being
Transmitted under unrecognisable frequencies
Deliverance slow and mundane
Glares fro misunderstanding society
Self clambering for acceptances understanding
No sympathy required by this soul
Provocation of determinations drive
Long term suffering interrupts lifestyle concepts
Live despite it all driven
Propelling forward at own pace
Indiscriminate and Un selected
Life’s journeys in forced rests
Conditions and ailments survived
Coping and destructions bared
Targets reached and improvicated
Be self aware challenge often set boundaries
This is living without request


Genetic and Social
Mutations of standards
From liniage strong
Parental skills passed by generations
Manners and inner strength born
Teachings and lessons passed
Growth of self
In hands of natures prose
Nurture not inseminal feeding
Rules of engagement blurred
Best foot forward
Your life for theirs always
Battles un noticed by Kin
Thankless tasks handled
Tantrums quashed
Toddler and teenage years breezed
Decades of understanding freely wash
Still we give our all regardless
Backed to the hilt often
Comfort and praise spawned true
Chastisement doled out on neccesity
Parentage rights and customs followed


Posted: May 12, 2014 in Random
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   ( We go out the same way we came in)

Born naked and scared
Screaming and kicking
Into a world we dont understand

Clothed and molded
In our infant years
Many a fall
With lots of tears

Educated and Trained
Preperation and manipulation
From child too teen
Ready for what might be

Employed,educated and harassed
As young adults we hesitate
Finding our feet
Trying to contimplate

Nurturing and teaching
The formative years
With our children
Small and nieve

To old age we cruise
All wrinkled and worn
Where has all the good time gone
Memory and brain start to wain
Hello my friend
Whats your name again

Lying in half dressed
Scared in this place
Waiting fir St Peter
To open the gates

Naked and alone
We lie in state
For others now
To say good bye
Our time to wave and sigh
We leave in flame
Or natures crown
To join our four fathers and kin
in the clouds