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Remember those aeroplane spoons
The cups with the spouts
The cutlery for Lilliputians
That rash on your leg
The rusks with warm milk
Jelly and cream
And that first frozen face
While eating ice cream
Lying on the floor kicking your legs
To exploring new places
Using your head
Thundering around on all fours
Those teetering steps
Cruising the sofa
The buggy rides down the street
The weird looks on faces
Off people we met
The couchie coos and bonnie bairns
From the strangest of people
Out on their feet
The yoyo and jacks too hula hoops and foam mats
That push along trike
Too coolest go-cart
The tentative days getting the nack
Two wheeler motion
stabilizers off
Cruising the streets
On your Grifter so tough
Where have these days fled too I ask
The simplest of days held to task
That frivolous enjoyment and messy retort
The best years of our lives
Out grown in a flash



Standing on the shore
Life lapping at our feet
Barely coating our skin
Inner depths entraped emotions
Lustfully pining for advertures
Waiting to sail on waves
Silver encrusted journey
To far off places and back again
Mentalism of abilities
Carraged in glazed expresions
Filtered by transparent widows
Threw flesh toned conversations
Unnoticed or reflected
By the neglagance of others
Meteoric stares
Delving through our emotive dreams
As a diver through surface waters
Where will we end up
How do we get there
For who’s attentions is our journey

               ( Thoughts and the soul)

Sanctity of soul
Promotion of personality
Acheivement of ability
Magician like movement
Wild wings wrapped in skin
Furnace fires and breath of force

Protector and protagonist
Hunter of the prayed upon
Searcher of souls
Seeker of truth
Demonist and delight
Ariel threat and horizon haunter
Flying in fight and peace alike

Few understand the truth
Of the dragon
Many fear its unknown
And marvel and wonder
Myth and fable
Are stories core
Not of the truths mearly folklore

Once you have witnessed
The awwe and the mighty
Protected you’ll be
From birth too almighty
Walking your path
Or asleep in your bed
The luck and the power
Will enlighten your way