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Days feel like minutes,hours like seconds

Misty minded darkness covers all

The smile and fassade weaken 

Tiredness consumes energy faster daily

Those close seem too patronize instead of comfort

Daily tools lag and drag me down

Breathing is a chore simplicity eludes me

Inner strengths hide chortling gayley 

It’s raining outside nature crys too

Hiding the tracks of my own tears

Trying to comfort me in it’s own sadness

Why doesn’t anyone know what too do

Where has the real me gone

Alone in my busy household I sit

Screaming in silence struggling to hold back fear and pain

The light is further away down this never ending tunnel

Train has stalled to far from either end

No energy to stride it out

Once coveted solitude is now my prison

Dark ,dimming existence of the disheveled 

Battle of minds existence.. ……. thoughts

Who we are

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Random
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A comprehension
Visual affect emblazened
Melting pot of truth and fiction
Depth and shallowness
Entwined in togetherness
Simplified complexity
Nature against nurture
Societies socialism against self
Contusions and scarification flesh
Mindless mindfull arguments
Where and what fores
Have and have nots
Seen and unseen
Clear but mirky
The complications of awereness
The reality of being
Who we are


  Biometric circumference
  Neural pathways flooded
  Infomative image collectability
Transitional sectors abound
Do we see what is real
Are we deceaved by perceptions   
Does our brain sypher correctly
The visualality thrust apon it’s fibres Sociality and expectations of status
Exudes pressures untold upon self
Escapism saught to atain enlightenment
Virtual fractures free us
Or ecompass the bars that entrap
Are we truly ever free


Twisted contortions
Laid true and honestly
By hands of many on the gangs
Consepualities of transportations muse
Interlocking and transending spaces
Clickety clack of motions sound track
People buffered from place to place
Birth of idealistic Contentions
Individualised transparencies free
Life’s contained within these shuttles
Realism and mindfulness gaze
Journeys physical and mentaly endured
Destinations in time and space
Tickets purchased and punched Dailly
Never knowing where we will end
Socialisation and conformation
Freedoms push against the norm
Alight for this journey or hold on tight
On the train or minds in flight


The tumbling ramblings
Ideas cascading turbulence
The calmness of the subconcious
Boxes in the spiraling intensities
Transcending to fruition
Via oratory or physical reactions
Penned sonnets and meaningful utterances
Actions of vigour and truths freedom
Attained by mentalities vibrance
Masked by calm exterior looks
Master pieces of brilliance
Personal or public
It matters not
Let’s all bask in its brightness
Take heed and self control
Of the events for our sanity
The muses are many
Un named and invisible to others
We the creative masters of domains

Winds Of Change

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Random
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Wandering alone and free
Tossed too and froe
By societies stormy relations
Self and true being are torn
Like separated siblings
From differing parentages
Thrown into care of others emotive Ness
Will the two be re acquainted in time
And once again live together
Completing the whole
Or will the vesle live on shadowed always
The nerve center activated
Continually searching
Named as anarchist, weird, troubled
Labeld with mental conditions
Where in truth is only endeavouring too complete
That of pre determined notion
That self is allowed individual choice
In societies difference and pleasures
What is the truth how do you believe
What are we , who are you
What is the truth

Who, What, why the concept

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Random
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What to do
Conseptualisation of events
Where too go
Response to an action
What to be
Triggers from society’s direction
What too say
Reactive behaviour too abilities shown
What about me
Selectiveness attained by knowledge

The trueness of realisations condemned by virtues placed before us
Interactions stifled by responses
Freedoms quashed by social imbalances
Be True too self and aware
Continuation of growth
Both social and personal
We are what and who we are meant too be despite exterior intentions


Floating free
Indavidualised attempts
Freedoms chance
Sections of a whole
Un joined , soleless
Staring at limbs of cell
Cavorting in spacialism
Breathing carbon copied choice
Struggling for re apatriation of wholeness
Confused and deviod of strengths
Singular and weakend
Imbasilic atomic composatory woe


Generatory segmentation
Motor skills devolved
By motor neuron developementation
Information highways and netscapes
Delude the internal matrix
Youth scrambled and lathargic
Technalogical advances inhibit skill
Segrigatory sediment blocks
Social media deforms as it informs
Email and text scrub out alliences
Pen is unemployed and un feared
No longer mightier than the sword
Weapons global and infectious by design
Freely we accept advances with glee
Adapting and utilising
The castastophy of societies dying breath
Intervention incapable off severance
Progress the Destruction of closeness
Genocide of humanities tactility
Paranoid and scattered are the able
Every step watched
Directed sublimanaly by Media
What of written or oral word
Stratospheric calamity of dumbness
Life abreviated and emotionless
Who will here or know of our plite
Muted S O S transmitted
Unseen by global blindness
Staring at out Tv’s,laptops,Pda’s
We conform unwittingly


Posted: June 25, 2014 in Random
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Wracked with pain
Submerged in depravatory angst
Darkness consumes soul
Hate breads depressions spawn
Sparkling smile and glinting eye
Reflect feelings of conformity
Perky,calm and peacefully alive
No scar like ripples or blotched specks
For your visual acceptance
Selective and presisions of calm
Lies and un truths seem as the accepted
Un challanged and mis read
By the judgemental masses abound
Safety of sanity, refusal of acceptance,projection of normality