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Eyes meet
Glances exchanged
The hearts rhythm quickens
Clammy handed
Dry mouthed
Mind races
Face reddens crimson
Pulse races
Heart beats out of chest
Are you the one
My true love always
We stutter chat
Exchange details
Both wonder if we will meet again
Roses purchased
Card written and sealed
Friendship bands and time for meal
Table for two
In the romantic spot
Marked subtly with love heart notes
Will you be my valentine
Love of my life till the end of time
My heart is yours
Completely and true

My sweetheart  I Love you
Lying here wind tussling my hair
Mud caked deep on my torso
With all my heart I smile
Your sweet perfume
Gentle touch and silken flesh
Calm my panicked sole
I feel no pain
As cold grasp’s firm
And my body dulls
Life freely seeping from me
You are my everything
And my reason too be
Unfortunately my duty
Has cut our adventure short
Carry on living now I am gone
Safe in the knowledge
I will always keep you safe
A watchful eye from above
Farewell and goodbye
Until  we meet again
In pastures new for life evermore


Daydreams of what could be
Watching days drift by
Chilling in the sun
You and I
Side by side
One day at a time
Growing together
Aging fast
Brothers and sisters
Born of different Dna
Thrown together
In early years
Friends now and forever
We will be
No distance or time
Will separate
The unity of togetherness
The family of unity
We friends of similar heart


Posted: September 13, 2015 in Random
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Lost in the moment
Deafness binds
Self awareness abandoned
Intertwined together as one
Nature is alive around them
Suspended animation in slow motion
The love floods them both
Hearts race uncontrolled
Thier space void of interuption
The trueness if their conceptuality
Reaches deep to thier cores
This is truth , this is the moment
True love and togetherness
In the midst of societies cocofiny
True peace is acheived


Outsiders fear the covenant
Its internal support and bond
Baffeling to those looking in
As they search to grow networks
Like veins and arteries
Transporting nutients throughout
All different and indavidual
Syncronised as one
Place over countries and nations
Physical and communicatory bliss
The power of communication
The shelter of the Pack like bretherin
No task is too great no spells cast
We are there wholely and in truth
For each other no matter what
No need for dailly connections
The understanding of unities frame
Encopasses all completely
Relax in the covan and enjoy
Spread the message and love
From within deep by your actions
Smile and let its beauty enthrall
Powering your core to acheive
As indaviduals but also as family
In friends we trust and strengthen self
Now and forever more
The unspoken covenant is the basis
Build your foundations strong and true
No need to be alone or feel unwanted

Through who’s Eyes

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Random
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Bright eyed soul
Caring and loving too all
Fair of skin bright and intelligent
Usher of new states and beings
Accompanied Always
By her like minded companion
Soft of fur and sharp in nature
Pearcing blue eyes
Gentle and meek with guile
But protective and fierce
At the time of needs calling
Drawing both souls closer
Ajoined In naturistic simplicity
Visions so vivid that futures fare
Saving each other and muliplying strengths
Through what or whoevers eyes
These two are one and wholey combined

Loves snare

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Random
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Chained by love
Ensnared by emotiveness
Tied to the heart of another soul
Lifeless without inclusion
Giver of lifes freedom
Smitten by confidance
Fooled by bravado
Caged bueaty of guilded romance
Entwined completely
As one with her lover
Forever in lustfilled chains


The endless supply
Of butterfly kisses
Gentle and emotive
Caressing my skin

Silken touch of flesh
Angelic feather light breath
Ensnares and titilates
Every inch of self

Carrying sences away
With transparent wings
Lifting the soul too elavated joy
Sensual and safe

Those butterfly kisses
Pulling us close
Together forever
Despite of it all

No matter the distance
Or journey at hand
Your here beside me
Hand in hand

With those butterfly kisses
Guiding us through
To our nirvana
Together us two

Ship of life

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Random
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Set adrift with full sail
Emotions running wild
Captain and crew
negotiating and navigating
Life’s oceanic mass

Friend and foe
Combined under relations
Loves driving natural flow
Hand in hand with fate’s rudder
Cource set for freedom
Oneness in heart

Stormy seas
Cource changes
Rough stormy seasons ahead
Calm sunny realisations
Breaking the boundaries
Releasing our revelatory free spirit
Spreading love

Our ship
Is sure and true
Solid in foundation
Sound in speed and grace
operated in unity
Piloted by love and soul
Enriched with dreams
Flooded with futures glow
Sail free and safe
The good ship unity

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