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Yes it’s raining 

Liquid sunshine from above

The mountain peaks are shrouded Gray

There are rivers in streets 

Water at play
Waterproof clothing sturdy boots

Appropriate items packed and secure

Off we set one foot afore the other

Many gems to discover

Issolated tarns skree shelved slopes

Wildlife sheltering close
Herdie sheep huddle close 

Tourist scuttle too and grow

Shops are buzzing country clear

Out in the open is where I’ll be

Freedom from drudgery day to day strain

Lungs full of clean air wind in my hair
This is the life

Peace and serendipity 

We have choices to lead or follow

Break with the norm and explore your region

This cumbrian life is my salvation


Step by step
Stride after stride
Three foot at a time
We propell ourselves forward
Weaving and passing
Inanimate obsticles on route
Excuse me is the battle cry
As person after person
We encounter
Beats rythmic tunes
Blast in our ears
Dancing along the way
The pace in time
The delivery of self
Too destination so private
Hundreds unaware we pass
Contemplation of our destiny
Venue of peaceful reflection
Oblivion is our companion
Aware only of ourself
Heart beating breathing in time
All at one with our system
Thoughts of our arrival
Plans for our treat
The relaxation and joy
Fills our soul
As destination acheived
And self assembly
Can be acheived
Of us in our place
Resting and relaxed
The hustle and bustle
Below our higher state
As we are lifter by our worth
Calm and at peace
Here we sit with our thoughts
Until the enemy
Time forces our return
Too realities condemnation
Societies weapon of choice


Pride of a Nation
Born free and astute
Spoiled by legalities
Politics and indemnities
Brought together
On this fate filled day
September the 11th
Etched deep on the brain
Terror at its highest
Needless attack
Destruction of the towers
Shook to the floor
Death of so many
Needless Destruction and loss
Let’s rise like a phoenix
Praise strength and fortitude
Never forgotten always in thought
They live with us forever
As do the scenes of that day
Go peaceful rest in glow of your light
Our loved ones and friends
For time ever more
We visit ground zero
With pain in our heart
Leave with a smile and hope ever more
Lessons  were learned
Determination was stoked
New strength to the world
Under tyrants tirades


There are many obsticles put in the way of a healthier “You”. The hectic pace of life,family,work,illness,disability and many more. Health is ranked as one of the top priorities in many polls and debates on what people want and priorities of the majority.
  Who stops us from doing anything ? , I believe it’s down to self motivation and drive. This can be destroyed or diminished if we listen to others in society and take heed of press and the norm within social networks.
    Why do we allow this to happen to ourselves ? , too me it’s like self harm in that the bullying nature of demoralisation and pigeon holing sections of society and condemning  thier abilities. Then the press’s unrealistic image based formation of normalities preasures being told that these levels of society are this and that.
    ” WHAT are You going to do too change your lives ?” .
  With the correct information and a small amount of research great changes can be made. These are not global or government changing. But if enough of us were too start the revolution of change would gather momentum.
First steps: This is the hardest but most important, it won’t happen over night or over a few months. And yes you will fall of the path but take note and get back on track. It is not a race or compitition with others.
   Changing your mind set and misconceptions around food,meal times,portion size , what nutrients we need, healthy against unhealthy and what we see and how others perceive us. As I said above this is the hardest and it is a case of many small steps slowly building momentum and confidance with every small victory.
   While not making a big deal of any mistake or error in our path. Rewarding yourself for keeping on track and keeping track of the factors leading up to any blip so those cases can be flipped round or avoided.
  Surround yourself with like minded individuals, motivators,I can do’s,supportive networks. Ridding as best we can the sooth sayers,bullies,demotivational people,press,misinformed,lazy and haters.
  This giving Us the best mental building blocks to improve and continue the journey.

Second step: Small informed changes in diet and associations towards food and eating. Cutting down on the incorrect processes,food types,nutritional information,timings and social acceptability .
  By changing portion size, utilising informed choices, fueling the body correctly,correct fluid intake,time, and conception.
  Things like low salt, low sugar , low fat , utilising leaner meats,fish,chicken, pulses,seeds and fruit and veg. Changing preferances in pasta,breads and rice, wholemeal,wholegrain,egg proteins and freshly cooked instead of processed. These are just a few examples of the type of changes.

Third step: Increase in physical exercise, walk further than normal at normal pace. Once that becomes easier increase distance or pace and progress the same every time. For those that are able introduce short periods of jogging into this and increase as you did with the walking. In no time at all you will be able to rum the distance and longer.
  Swimming uses every muscle group in the body so burns more calories and tones more muscles. It is easier on us physically as no matter disability or weight the water supports our weight and allows for greater range of motion.
  Things like knee raises using the resistance of the water,wall hold leg kicks,dead leg arm pull lengths ect will improve general mobility ,flexibility, pain relief and recovery.
Cycling is another great low impact exercise that burns plenty of calories, to develop or progress add hills, increase speed or duration.

No matter your age,ability or ailment there is always something you can do.
What will all this do for me I hear asked!!
Here are a few for you, improved heart rate,respetory imput,lower stroke risk,better calorie conversion,lower Bmi,improved dietary process,less infections,happier,motivated,higher self esteem, lower stress and greater self awareness. Which will help and improve employment,personal,social and relationships of any kind but most of all a far better self and informed society.

“Embrace change and follow your heart do  not accept the perceptions of normality make your own mark on the world”