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Leap of faith toss the stone

Destiny falls on your path

Behold the wonder before you

Grasp the life given

Make the subtle changes needed

And ride the path as if you own it

You make life worth living

Take the supplies and people necessary

Challenge yourself and rise high

Your worth is insurmountable and priceless

Life is a game of hop scotch go win it

Scribbled on a page
Left to wilt with age
Filled with meanings
Heartfelt and true
Things Un said from me too you
The meaning of life
The purpose off strife
The keys to longevities joy
A story of truth
Secrets untold
Mysteries torn in two
I leave you these pages
As a guided instruction
An insight too the depths
Of my mindset and heart
Truelly opened too you from the start
I go in peace with joy and a smile
That I have taken my part
And carried with style
This world is yours
To traverse and enjoy
Take me with you deep in your heart
With eternal love I say good bye

My child


     Dingy dark unknown
     Expanse of bewilderment
     Strewn far and wide
     Enveloping all around without care
     Dread,dispare and angst
     Fill this vestle too the brim
     Swetting,shaking and rooted firm
     Standing with back to the light
     Onward I am propelled
     To achieve is to endure all
     Conquer what could be
      Cope and learn from what could not
      The darkness is life
      Paths unknown are ours to travel
      Free confidance grows step by step


Caddy full
Of leaves of wonder
From far off places
To cup a yonder
placed on rim
In antisipation

Kettle heats
Upon the stove
Bubbling boil
Till whistle blows
Steady and loud
To announce the arrival

Lifted gently
With steady hand
This container off
Tumbling joy

Caddy held
In prime position
To receive the cascade
Of luquid pure

Cup fills with
Golden liquid
Steadily upward
To the brim
Lemon wedge’s
Upon the saucer
To infuse with wonderious
Oriental glee

Boil the kettle
Take a seat
And enjoy