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Yes it’s raining 

Liquid sunshine from above

The mountain peaks are shrouded Gray

There are rivers in streets 

Water at play
Waterproof clothing sturdy boots

Appropriate items packed and secure

Off we set one foot afore the other

Many gems to discover

Issolated tarns skree shelved slopes

Wildlife sheltering close
Herdie sheep huddle close 

Tourist scuttle too and grow

Shops are buzzing country clear

Out in the open is where I’ll be

Freedom from drudgery day to day strain

Lungs full of clean air wind in my hair
This is the life

Peace and serendipity 

We have choices to lead or follow

Break with the norm and explore your region

This cumbrian life is my salvation


The one
The leader
Pervayor of destiny
Champion of heart
Dreamer of dreams
Educated by knowledge
Constructed of humanity
Made of skin and bone
Indifferent to turmoil
Deaf to abusiveness
Set on my path
This journey of life

No matter
How battered
Torn apart
Ravaged by the wolves
With my scars
Battle wounds
Proudly shown to all
My prizes of life
The fuel to my determination
The propulsion too my journey
My indavidualism is the shield
Stronger than any know metal
No weapon can dent
Helmet of indifference
Defends my ears
Putrid hatred spews
Washes over my armour
My soul is untouched

Onward to my destiny
With my weapons
Driven with heart,soul and personality
Loving of self
Awareness of surroundings
Mapping all in front of me
The highest acheivements are mine
Despite all the trials laid in my path
I am a warrior
Leader of men
By actions verbal and physical
Teacher of calm
Educator by example
This is the code of the free
Despite your trials
Live your own life
Your way is the best
Only you know yourself
And what is required too be
Walk the path with prides flag
Held aloft at its highest
Waver not infront of any man


We awaken from our slumber
Rise and ready for the day ahead
  Fuel the body with nutrient energy
   Tackle the tasks put in our way
Build our circles without thought
    Gathering aquaintances and friends alike
     Break for lunch and social interaction
       Back to the toil and monetary earning
   Freedom speeds closer as time ticks on
Breaking from cover  heading for home

Boil the kettle after closing the door
   Keeping our trials firmly behind us
     Kick off our shoes and sit and relaxing
      Contemplations of events ahead
         Take stock and refuel the stores that are depleated
Chat to our friends or complete simple tasks
  Watch some Tv or out to the gym
    Soak in a bath as day nears its end
      Tucked up tight,safe and warm
   Heading for dreams ville till early morn

Like a movie reels that continue loop
  Days become rituals and times not our own
From this day forward we dance to a tune
Played by others or chosen by you
Indapendance of thought and indavidual ideas
Make time for ourselves and people so dear


Plugged up
Volume up to Max
Playlist On shuffle, repeat
Windows open
Lets rock this place

As the beat hits
Ground pulsing
lyrics fill the air
Rythm hits your soul
Vocalisations fill your head
Windows shake

Feet tap despite yourself
Lost in euphoria
Living a dream
Singing along
No cares to behold
Belting it out in unison

Loosing control
Not a care too behold
Nothing seems major
In your little world
Peace and creation
Endorphins abound
Bust the moves
On this Kitchen
Dance floor

Release the tension
Beats un tamed
Inabitions lost in space
Slave no more to the
Human race
At the point