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Striking lighting like

Intensifying every twinge 

Sending the sensors into overdrive

Clouding the judgement always
Bolt upright I sit

Corpse like and still

Eyes red and bleary

Darkness consumes my form
Ground hog day starts once more

As my mask fitted

Smiling ,happy and fresh

I tackle the tasks before me
Dulled by medicated chemical’s

Cruising along with programmed tasks

Personality void,robotic motion

Plowing through the day
Homeward to solitude

Mask drops partialy once more

Top up of chemicals

Replenishment of energy

Returning to my easy bed

And the chatter of the pixelated noise box


We sit.
Waiting for something
What we do not know
Lounging staring
Interspacialy drunk
Mesmerised and lathargic
The concept of motion
Devoid and unwanted

Robitic tracks
Leading to and frow
The fridge and cooker
Control our soul
No visitors come
Family abscond
Day light impaired by darker ways
Still we sit and wait

Pounds leap on
Spread around us
Monitary stores depleted
Our soul wains
Self destruct on cource
Sinking deeper
Comfort unknown
Mental prowess destructed

Gibbering and rambling
Uncoherant and quiet
Eyes like saucers
Blood shot and gray
Society passes us by
Unaware or caring
Existence obliterated from space
Rubbish piles grow
Self esteem burnt too the ground
Pain no longer felt
Confidance trapped behind glass
Only watching us die

Why do we wain
What allows us to profain
What consiquences will preveil
Where was the gilt edge prize
Selected to change our lives
Why no support
From these that we loved
Cherrished no more
By those that we served
Dispare and gutter lust
Our confidaunts
Homeless ,shambolic,shunned
What is the reason
For destruction of us


Posted: July 30, 2014 in Random
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Shroud of black
Sullen faced
Stoupped and hunched
Dragging feet through drudgery
Slow laboured steps
Sinking lower and lower
Pulled by exterior forces unknown
Lightless horizons rush forward

Depresive agnst pile higher
Pressurising shoulders
Drooping deeper down ward
Buckling knees
Aches of limbs straining
Mind fogs and brain fades
Alone in crowded world
Screaming in silence
Words un listened spew free
Wishes torn assunder
Infinitive journey
Representative of fates blindness

Searching for freedoms
Light and brightness
Grasping for every possibility
Being stuck down further
Every attempt sapping
Strengths depleating
Confidance oblitorated and scattered
Vessles shell like state
Frigidity visible to all
Living in fear of destructiveness
Praying for pain
To assist the feeling of alive
Without hope stranded and singular
Desperation mounts for saviours beeath
Again and again prayers sent
Returned un answered