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Posted: September 25, 2016 in Random
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Within my casket 

Enclosed and trapped 

In the darkness of pains rule

Breaking free with the power of word

Lyrically embellishing pages 

For others enjoyment and perusal 

Releasing feelings and words un said

Freedom from this solitude and smirk

Emblazend light of normality

Warms and comforts the twisted soul

Warrior brave humanities gain

Oh how freedom enlightens the soul


Daydreams of what could be
Watching days drift by
Chilling in the sun
You and I
Side by side
One day at a time
Growing together
Aging fast
Brothers and sisters
Born of different Dna
Thrown together
In early years
Friends now and forever
We will be
No distance or time
Will separate
The unity of togetherness
The family of unity
We friends of similar heart


I miss you
Where did you go
Lost and alone
I stumble and trip
Fallen I lie still

My guide where are you
The love it hangs
Undying and caged
No key to be found
Not even by me

Where ever you are
I pray you are safe
Growing ever stronger
In time and space
Surrounded by friends
Family close

To think of you lonely
Breaks my heart string
My dearly departed
Partner and friend
I love you forever
You’re in my thoughts
Too the end

Our truth and compassion
Still illuminate your space
Lighting my path
And keeping me safe
My shoulder to cry on
The clown in my life
The inspirations
For striving and doing my best

I see you in day light
I smell you around
In each beautiful flower
And blossoms abound

Your Rock

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Random
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Everyone has that one
Continual shoulder
Agony aunt and confidaunt
Joker,friend on speed dial
Who picks you up
Dusts you down
Always there when the chips are down
They get you drunk
Bail you out of tight spots
Steady,sure and on the ball
The surest friend of the lot
You bend the rules between ypu both
To make the time to meet in town
Sub concious support
No thought or doubt
Say thier name shout it out
Let the world know all about
Send the flowers a note or text
To show how much you apreciate
That rock and friend you need around