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I never wondered where I would be,walking the routes laid for me.
Soaking up the information torrented and imported too my mental store.
Scribbling and noting the starred icons of gold
Tested by self and civilities quests learning too walk and examinations at school
I grow day by day despite of it all taller, wiser and stronger than most.

With contorted features and boggly eye
I stride towards the future with sparkle in my eye
Taking on challenges in every stride
Man made or natural they fall by the side
From strength too strength I charge at light speed
Not dragging my feet with depressive need

With surgeon’s knife and medical aide
My contorted expressions change on my face
Battered and bruised inside and out
I clatter on regardless free of doubt
Knocking me down with your verbilisations or physical charge
Enpowers my nature leading the charge

Through the halls of education and employment i advance
Striking at chances with two strong hands
From home town too deserts I have traveled with joy
Been stacking shelves and throwing bombs
I have love for this planet and the people within
Because of my personality and power within

Too all who have wavered and set road blocks for me
Thanks for the challanges and tasks set by thee
They strengthen my resolve Enpowers my will
They keep me above you with my comfort and skill
I come out at the end complete and bitter free
What have your choices left deep for thee

In reflections repost I praise and idolise
The poor fearful society that tried to repress me
They failed in thier tasks enbittered thier hearts
And most of all lost thier god given right
Bullies and tormentors never do win
If with belief in your self and strong mind,will and heart.

To all in the world down trodden and scared
Stand strong for your future and belief there in
Follow your path cut new routes of your own
Listen and learn avoiding the falls
Thiers only one thing that matters in your own worldly place
Doing your best with love,passion and grace


     Lost in dreams far from reality
Safety and peacefulness in abundance
Sanaty’s fail safe against turmoils
Huddled alone in the darkness
No hero to physically save us
Struggling to empower heart’s truth
To continue the fight for freedom
Reality bites hard endeavouring to mar
And drag us into dispare realm
Sail free in dreams and release self
Trust in self and achieve
Physically seak assistance
Never fear telling your story
As others out there suffer the same
In deafening silence too


She slips silently forward
The peoples dreams clasped tight
Held in her femininity
Guile and beauty cascade freely
This diminutive figure
Filled with strengths abound
Normally born to masculine for
Confused and bewildered states
Cavort in joviality unaware
Powers held deep within
She is a warrior brave
Emblazened by scars deep
Filled with meanings personal
Consumed by feelings
Driving forward purpose and targets
Calmly she continues on
Winning battle after battle
Collecting friends and influencing outcomes
Without force or attempts
Her silent demeanor
Installs fortitude in other meek souls
This tiger of power and beauty
Survivors dream state
Mindful and ritchious
No longer victimised by the masses
She is alive and free


Alas he is no longer
No care too linger
Defiled no more
Free from oppressive shackles
Risen higher by rite
Way above your putrid uterance
Far from the obsessive pudulistic acts
Soaring with confidence
Illuminating all around with brilliance
Stronger of mind and conviction
Reborn from depressiveness
Realism and compasions flame
Kindled and managed with ease
Self confidence and civility
Now reign supreme
Immunised to torment and bully like viral intent
Flying high on chosen path
Released and free forever more

The Unseen hidden in me

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Random
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I hide it well
Beneath the scars
And smile I wear
The tensions and strains
Of pain at bare
Wracked Dailly contorted faze
Raining on all the sunny days
Despite the help and fairest ways
Other don’t notice or understand
Even those closest scoff and laugh
Pulling me down past safe graces felt
Pointing out inconsiderate plays
Leveling sanctions against my way
With pride I fight the hourly strifes
Protecting my kids and loving wife
They never see the evils done
Or true impact upon my mind
For decades of living
Fighting through sins
I am proud of the places and achievements done
I ask for no sympathies or special  praise
Solace of friendships true and family care
Will lift me to places far above the putrid places
So in your fears and terror places Find that stasus and bright joyous places


Did you notice
Do you hear the sound
Have you asked why
Did you try to help

Why didnt you speak
What stopped your action
Did you provide
Couldn’t you stop

Were you cause
Assistant to effect
Persecutor or tormentor
Did you cause the trauma

Abuse,torment,poverty and stress
Are pooled around us
Depravity cunning in discise
Costumed peers
Power hungerly evil
Wolfs in sheeps clothing

Open our eyes…….See
Unplug our ears……..hear
Never stifel curiosity……ask
Be humanitarian…….assist
Lead by example intervene


Posted: June 14, 2014 in Random
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Gnarled and contorted
Intertwined by force
Twisted form of self
Incoseptual heap of pain
Fractured and split
Mashed and confused
Depressed conformity
Scrumpled and dented


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Lying bruised and torn
Scars tattood through her flesh
Deep into the core of her skeletal frame
Her freedoms hidden
In the deepest sacristent
Of her cerebral cortex
Memories of happier days

What had she done
Was she evils casket
Had she deserved all her torment
She should never have provoked
The anger of her owner
She was deserving of punishment
Every punch,kick,scar and taunt
Scribed on both body and soul

Left for dead
Discarded like trash
Thrown from a car on the highway
Was she dreaming or dead
This silence was deafening
The breeze cooled her scared body
The droplets of water washed
The depravety from her flesh

Rising like the pheniox
Standing tall soaking up the rays
Light engulfed her
Warming every part of her soul
Stumbling down lifes highway
Taken in by a emotive stranger
Cleaned up and refreshed
Given her own self back
Slowly day after day
Restoration of pride
Constructing self confidance
Empowering and developing future

This is a new day, step by step , implementing improvements and living free

  ( A follow up too Proud to be who I am)

        ( The Scots Guards on Parade)

I know how hard it is to be bullied and be made fun of all to well. Personally it made school hard as hell,from Primary (junior) school to University. Having everyone including your peer group on your back day in day out. Kids on your street,block or estate harang your every movement.
  Did I hide in a corner or skulk in shadows !! . No I did not, I done the hardest thing I could have choosen too do. I stood upto the bullies and sooth sayers. Not by violance at first but by using my wit,inteligance and speed of thought. Turning round or manipulating there own words or position, A verbal Karate,Ikido or judo if you like.
  This is by no means easy although once you start you dont realise at the time how hard it is. As I am only seeing know how strong I must have been to attempt this.
  It is not cheek,stupid remarks or idiotic behaviour that you use, it is how ever jokes(about youself) aswell as them,word games,inteligance about the situation and grit and determination.
   Disarming or even nutralising there point of view making others laugh and without realising changing perspectives of you ( who you are, why you are,how you feel and what you will not stand for). There are no classes in this unfortunatly or everyone would be doing it.
  And not all the tormentors or torment will stop , but it will put you in a far better mental,social and interpersonal place. That one day you could be writing this or speaking to others on any subject?

Through my operations I missed a lot of school,but with hard work and help I caught up and passed my exams rising me above these people scared of the unknown(me). I first joined the Army as a Junior Leader (the picture top of page) thats where that chaprter began.
  All these people saying because of my face and that I was a freak and hey you guys (from the Goonies). To name but a few where are they what have they done !!!!.
  A lot I know personally know have made there peice and we have buried hatchets. A lot didnt do well at school,have been in and out of jail(correctional facilities),taken drugs ect. They marvel at my acheivements and wonder why and how !!.
  They have lived with regret,anger and self pitty around there actions. And I forgave them and thanked them for what they had done. With a smile a hug and even a pint or three.

There are those hard lined bigots out there that you can not change or get through too. That is not your fault it is down to them wholely and fully.

Forgive yourself before others and follow your path. Take those friends and believers with you.Leave doubters,haters and spoilers to languish in there own pitty.