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In to storms we sail
Reaching our destinations
Acheiving goals at hand
Trimming sails
Traveling on the wind
Storms blow hard
Waves try to crush us
As emotive flies
Stuck to the deck
As insects to paper
Mother nature tries to quash us
Horses 6 foot high
Thunder on the fabric around us
Our vessel tossed and thrown
Too and frow
With our life jackets firm
We cling on for our lives
Staring ourselves onwards
Terrified and shaken
We qwiver
Driven by our determinations
We battle on
No storm or darkness
Can last forever
Power on to the lighter sky
Golden gilt edged clouds
Barely visible in the distance
Tantalise and tease
Gifting hope
Of calm a reward of survival

Day after day
Night onto night
We the crew in life
Tend our craft
Seamanship tested to the full
Fortitude and endevours
Questioned and remarked
Supplies and sustanance drawn
Searching for ports
To wait out our storm
Being one with the mirk
Seasoned well by the sea
A meal tenderised by the storm
Prepared feast plated
Ready for service
The patrons of the deep
Seated and ready
For the service of sustanance
But we battle hard
Steering true
Onwards we go faith in hand
The good ship stays fast
It’s crew take heart
Fight and pull together
Stronger by the day
At last the golden glow
Sun peeks through
An oasis in the dark
Birds apear a song so sweat
Hearts are lifted
Bodies and compartments
Dry and warmed
Life is easier
Even though precarious
Living on knifes edge of hope
Land is bright
On our chart
Hope of visualisation grows
Fight grows stronger in us
Our port and safety
Is closer we lust for confirmation
That glimpse of civility
Mother nature tries to teach
Reminding us we are meer tenants
She rules and governs us
Harsh and peaceful all at once
Returning balance to everything
Land oh how you are beauty
We speed closer
Smiles on faces colour in skin
Humanity survived
Strength and humility
Joy floods our soul
Seas calming brightness Shrouds
Molly coded and comforts
Rewarding us for our attentions
Delivery back to the living
Pride envelops us
Acheivement fills our core
Praise of life glow of joy
Happiness returns
Piloted through the break
Guided and delivered
Returned to our communities breast
Families gather
Banners waved tears fall frealy
We return victorious and humble
Better personages because of our trials
Home safe once more
The balance and eb
In our control for now
Ship moored safe and true
Bobbing gently against the jetty
The world smiles with us
As we walk home
Hand in hand with our parity
Alive and well blessed and free


I miss you
Where did you go
Lost and alone
I stumble and trip
Fallen I lie still

My guide where are you
The love it hangs
Undying and caged
No key to be found
Not even by me

Where ever you are
I pray you are safe
Growing ever stronger
In time and space
Surrounded by friends
Family close

To think of you lonely
Breaks my heart string
My dearly departed
Partner and friend
I love you forever
You’re in my thoughts
Too the end

Our truth and compassion
Still illuminate your space
Lighting my path
And keeping me safe
My shoulder to cry on
The clown in my life
The inspirations
For striving and doing my best

I see you in day light
I smell you around
In each beautiful flower
And blossoms abound


My friend true and bold
The warrior sole tall and strong
The teacher of skills
Purveyor of knowledge
Taxi driver and Atm
The one true constant
By my side
disciplined and trainer
Leader on paths
Director of operations
The role model for life
Un dyeing and faultless
True to the end
The guardian angel
Living beside us
My Father and friend
The limits are boundless

Gardeners of Life

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Random
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The secrets abound
Hiden behind the door
Wonderment and freshness
Dare we slip through
Grasping the amazement
In both hands as our own
Protecting for future explorers
Tending and nurturing
The paths past,present and future
Growing new wonders and idealisms
Taking stock and building strength
Using skills to improve
Both self awareness and educatory advances
We are the gardeners of life
Producers of future chances
Passers of knowledge old and new


Posted: June 10, 2014 in Random
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From babe to adulthood
You have guided and taught
Worked tierelessly at your day job
Knew experiences taught
Helped with my homework
Taught me to play
Been supplier of knowledge
Facilitator of fun
Even been jailer and skelped my bum
I love you for ever always its true
My mortal protector and father too

Nobody gives you the praise everyday
So writing these word so I can say
There is nobody like you
None can take your place
Your here right beside me in time and space
You live true forever in this day and more
I know you’ll protect me for all time I am sure
Take stock of your acheivements as I stand by your side
Take pride in your teaching as a concur one more
Your guidance and wisdom have shaped who I am
Even right down to my pitching arm

Enjoy your day for all you have done
Allow yourself reflection
And a day filled with fun
Joy of your offspring many or one
You are always the leader
Our number one
Our friend and father
Great love from your ……………….