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Living dream

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Random
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My eyes tight shut
No light filters
Breathing shallow
No ripples on the cloth

Beads of moisture
Trickle from my brow
Lay like crystals on my flesh
Delicate and whole

Heart races
As I run
Across the sand
Feet lay still
No pulse or motion

Waves lap
Calmly over me
Washing the cares away
A glow
Covers from within

Peace decends
Eyes flicker
A smile takes hold
As I sink deeper
Upon my silken pillow

Oh how magical
This elation
As body and mind
Escape to higher plains
Body relaxed and limp

Full slumber
Acheived with ease
No emotion or stress
Penetrators the armour
Of sleep

Music fills the air
Slow awakening
Eyes twitch
Muscles slowly react
Motion returns

Living the dream
Stasis returns us
Lives too be lived
Of choice and freedom
Till retuning too the shores
Is once more obtained
With acceptance
Of dark nights joyous play



Welcome to the Dark solitude
Brightened by heavinly sparkle
Led esk twinkle and twitch
Drawing pictures on the sky
The happy illumination of the moon
Overlooking and protecting us all
Taking stag duty over the world
Proud and boldly pushing against the night
Filling hearts with joy and minds with dreams
Invoking imaginatory journey’s
Slumber becons and calls our name
Warm enwrapped hugs of downie pleasure
Soft feathery crowns clasp gently and guide safe
Into dream state and recovery passion
Freshening the sole for future events
Reclaiming peace from the hectic past day
Awakening as true self poised and invigoured


We awaken from our slumber
Rise and ready for the day ahead
  Fuel the body with nutrient energy
   Tackle the tasks put in our way
Build our circles without thought
    Gathering aquaintances and friends alike
     Break for lunch and social interaction
       Back to the toil and monetary earning
   Freedom speeds closer as time ticks on
Breaking from cover  heading for home

Boil the kettle after closing the door
   Keeping our trials firmly behind us
     Kick off our shoes and sit and relaxing
      Contemplations of events ahead
         Take stock and refuel the stores that are depleated
Chat to our friends or complete simple tasks
  Watch some Tv or out to the gym
    Soak in a bath as day nears its end
      Tucked up tight,safe and warm
   Heading for dreams ville till early morn

Like a movie reels that continue loop
  Days become rituals and times not our own
From this day forward we dance to a tune
Played by others or chosen by you
Indapendance of thought and indavidual ideas
Make time for ourselves and people so dear