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Thread bare cloths
Teaseld hair
Calassed feet
No shoes too wear
Cuts and abrasions
Cover my skin

Deafening noise
As bobbins flash
Clickity clack
As it passes by
Whir of wheels
Grind of gears
anticipation feeding fears

In I dash
To the darkened midst
Replace the shuttle
Spread the threads
Dash back out
No time to waste
Death awaits if you hesitate

The bobbin boys/girl
Work night and day
Stoor and mirk
Dimness of light
Education dealt on site
Family’s whole work each day
Producing wears for other too bare

Twisted truths

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Random
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The mask holds fast
Fooling all those around
The contorted twisted innerds
Mire the conception of reality
Pain and turmoil intersect
Spreading evils contempt
Striving forward motion gains
Drudgery and list fulness
Steam full ahead carrying on
Deliberation upon deliverance
Smile hides concept
Glint in opticals Pearces true
Standing tall despite it all
One foot in front of the other
Carrying on regardless
Portraying normality disguising truth
Strength conquers all
Heart and faith pull us upwards


Futures rights of Passage
Conglomerates of indavidualism
Battling the unseen foes
Embarked on egos regulatory skirmish
Taking down tormentors
Bannishing indiscretions
Protecting the trueness of the one
Vanity and consept complete
Sanctity from evils
Weilder of virtues sword
Terrors agressors pacified
Pureness returned too the tortured soul
No biblical meaning of note
The Templers name is shrouded fare
Procastinations no longer mire
Acceptances reliances live long
Minds are cleared
Simplicity and compasion rule evermore
Complete and wholey as one true entity
Safe in the knowledge off awareness’s guide