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Cold morning air
fills the lungs and caresses your face
Quietness Deafens you
as the solitude of the early morning welcomes
The freedom to roam
enthrals and invigorates your soul
Striding out with purpose
at a gentle pace
Filled with contemplation
reflexion of the days and times past
Stresses fall freely
the heart is enriched
As you welcome the dawn
Nature sings and carry’s
a welcome like no other ever before
Start the clean page given
do not falter or wain
For you are alive
free from all and ready to take on the day
Shout good Morning World
and start a new


Thundering spirals
Interlocked with vengeance
Mother nature’s finger guides
Ripping and wrenching
Everything in its path
Tossing objects asunder
Far and wide
aggression and violence
But solitude and peacefulness
Lie within the walls
Nothing stirs
No remorse or apology
Nieve and lacking awareness
It thunders on
Dropping carnage’s offspring
In its wake


Emptied mind
Floating free
Sailing on fluffy clouds
Dancing and cavorting
No agenda’s
Lacking purpose
Void of feeling
Sun beats on our skin
Wind teasles our hair
No noise or bustle disturbs
Our peace and solitude
Escape and evading


On cotton candy clouds
Punting through life
Idilically peaceful
Away from the rat race
Alone but free
Safe from harm and harassment
Jauntily propelled forward
The rythmic joy of solitude
Destination set
No timescale to follow
Arrival at our leisure
No reason to rush
Our peaceful places
Just for us


Posted: September 25, 2014 in Random
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Invisable staring into space
  Undiscript emotions in my head
    Thoughtless nature of those around
Involantary the gloom that fills me
  Consumed by the actions of others
     Crushed the origanality of self
Twisted my mental pictures
   Dispare at the solitude forced on me
      Anger thrives on dipressiveness
Contimplation thoughts of the end
    Evil the formulated plans
       Discust at self loathing and pain
Indaviduals pass by without care
    Screams fall silent on others ears
        Friends seem to vannish into thin air

its cold and dark here in this place alone and scared just me and my pain dragging into dipressions parlour


Thoughts run deep
Turmoil and joy entangled
Life speeds by
Consepts and reality jostle
Mind races as thoughts spiral
Depressive lowness quells
The joyfulness of lifes journey
Alone and cold in meek reality
Selections choicefull accelerations

Waiting for the spark
To kindle actions and vitality

Waiting for the comforts glow
To enwrap and engulf the soul

Waiting for the dark to vannish
And free the warmth and light

Waiting for social recognition
Bannishing the woes and evils face

Eternally bannish in solitude
Constantly Waiting for ………………