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Posted: May 20, 2014 in Random
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Passing over the mountain tops

Wrapping and entwining 

Strands of candyfloss ribbons 

Around there jagged and narly escarpments

Pulling and Slicing through my form

As a Scorched blade through Mortal Flesh



Whistfully rolling across the canvas 

Of electric blue

Blissful and peacefully Playing

With my cotton wool kin

Intermingaling and forming pattern

For the Humanity below

To gasp in wonderistic amazement



Fleeting dips down towards earth

Glancing of hills and deformed limbs of trees

Providing shadow for Mother natures

Wonders and jewels 

As they evolve and grow 

Despite there own intensions or direction



Basking in the natural warm Glow 

Of father sun

Condensing the droplets of wonder

Within my spounge like core

Darkening the fluffy textures of my exterior




As i climb again 

Too the atmospheric peaks and pinnicles

Above Mountainious and erupting land masses

Formed above that of the fluidity of water

And its unwavering power and beauty




Disposing my watery contents 

On the ususpecting and nieve populious 

Just wandering aimlessly

Going about there dailly chores

Lightening my internal load

Returning and rejuvinating my

Candy floss state off mind and whispy form




Sending me off once more 

On my roller coaster of wonder

Threw the atmospheric landscape

And across Land masses and waterways 

Seen before but always 

Welcoming and insperational